christians are human-worshiping anthropomorphist pagans

23 Dec

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

A human-worshiping anthropomorphist pagan says:

So how did Muhammad have an audience with God? If God can meet with Muhammad in one created space (Heaven), why is it beyond Him to come into another created space (Earth)?

The root of such comments is their retarded minds thinking of “God” as something that bears semblance to us, something that is encapsulated in time and space, something that is a body with finite limits, even if a very large body, something with a shape, something with a color, something that changes.

The honorable Muslim brothers and sisters should note that the reply to this idiotic objection is extremely simple.

Allah honored the Prophet, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, by letting the Prophet see Himself during the Night of Ascension into heaven.

The Prophet is the most esteemed creation of Allah.

Heaven is the most esteemed of locations.

At the core essence of it, heaven is no different from earth, in the sense that they are both created and they are both locations. Needless to say, heaven is the most esteemed of locations unlike the earth.

It is Allah’s bestowing of honor on the most esteemed of creation, our Master Muhammad, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, that he see Allah in the most esteemed of locations, states and surroundings.

It is just Allah’s will that He willed for the Prophet to see Himself while the Prophet was in the most honorable of places.

It does NOT mean that Allah resides in heaven or that He is a body that exists outside of heaven and moves and comes to heaven or leaves it. Indeed, He is the CREATOR of time, space, bodies with limits, shapes, sizes, colors, directions and all that exists within them like humans, animals, trees, mountains, etc. and intangible emotions like pain, anger, sorrow etc.

All these things need to be specified and defined. Anything that is specified or defined, needs someone to define it AND it also means that it has a beginning.

Allah is beginninglessly eternal with no beginning and endlessly eternal with no end. It should also be noted that Allah is pure of changes. Changes are created and have beginnings. The human-worshipers only compound their blasphemy by saying that Allah is something that “moves” since movements are changes in location. Allah is free from both being in a location and also from any sort of changes.

Indeed, after the Day of Judgment, Muslims too shall see Allah “in” heaven. The “in” applies to the Muslims who will be “in” heaven and NOT to Allah who is free of time and space.

There is no modality of such sight. The eyes shall not “encapsulate” Allah like they encapsulate “images” of creation. Scholars have ALL unanimously said that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the human mind to “imagine” Allah or the experience of us seeing Him “in” heaven. The Prophet with his status as the highest of all creation, has already seen Him “in” heaven.

It is only and only Allah’s will that the Prophet has seen Him “in” heaven. Again, I am using “in” in inverted commas because it applies to creation and not to Allah, who is free from locations.

Muslims should try not to fall for the diversions put forward by the missionaries of human-worshiping paganhood, christianity. When they are confronted with their logic-less beliefs about ‘Eisa (Jesus), ‘alaihis salam, being a human messenger and a creation of Allah, they try to bring forward all sorts of diversions in order to avoid having their human-worshiping beliefs probed.

These are, after all, people, who have grown up on lies and BELIEVE in living a lie! They teach lies to their children, about a fat old man coming down the chimney bringing them gifts! These people frown at the truth the same way a person who has been locked in a pitch dark room for hours and hours, squints and frowns when the door is opened and some light comes in.

Alhamdulillahi ‘ala nooril Islam. We thank Allah for the light of Islam.


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