Letters 247 & 249 – Volume 1, Book 4

30 Nov

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Without further ado, here are the first two letters of the celebrated Mujaddid, the reviver of Islam for the second Islamic millenia, Imam Rabbani, on this blog. Please note that the letters shall come not in the order they are presented in the hard copies in the books, but in any random order. I am translating letters 247 & 249 back to back because of their obvious connection with each other, and they are short too.


Written to the gnostic Mirza Hussamuddin Ahmad:

On the topic that the evidence for the Divine Existence of Haqq Ta’ala is the Divine Existence of Haqq Ta’ala itself, and NOT something that isn’t Him! and the pertinent discussion relating to it.

عرفت ربي بفسخ العزائم لا بل عرفت فسخ العزائم بربي

I have recognized my Lord not by the nullification of my desires, but I have recognized the nullification of my desires due to my Lord!

Because Haqq Ta’ala [‘s Divine Existence] is an evidence to that which is not Him – not the other way round!

Because the evidence is always more obvious/manifest than that which it is proving, and what is more evident than Haqq Ta’ala?! Because all things have been manifested (i.e., created) by Him.

He (i.e., His Divine Existence) is the attestation to His Own Self as well as to that which is not Him.

That is why I say:

عرفت ربي بربي و عرفت الاشياء به تعالى

I have known my Lord by my Lord [Himself] and [also] known matter by Him Almighty.

Indeed, the proof here is exhaustive and most people think it is non-exhaustive, and the disparity is due to the disparity in vision, and the difference of opinion is due to the way it is seen. In fact, over here, there is NO question of requiring evidences and proofs, because there is absolutely nothing hidden about the existence of Haqq Subhaanahu and there is absolutely no doubt about His disclosure [of Himself]. And He (i.e., His Divine Existence) is more manifest than all postulates – and this fact does not escape anyone except those whose hearts are diseased and eyes curtained.

And all matter is felt by the apparent senses and it is known necessarily that their existence has been brought about by the same Almighty, and [the fact that this knowledge is lost on some due to the disease in their hearts] causes no harm to what is sought/desired.

و السلام عليكم و على سائر من اتّبع الهدى و التزم متابعة المصطفى عليه و على آله الصلاة والسلام اتمها و اكملها

And peace be upon you and upon all those who are on the path of guidance and who have held it compulsory to follow the Blessed Prophet, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, and the most choicest and perfect salawat and salams be on him and his family.

——————————– END LETTER 247

Translator’s short notes:

Subhaan Allah for the imam’s shining brilliance. In this letter, the noble Imam has pinned atheism on the wall and tightly slapped a shoe on its disgraced face turning it blue and swollen.

I would just like to state that for those amongst these fools who do not understand the true depth and magnificence of the imam’s words, the esteemed Muslim brothers and sisters should not seek to dwell too much on it, but just pique the atheists’ mindless brains with two points:

1) The origin of matter. (Please don’t let them rattle about their grandfathers being monkeys. We are talking about the ORIGIN, the coming into existence, of matter)

2) Change and movement in matter. We are NOT concerned with “what happens when [a] reacts with [b]” or “the effect of [a] on [b]” BUT  rather with WHAT causes [a] to interact with [b] in the first place? In other words, NOT the cause-effect correlations in and of themselves but rather the origins of the actual causes themselves that supposedly deliver results on the apparent. (supposedly because causes don’t deliver results. As Muslims we believe Allah creates all causes and all effects. He can create effects without causes or causes without effects). And tell them that sub-moronic theories like the one recently publicized by the intellectually exasperated idiot Stephen Hawking that states that ‘because there is such a thing as gravity, matter basically created itself’ wouldn’t even fly with a descendant of a baboon, so how on earth can it fly with intelligent human beings who descend from the esteemed Adam, to whom angels prostrated?!


Written to Mirza Daaraab:

On the virtues of following the Master of Messengers, and the exaltations in status associated with it along with the peculiar specialities

All praise belongs to Allah alone and peace be upon His chosen slaves.

Salvation in the hereafter and everlasting bliss is dependent on  the following of the Sayyidil Awwaleena wal Aakhireen, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. Following him alone lands one in the ranks of those beloved by Haqq Ta’ala. And by following him alone does one get blessed with transfiguration of the self. And by following him alone does one’s slavehood [to Allah] reach perfection and earns noble rewards of being amongst the beloved beings and above and beyond that. And his perfect followers have been stated to be akin to the prophets of the Bani Israail[1], and the prophets from ulul-‘azm (اولو العزم), (ulul-‘azm, that is, THE top tier of statuses in prophethood), have wished they were his (our Master Rasulullaah’s) followers, and if Musa, ‘alaihis salam, lived in his times, he would have definitely followed him[2]. And the narration regarding ‘Eisa Ruhullah’s descending and following Habibullah, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, is well known publicly. His ummah has become the khayrul umam[3] (the best of ummahs) due to following him. And most of the dwellers of paradise are from this ummah. On the day of judgment, the followers of his ummah shall enter paradise before anyone else, only due to following him, and shall be rewarded, gifted and blessed abundantly. Verily then, it is compulsory on you to follow him, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, and hold his Sunnah necessary, and conduct your matters in accordance to his shari’ah.

The other thing is that I would like to recommend Shaykh Isma’il who is from the close associates  of the gnostic al-Haaj ‘Abd al-Haqq; was-salam.

———————————- END LETTER 249

Translator’s clarifying comments

1 – It is the ‘aqidah of all Ahlus Sunnah and Imam Rabbani himself that NO non-prophet can ever achieve the status of a prophet, any prophet at all. In fact, he has elaborated on this very point right in Letter 248 which is between these two letters. What is implied here is that the perfect followers of our Master Rasulullah shall be so majestic and noble that they will almost touch the horizon where “common man”-hood ends and prophethood starts. ALMOST is NOT being there. Please bear this very important point in mind.

2 – As narrated in Musnad Ahmad and Bayhaqiy by Jabir radi Allahu ‘anhu.

3 – Khayrul umam means *the best of ummahs*. The key word to note here is the word “ummah”. It means the Muslim ummah of Prophet Muhammad, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, is the best Muslim ummah. The previous prophets’ peoples (i.e., their nations of followers) were THEIR ummahs having worshipped Allah alone and accepting the prophet sent to them. Please DO NOT assume it to mean “the best of peoples”. This is only a comparison between various different Muslim nations of prophets (ummahs). It has nothing to do with comparing Muslims and kafirs. There is absolutely zero comparison between the two. Kuffaar are called “sharrul bariyyah” (the worst of creation) in the Quran.


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