‘Tis the season…

04 Dec

… of incredibly stupid blind imitation!

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

I’ve mentioned this on the ‘I Love Imam Rabbani’ microblog, but it is very much worth mentioning it here in slight details again for those who didn’t or can’t seem to get the message.

Please do note that none of us are born wise. Wisdom is passed on from our betters to common unwise people like us, who in turn got it from their betters and so on, until the chain reaches our Master Rasulullah, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, and he of course speaks only on Divine Wahiy.

Alhamadulillaah for the sending of the Mercy of Both Worlds, our Master Rasulullah, for the blessing that is Islam, and for the brilliant and esteemed scholars of the Ahlis Sunnah.

I was awestruck when I saw this message, that I am going to pass on below, from a highly esteemed scholar I know.

These 2 ahadith are sahih and famous:

لعن الله المتشبهين من الرجال بالنساء، والمتشبهات من النساء بالرجال – رواه بخاري من حديث ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما

وعن أبي هريرة – رضي الله عنه – قال : لعن رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وسلم – الرجل يلبس لبسة المرأة ، والمرأة تلبس لبسة الرجل . رواه أبو داود

The first one is narrated by Ibn ‘Abbas, radi Allahu ‘anhumaa, in Sahih al-Bukhariy which reports the Prophet as saying, what could be translated to, “Allah curses those amongst the men who imitate women, and those amongst the women who imitate the men.

The second one is narrated in Abu Dawood by Abu Hurayrah radi Allahu ‘anhu and he states as such: The Messenger of Allah, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, cursed the man who wears women’s clothes, and the woman who wears men’s clothes.


When Muslim men and women are forbidden by Allah and Rasulullah ﷺ from imitating each other in matters that are specific to their own genders, and cursed if they do it,

THEN: How on earth can they even think about imitating the mubtadi’s and kuffaar in matters specific to them?


Coming more to the point – This might seem like a far fetched extrapolation but it is actually a very direct proof to intelligent Muslims against the following:

1 – Attending christmas gatherings, parties and parades (Dear brother/sister, by attending their gatherings, parties, parades specific to christmas, one will not only increase their gatherings of misguidance, but will also be imitating them in rituals and festivities exclusive to them. Not to mention, it carries with it the other sins of being around drunks, non halal food, no guarding of the eye and so on. Please remember that our Master Rasulullah has said that a person who sits at a meal gathering where alcohol is present, is counted as a consumer of alcohol by the angels. Do not think that if you do not consume alcohol or pork, you shall not be counted as a drunk by angels! In any case, being counted amongst drunks is only a lesser problem compared to being counted by angels as an imitator of the kuffaar!!)

2 – Taking their kids to see the fat man who does not exist, and entertaining their kids through him. Your child’s mind is very impressionable dear sister. You should teach him that santa claus and all that comes with it, is a lie and a filthy ritual of the kuffaar.  (Dear Muslim mother, if you teach your children all about santa and the kafir mother teaches, her child the same, then what is the difference between you two? Is this imitation of the kafir lady not worse than imitation of men? Surely the acts specific to Muslim men are still not acts of kufr. Isn’t it better to rouse the ghayrah of Islam in the heart of your little one by telling him stories of the sahaba and the awliyaa?)

3 – Wishing kafirs merry christmas the way they wish each other and exchanging other such greetings with them. (christmas is something that is specific to kuffaar. Their greetings are specific to this ritual of kufr. If you too do the same as they do, isn’t this imitating them?)

4 – Anything else that aids in the promotion of christmas and all that it stands for, like exchanging gifts. (Again, it is something specific to kufr and kuffaar. One can imagine what will be his state in front of Allah and His Messenger by imitating the kuffaar in something specific to them, when we are forbidden to even the lesser evil of imitating the opposite gender, and cursed if we do!)

THIS dear brother/sister in Islam, is the message from the scholar.

Please note that the above, although extremely logical and thorough, is STILL a lesser proof on the topic.

In the days that lead up to the 25th of December, in sha Allah, I shall endeavor to translate some of the strongest proofs from Quran, hadith, and the books of fiqh that it is haram and/or kufr (depending on case-specific circumstances) to attend a gathering of kuffaar’s festivals and festivities, behaving like them, exchanging greetings and wishes specific to their rituals or respecting and honoring their rituals of kufr and other such activities that increase the numbers of their gatherings of misguidance, help perpetuate their misguidance, and worse of all uplift kufr against Islam.

Remember again dear brothers and sisters, that Islam and kufr are opposites of each other, as stated by numerous scholars including the esteemed Imam Rabbani. Uplifting of one is automatically downgrading the other.

Uplifting kufr and its rituals and festivals like christmas by any means (exchanging christmas specific greetings, gifts, participating in their gatherings, striking your Muslim child’s impressionable head with a filthy sledgehammer by having him photographed with the fat idiot, and other such activities) is automatically insulting and downgrading Islam. What then to speak about the idiots who attend mass?!

Islam must be uplifted at any cost and the rituals of kufr must always be denigrated and degraded. PLEASE note that this is not something where there are disagreements between the 4 madhabs.

We thank Allah for the ni’mat of Islam and ask him to always keep us steadfast on Islam and the manhaj of our esteemed and brilliant superiors of the Ahlus Sunnah.

May Allah uplift Islam and may He cause kufr and its rituals and conventions to be trashed. Aameen.



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One response to “‘Tis the season…

  1. gruz fruz

    January 1, 2016 at 11:49 am

    [edit: christmas is a festival full of lies. santa claus is a lie. Muslims should teach their children to be truthful and honest.]


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