Letter 54 – Volume 1, Book 2

15 Dec

May Allah’s damnation befall the filthy shi’ah!

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Since it is the month of Muharram and ‘Ashura is right around the corner, this letter of Imam Rabbani is very pertinent.

Foolish Sunnis have started falling for the false propaganda of these enemies of the blessed Sahaba and Ummahaatul Mumineen, the filthy shi’ah, and have started embracing them with open arms considering them as well-wishers of Islam and the Ahlus Sunnah, thanks to all the group hug philosophy advanced by the enemies of Islam who claim to be “Sufis” and “Sunnis”.

This letter by Imam Rabbani shows that true Sufis have never ever compromised with the filthy dogs of hellfire, the heretics – the ahlul bid’ah. Imam Ghazali too fought voraciously against the deviancies of the batinis and other heretics including the rawafid.

Without further ado…


This letter is also written to the esteemed gnostic Shaykh Fareed.

On the topic that it is important and necessary to avoid the company of a bid’ati (heretic/innovator). The catastrophe of association with a bid’ati is worse than that of association with a kafir; and of all the sects of innovation, the absolute worst are the shi’ah shanee’ah (shi’ah shanee’ah = repugnant/odious/scandalous shia); and the concerned guidelines regarding this.

May Allah grant you a handsome reward; uplift your honor and stations, and make your jobs easy, by the sanctity of Sayyidil Bashr (the Master of mankind), the one in whom an eye can not see a fault, ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihi minas salawaati afdaluha wa minat tasleemaati akmaluha (on him and on his progeny be the most choicest of exaltations, and the most perfect of greetings).

من لا يشكر الناس لم يشكر الله

ترمذي – بروايه سيدنا ابو سعيد خدري رضي الله عنه

He who doesn’t thank people, doesn’t thank Allah [as well] – Hadith, Tirmidhi.

It then is compulsory on us ascetics to thank you for your favors. Firstly and fore-mostly, you were the one who earned the pleasure of our master shaykh, may Allah sanctify his secrets. Due to your esteemed status, even us folk were goaded into diligently seeking Haqq Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, and we too achieved an abundant part of it.

After that, according to

كبرت بموت الكبراء

I have been forced into greatness due to the demise of the greats

when things have reached to this stratum, then once again, the means of grouping and organizing the ascetics and the seekers of the truth, is once again, your eminence. Jazakum Allahu Subhanahu ‘annaa khayral jazaa (May Allah Subhanahu reward you with the best of rewards [from our asking])

Translation of Persian couplet: Should every hair on my body morph into a tongue; I could not thank you one out of a thousand due thanks.

It is my wish that Haqq Subhanahu wa Ta’ala safeguard you from all calamities in this life and the next, by the tawassul of your Blessed Grandfather, Sayyidil Mursaleen, ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihi minas salawaati afdaluha wa minat tasleemati aklmaluha.

This ascetic is fated afar from your illuminating presence. I am not aware what kind of people visit your blessed gatherings, and be it in seclusion or public sphere, what kind of people associate with you.

Translation of Persian couplet: Sleepless have I become due to this distressing worry; whose house became your abode and a haven of your dreams.

Be assured of this that the destitution of associating with a bid’ati is worse than the destitution and losses of associating with a kafir; and amongst all the sects of bid’ah, the worst is the one that bears grudges and enmities to the esteemed Companions (radi Allahu ta’ala ‘anhum) of the Messenger, ‘alaihis salaatu was salam.

Allah Himself calls these people as kuffaar in the Quran:

لِيَغِيظَ بِهِمُ الْكُفَّارَ

Translation of meaning: The kuffaar are filled with rage at them (those who are with the Prophet). [Holy Quran 48:29][1]

The propagation and publicizing of the Quran and the noble Shari’ah has been done by the sahaba. Criticism[2] at this esteemed group is criticism at the Quran and the Shari’ah by [logical] extension. The Quran was compiled by Seyyidina ‘Uthman radi Allahu Ta’ala ‘anhu. If one criticizes Seyyidna ‘Uthman, then by extension, it would necessarily imply that the Quran too is open to criticism. May Allah safeguard us from the ‘aqaid of the faithless and the zanadiq (heretics).

Those disagreements and squabbles that emerged amongst the noble Sahaba, ‘alaihimur ridwan (on them be blessings) were definitely not due to desires of the nafs (base self). These luminaries, due to the companionship of the Khayrul Bashr (The Absolute Best of Mankind), ‘alaihis salaatu was salam, had reached the stations of total purity and had achieved complete independence from basefulness.

I know this much that in this dispute, the Ameer [‘Ali], karram Allahu wajhah (may Allah honor his face) was right and his opponents were on error. However, this error of theirs is one of ijtihad, that does not land one to the limits of fisq (sinfulness). In fact, in this type of error, there’s even no room for pointing blame, because in matters of ijtihad, even the one who errs, obtains one degree of thawab (rewards). And the dejected yazid is not from the Blessed Sahaba. Who can argue about his wretchedness? What this vile-spiritless destitute has done, not even a dejected kafir can do!

Some scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah have called to restrain from cursing him, not due to pleasure at his acts, but based on the possibility of [his] redress and repentance.

In your gatherings, every day, some thing must be read from the books of the Qutub of the Age, the Makhdoom, rahmatullaahi ‘alaih, so that it is known how he praised and eulogized the Companions of the Messenger, ‘alaihi wa ‘alaihimus salaatu was salam (on him and on them be exaltations and peace), and how honorably he mentioned and remembered them, so that the opposition feel humbled and humiliated.

These days, this outrageous group (the shi’ah) has started exaggerating a lot, and their tentacles have spread to the ins and outs of the nation. It is for this reason that a few words have been penned down on this topic; so that in your company and blessed gatherings, such repugnant people find no place.

ثبتكم الله تعالى على الطريقة المرضية

May Allah keep you firm on the way that is acceptable [to Him].

———————————————————————- END LETTER 54

Translator’s Notes:

[1] – Please see the complete verse that starts with:

مُّحَمَّدٌ رَّسُولُ اللَّهِ وَالَّذِينَ مَعَهُ أَشِدَّاء عَلَى الْكُفَّارِ رُحَمَاء بَيْنَهُمْ

Translation of meaning: Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against kuffaar; compassionate amongst each other.

It is clear that the verse is talking about the blessed status of the sahaba; and the same verse later on says regarding those who are enraged at the sahaba:

لِيَغِيظَ بِهِمُ الْكُفَّارَ

Translation of meaning: The kuffaar are filled with rage at them

Although, the fiqh rulings on which ones of the shi’ah are kafirs and which ones are not, are quite detailed, the noble Imam Rabbani gives a rock solid guideline right out of the Quran and proves that only a kafir fills up with rage at the sahaba.

[2] – May Allah forgive me for quoting such ugliness, but only to give an example of the criticism by these offspring of mut’ah, towards the Sahaba and the Ummahaatul Mumineen, have a look at these official rules from a chia website:

In response to the bold offering of praise to the enemies of Islam and the Ahlulbayt , Muawiyah and Yazeed, by some members on this board, the *** team have decided to warn (or ban if warnings are exhausted) any member who offers such open praise to these killers of the Ahlulbayt and the pious Companions.

… and see these quotes by mainstream chias. Mind you, we’re not talking about their hardcore ones who are purely apostates (apostates are the worst kind of kafirs), but just their “regular” lot

Mr Abu Huraira who attached as much lies to the Holy Prophet pbuh as he possibly could

for aisha to wage a war against maula (saw) is like waging a war against salaat. quran, , zakaat, truth, good, justice, innocence

It is not the first time Aisha has sung her own songs on the expense of others.

Shia view:

Aisha is the wife of the Prophet (s.a.w.w) and mother of believers, as such she had a huge responsibility. Added to that, she was prohibited by the Prophet from leaving her home after his demise. But she broke that ruling as well as the ruling against rebelling against the Caliph of the time as well as the ruling about respecting the sanctity of the Ahlul Bayt as well as the ruling that Ali (a.s.) was from the Prophet (s.a.w.w) and the Prophet (s.a.w.w.) was from him and the Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves…

The noble sons and daughters of the Ahlus Sunnah should please see these ugly dogs of hellfire for their true worth and NEVER bear any affinities and friendships with these people of bid’ah.

BOTH the Sahaba and the Ahlul Bayt are the apples of the Prophet’s eyes and both received knowledge and guidance at his blessed hands. It is extremely stupid to assume that one beloved of the Prophet would turn against another beloved of the Prophet, as Imam Rabbani explains in his other letters.

The shi’ah, who mainly live a life without ablution and ghusl, deserve the scorn of the Ahlus Sunnah for their hatred of the Sahaba. Even with their current new-age rhetoric of “no, we shias do not curse Sahaba” the ugliness in their hearts is open for all to see. May Allah disgrace them handsomely. Aameen.


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