Letter 81 – Volume 1, Book 2

26 Dec

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum,

Although letter 81 is about something as seemingly basic as slaughter of cows, it is addressing the larger issue of the satanic enemies of Islam working to eliminate the signs of Islam and thereby help in the hurting of Islam.

Please read this letter and ponder over how many parallels you can draw between the burqa ban in parts of europe, the minaret ban in switzerland, the ban on cow slaughter in most of india, the curbs placed on the “freedom of speech” of the Kashmiri people, the curbs placed on anyone who calls for implementation of the Shari’ah by the same scoundrels who propagate “freedom of speech”, the torture and humiliation of anyone who exposes the war-mongering politicians’ enmity to Islam and Muslims, and so on.

Please be reminded that this letter was written 400+ years ago. One can imagine the state of Islam and Muslims in our times, and also see that the gnostic imam and his vision were for way beyond his immediate times and therefore he is rightly called the reviver, the “mujaddid” of Islam for its second millenia.


Written towards Lala Baig.

On inspiring towards traditionalizing Islam, and the weakness and humility of Islam and Muslims, and the strategic advantages enjoyed by the dishonorable kuffaar.

May Allah raise your and our Islamic ardor (ghayrah). For almost a century now, the weakness and humility of Islam has reached to such a level that in Islamic nations, the kuffaar are not just happy at the implementation of the commandments of kufr, but in fact they desire the complete annihilation of the commands of Islam and do not wish to see any remnants of Islam remain. And their implementation of such rules and transgression have reached to such a state that if any Muslim is bold enough to exhibit the signs of Islam, he is murdered.

The slaughter of cows, which in india, is from amongst the greatest signs of Islam – the situation with it has reached to the level that perhaps the kuffaar might agree to pay the jizya, but they shall [probably] never agree to cow-slaughter.

Right at the starting stage of the [present king’s] monarchy if Islamic traditions are resurrected and Muslims develop some status, then that’s that[1]. Otherwise if, ‘eyadhan billahi subhanahu (Allah’s refuge is sought),  the matter is left to heedlessness and stalling, then terribly bad times shall be faced by Muslims.

الغياث الغياث ثم الغياث الغياث

[In Allah’s court] Pleading, pleading – and again – pleading, pleading!

Let us see which bearer of good fate is blessed and honored with this wealth [of traditionalizing Islam], and which princely warrior’s hand reaches this wealth. It is Allah’s granted grace and Allah grants it to whom He wills.

May Allah keep us and you steadfast on following the ways of our Master, Seyyidil Mursaleen, ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihi minas salawaati afzdaluhaa wa minat tasleemati akmaluha (on him and on his progeny be the choicest of exaltations and the most perfect of greetings). Was-salam

————————————————————————END LETTER 81

Translator’s Note:

[1] – Note how the great imam emphasizes that problems like this need to be nipped in the bud, or else they take firm roots in society and get strengthened. Have a look at the burqa fiasco in europe. Instead of opposing the enemies of Islam, there were filthy shayateen FROM MUSLIM NATIONS masquerading as “scholars” who passed fatawa saying that the face covering veil “has nothing to do with Islam”. May Allah give those shayateen what they deserve. In sha Allah some letters of the imam regarding scholars of duniya and how much they have hurt Islam shall also be translated soon. A cursory reading of basic Islamic literature will make it obvious to even a blind person that the niqab is very much a part of Islam. This is but one example of how the kuffaar are followed in not just their lands but even in Muslim lands. We seek Allah’s refuge.


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    December 26, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    nice…… thank you for the information


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