Letter 269 – Volume 1, Book 5

25 Dec

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Letter 269 is a very interesting letter. Those of us who live in kafir majority places and/or have migrated to kafir majority places, should see how many parallels they can draw from the noble imam’s letter to their own circumstances and their surroundings.

Subhan Allah, despite having been written more than 400 years ago, it feels like as if the imam is talking to us right now in our circumstances.

Indeed, living in a kafir majority environment can be a great blessing if one utilizes it properly (uplift and propagate Islam and help destroy kufr), or conversely, it could also be a curse (if one gets lost in the rat race and the temporary glitter of life in such places).


Written towards Murtazda ‘Ali Khan.

On motivating towards disgracing the enemies of [our] religion [Islam] and insulting and destroying the false gods of these idiots and wretches and expressing the desire to see such an esteemed task accomplished and the necessary discussion pertaining to it.

الحمد لله و السلام على عباده الذين اصطفى

ِAll praise is due to Allah, and peace be upon His chosen slaves.

Every person’s heart contains a wish for some or the other matter. But this ascetic’s only wish is that harshness be administered to the enemies of Allah Ta’ala and His Messenger, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, and that these scum be disgraced. And that their false gods be insulted and trashed.

This ascetic knows for sure that in front of Allah Ta’ala, no deed is as liked and loved as this. This is the only reason that causes [this ascetic] to motivate you towards this very winsome deed; and considers the accomplishment of this task as extremely important.

Because you have gone there yourself and have been appointed to belittle and disgrace that [spiritually] filthy environment and its dwellers, the first thing you should do is be thankful for this blessing, because a lot of people go there to honor and gratify the environs and its dwellers. Allah Ta’ala is greatly praised and it is His favor that He has not let us be indulged in this calamity [of praising and honoring the environs and its dwellers].

After thanking for this much exalted blessing, one should struggle to belittle and disgrace these scoundrels and their false gods. And as much as is possible on the outward and the inward, one must strive to destroy these people’s systems, and their carved and uncarved gods must be insulted in every manner[1]. It is hoped that some heedlessnesses that were evidenced by you, shall be repaid and recompensed by this deed.

Weakness of the body and the severity of the winter are deterrents, otherwise the ascetic would have personally arrived in your service to motivate for this job, and by [the blessing of] this gathering, would have passionately spat on that stone; and would have considered it a treasure to be added to his blessings. How much can one emphasize/enunciate more than this? Was-salam.

——————————————————————— END LETTER 269

Translator’s Notes:

[1] – Insulting their false gods does not mean that one insult our esteemed Prophets like Seyyidina ‘Eisa, ‘ala nabiyyina wa ‘alaihis salam, or any other noble personalities like Seyyidetina Maryam, ‘alaihas salam – in case some kuffaar like christians worship them; hasha lillah. It refers to either insulting their false gods like those of the stone-worshiping hindus or in case of people like christians, their putrid beliefs calling prophets as god.

Their uncarved gods are obviously their putrid and repugnant systems of promoting sinfulness, vice and filth; and their idiotic concepts of misguidance that they do not stop and think how stupid they are; and their systems of governance and so on.

Though the imam’s letter was written 400 years ago, one can see the relevance in our times. The 4th paragraph in the translation above is especially awe-inspiring considering how many people in our times migrate to kafir majority places only to admire the kuffaar and their systems.


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