Letter 65 – Volume 1, Book 2

09 Dec

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Letter 65 talks about the destitution of Muslims and the weakness of Islam that Imam Rabbani felt in his times. We can all gauge our state in our times very well.


Written towards Khan A’azdham

On the sorrow towards the destitution of Muslims and the weakness of Islam; and on strengthening the state of Ahl al-Islam (Muslims) and inspiring and passionating them to fulfill the commands of the Shari’ah.

May Allah grant you succor and grant you victory and domination above the enemies of Islam in uplifting the commands of Islam.

The Mukhbir as-Saadiq (the Truthful Informer), our Prophet, ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihi min as-salawaati afdaluha, wa minat tasleemaati aklmaluhaa (on him and his progeny be the choicest of exaltations and and the most perfect of greetings), has articulated:

الاسلام بدا غريبا و سيعود كما بدا فطوبى للغرباء

– صحيح مسلم , ابن ماجه , طبراني بروايه ابو هريرة رضي الله عنه

Islam appeared as a stranger and will return to becoming strange, verily [then] are glad tidings for strangers…

… i.e., for those who help it.

The irrelevancy of Islam has reached to such a level that kafirs openly express objections at Islam and criticize Muslims; and a ridiculous amount of commands of kufr are being enforced and people are singing praises and hymns honoring the kuffaar in every nook and cranny; and Muslims have been prohibited from enforcing the commands of Islam and they are criticized and ostracized for following the commands of the Shari’ah.

Translation of Persian couplet: The fairy hides her face, and satan displays feminine pique. The brain evaporates in amazement at such a mystery.

Subhan Allahi wa-bihamdihi, there is a saying that Shari’ah lies under the swords

الشرع تحت السيف

and the illumination of the Shari’ah is connected to the rulers of Islam. This sentence has been turned on its head and there has been a [negative] revolution on the matter. Alas –  just wishes! Woe – regrets! Woe – a tragedy!

Today, we just acknowledge your honored existence as a boon; and in this weak and threatening battle, only consider your esteemed self as a man of battleground. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala help you and grant you victory, by the sanctity of (i.e, by the tawassul of) the blessed Prophet and his progeny, ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihis salawaatu wat tasleemaat, wat tahiyyaatu wal barakaat (on him and his progeny be exaltations and salutations, and greetings and [divine] blessings). A hadith says:

لن يؤمن احدكم حتى يقال انّه مجنون

حصن حصين, ابن حبان, احمد, ابو يعلى, ابن سني, بروايه ابو سعيد خدري رضي الله عنه , باختلاف يسير

None amongst you can be a [true] believer until he is called crazy.

In these times, the zealous infatuation that is built on the ghayrah (ardor) of Islam, is felt in your nature. Alhamdulillaahi ‘ala dhaalik (All praise is due to Allah for this). These are such times that the bare minimal of deeds are accepted with great thawab (rewards) and full appraisal. Other than hijrah (migration), no other deed of the Ashaab al-kahf (the Companions of the cave) is more brilliantly apparent; but see for yourself, how much has this deed of theirs been appraised and honored. If a soldier fights ferociously at a time when the enemy has the full advantage, it is much more valuable than such ferociousness displayed at a time when the enemy is suffering. And this verbal jihad that is available to you at this time is a greater jihad. Please consider this a recoup and voraciously scream[1]

هَلْ مِن مَّزِيدٍ

Any more (to come)? [Translation of meaning from Holy Quran 50:30]

and consider this jihad of the tongue as better than the jihad of war. Feckless people like us with paralyzed hands and feet, are deprived of such a blessing.

هنيئا لارباب النعيم نعيمها                     و للعاشق المسكين ما يترجع

Homage to those blessed with blessings;  And for the failed lover, whatever he ruefully endures.

(An Arabic couplet)

We have pointed you towards the target; Should we not make it, perhaps you shall. (Translation from a Persian couplet after the Arabic one)

His eminence, Khwaja  [‘Ubaidullah] Ahrar, qaddas Allah sirrah, (may Allah sanctify his secret) used to say, “If I start being a shaykh [of tasawwuf] and taking murids (disciples), then no other shaykh in the world would get murids. I would attract them all towards myself. But I have been assigned another job, and that is the familiarization of the Shari’ah and help and strengthening of the Muslim millah (nation).” Based on this, he used to visit the sultans of his time and by his tasarruf (saintly deportations), he use to make them compliant and in this manner, he used to get them to promote the Shari’ah.

It’s a plea to you that since Allah Ta’ala has blessed you with effectiveness in speech due to the love and adoration for the esteemed family [of Naqshbandi shuyukh], qaddas Allahu Ta’aala asraarihim (may Allah sanctify all their secrets), and since He has made manifest on the people of your times your esteemed status as a Muslim – you should strive and drive – to completely destroy many of the big concepts of kufr from the ahl al-kufr (people of kufr, i.e., kafirs) that have become rampant in ahl al-Islam (people of Islam, i.e, Muslims) and the ahl al-Islam become protected from all matters contrary to the Shari’ah. May Allah Ta’ala grant you a good reward for this on behalf of us and all Muslims [asking Him to reward you].

In the king-hood preceding this one, perverseness and open opposition to the deen of Mustafa, ‘alaihis salaatu was salam, used to be felt. In the current king, the same perverseness is not seen on the outward. Even if it exists, it is probably due to lack of knowledge, but it is feared what if even now, the matter reaches perverseness and the affairs of Muslims become constrained.

I tremble for my iman like an aspen in the wind!

May Allah Ta’ala keep us and you steadfast on following and serving the teachings of  Sayyidil Mursaleen, ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihis salawaatu wat tasleemaat (Master of the Messengers, on him and his progeny be exaltations and salutations).

This ascetic had come here for a convention and didn’t feel it necessary to inform you of his arrival, and at the same time, didn’t feel it right that he not write to you a few beneficial and helpful things, and not make known his definitive adoration and innate affinity to you. The Blessed Prophet, ‘alaihis salaatu was salam, says:

من احب اخاه فليعلم اياه

مسند احمد, ترمذي , ابن حبان , حاكم , ادب المفرد

He who loves his brother, should make it known to him.

و السلام عليكم و على جميع من اتّبع الهدى

ِAnd may peace descend on you and all those who are guided.[2]

—————————————————– END LETTER 65

Translator’s notes:

[1] – It is allowed to [other than reciting/quoting the Quranic verses] use phrases from the Quran in normative speech in a manner that uplifts and honors Islam, the Prophet, the Muslim nation and so on.

[2] – This is not an explanation, but a reminder that the noble imam is speaking in HIS times, roughly 400+ years ago, and he is talking about the dire straits Islam and Muslims are in. We can imagine the situation in our times!


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