Filthy hearts…

29 Nov

There was recently a story on the Aljazeera website.

A kafir on a Muslim website, said the following in response to the above:

Thank God Mohamed Osman Mohamud was arrested and his attack on innocent Americans was foiled.

I’m just rejoicing that Mohamed Osman Mohamud was arrested and his attack on innocent Americans was foiled.

Is there anything wrong with the kafir’s comments?


Nothing apparently. He has made two perfectly fine statements, neither of which go against stated facts.

The man who planned the attacks against innocent Americans is indeed called “Mohamed Osman Mohamud” and it is indeed a good thing that a misguided Muslim youth haunted by ideologies of bid’ah, was prevented from inflicting damage to the lives and properties of a few hundred or thousand innocent people. Their being American is irrelevant, but we’ll leave that alone.

The question then arises, what about this kafir’s statement is so cunning that it merits a post called “filthy hearts” on my blog?

Let’s just think of some idiot called “Paul Jennings Hill” who was arrested in the United States in 1994 for shooting dead two abortion clinic doctors at almost point blank range. He was convicted and executed by lethal injection in 2003.

Now if I was a pro-choice advocate and I had recently heard of Paul Hill’s arrest, I’d thank Allah that “a person” who shot dead two abortion clinic doctors was arrested.

If the person belonged to the christian terrorist organization ‘Army of God’, and I knew of this organization, then I’d be thankful that “an Army of God operative was arrested”.

Why should I mention Paul Jennings Hill by name?

Was Paul Jennings Hill a long time wanted criminal with a history of such crimes before 1994, that all and sundry would know his name? If Mel Gibson ranted a few more times about jews, and if he was arrested for such, a jewish supporter probably would say “Thank God, Mel Gibson was arrested”

Was he a celebrity whose name is on every mouth and in relation to anti-social activities? For example, if O J Simpson was convicted for murdering his wife, it would be logical to assume that those who didn’t believe he was innocent would say, “Thank God, O J Simpson was convicted.”

Was he a politician who had aired his views publicly and unabashedly that he believes abortion clinic doctors could be shot point blank, and everyone is aware of such views? If kafir war criminal terrorists like the ex-israeli prime minister  ariel ‘fir’awn’ sharon was tried for war crimes such as Sabra and Chatilla, then yes I’d say “Alhamdulillah this kafir ariel fir’awn is arrested”. However, if it was a random kafir war criminal from amongst the Lebanese kafirs, despite my rejoice being of the same level, I would only say “Alhamdulillah a kafir war criminal and terrorist is being tried for a war crime”

The bottom line being that I would mention Paul Jennings Hill by name if he was a well known personality, for any reasons, right or wrong. If he wasn’t and/or if it was only the first time I had heard of him, mine or anyone’s reaction to his arrest would be to be thankful that “a murderer of two doctors” has been arrested or “a person who advocates for the murder of abortion clinic doctors” has been arrested, and even if he belonged to a christian terrorist organization, it would be “a christian terrorist” being arrested, and so on.

Let’s come back to this story and this kafir who made those quoted comments on a Muslim forum.

Is Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the accused mentioned in the story, a well known personality to Muslims and kafirs alike, like let’s say bin Laden? No, he’s not.

Then why mention him by name twice?

HERE, dear brothers and sisters, we see the reason why Allah has called kafirs and mushriks “filthy” (najas) in the Quran. Their and this kafir’s hearts, souls and minds are filthy.

The kafir quoted above is a cunning dog. He knows he’s on a Muslim turf, and he can’t express the hatred, filth and disgust in his heart against Islam, Muslims and our beloved Master Rasulullah openly. This is a golden opportunity for this kafir to vent all his venom.

What better opportunity will he have than seeing a person by the name “Mohamed Osman Mohamud” arrested in connection to a terror plot? It is the only opportunity he, may Allah curse him, has to lash out at the name of our Master Rasulullah, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.

The joke regarding a nun that caught a “god damn fish” and felt elated at the apparent dispensation to say “god damn fish” every time she got a chance comes to mind seeing this kafir’s sorry comments. See the full joke here and see how the priest finally expresses his feelings at the “god damn fish”.

The aim is not to bring in humor into such a discussion, but sadly sometimes humor explains with maximum clarity the truth of human nature. The joke sadly is also a true reflection of their lot in regards to this little event that happened to catch my eye on a forum. Just like how the priest had more emotions bubbling in his heart, in their lot too, those in the higher echelons have more anti-Islamic venom stored in their hearts.

This kafir has taken a terribly low blow and a cheap shot at Islam and Muslims. The fact that he is lucky enough to hide behind a technicality regarding the arrested and accused misguided Muslim terrorism planner in the story being named after our Prophet, does not hide the true filth that this filthy kafir carries in his heart.

May Allah severely curse this kafir and take away all those near and dear to him away from him and make him miserable and destitute in this life and worse in the next if Islam, repentance and guidance are not in his fate. Aameen.


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4 responses to “Filthy hearts…

  1. wildflower

    November 30, 2010 at 1:33 am

    Assalam Alaikum!
    It seems as though this person was just after a reaction from the forumers, and he didn’t receive it. I don’t know, but InshAllah it isn’t anything deeper than a futile attempt at provocation, as bad as that is in itself :/
    A nicely detailed blog bro, may it bring khair 🙂

  2. 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

    November 30, 2010 at 5:30 am

    Wa-‘Alaikum Salam

    This is the sad state of Muslims in our times. We don’t even have the ghayrah to respond to such provocation.

    Do not forget, people only provoke those they hold grudges against and have enmity against. No one provokes those they love and/or respect. Like you said, provocation itself is bad enough. It still shows the hatred inside this kafir’s heart.

    All this provocation is a proof of, is that Islam and kufr are opposites of each other and that Muslims and kafirs can at the most go their separate ways and mind their own businesses, but it is IMPOSSIBLE that they be one big happy family. Two opposites don’t mix. One negates the other; like fire and water or light and darkness.

    This is the sad state that Imam Rabbani fought against. Islam should always be uplifted. The uplifting of Islam in and of itself is destruction of kufr. This is why Imam Rabbani instructed his murids in India that a simple thing like slaughtering a cow openly would be a greatly virtuous deed in India in “these times of crises” (400 years ago, so you can imagine the state of Muslims now).

    In sha Allah, my next post onwards, I shall be translating his letters.

  3. wildflower

    November 30, 2010 at 8:14 am

    Islam should always be uplifted- that is something that goes without saying! I would also like to make it very clear that my original post was in no way intended to be supportive of/condone/let slide what was said in that provocation if indeed there was an ulterior, sinister intention behind what was said at face value (Allahu A’lam), if that is how you have taken my comment.
    Any muslim who holds this Deen dear to their heart will be disturbed by and respond to, at the very least in an inward manner, any underhanded or open jabs directed at any aspect of Islam.

    InshAllah. That is something to look forward to. May you be rewarded for spreading the knowledge of this beautiful Deen, ameen.

  4. 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

    November 30, 2010 at 9:23 am

    Hasha Lillah, sister!

    Why would I assume you were supportive of the provocative comments or the kafir’s sophisticated cunningness towards Muslims?

    If you mistook my comment “we don’t even have the ghayrah” it’s a general comment dear sister aimed at all of us.

    In sha Allah, if Allah permits me to translate more letters from the noble Imam Rabbani, you shall see that in many places he says things like “we are not doing enough” or other similar sounding phrases aimed at “all of us” ie all Muslims. A lot of scholars speak like this and “we” should copy this style of their articulation. If nothing, the least it does is raise the sense of unity of Muslims.

    “We” are all in Islam together. 🙂


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