Letter 303 – Volume 1, Book 5

27 Dec

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum,

In this letter the noble imam explains the meanings of the phrases of the Muslim Adhan in a bit more detail than the outwardly literal meanings.

This looks like a simple and short letter, but these are extremely heavy words and we all need to ponder over them greatly.


On the meanings of the phrases of the Adhan, written towards Haji Yusuf Muadhdhin.

After praising [Allah] and sending salutations [on His Messenger]; it must be known that the Adhan has 7 phrases:


1) الله اكبر

It means that Allah is far exalted beyond it that He need the worships of anyone who worships Him. This phrase is repeated 4 times to emphasize this fact.

2) اشهد ان لا اله الا الله

It means that I testify that Allah Ta’ala, despite His attribute of being the Supremely Greatest, and despite having no need of people’s worships, He alone is The One worthy of worship.

3) اشهد ان محمدا رسول الله

This means that I testify that our Master Muhammad, ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihis salawaatu was salam, is the Messenger of Allah subhanahu, and the one sent by Him to teach and propagate the ways of worship. Therefore, only that shall be counted as “worship” worthy to the Being of The Wajib Ta’ala (i.e., Allah) – which is taken by the route of Messenger-hood and propagation of our Master Rasulullah, ‘alaihis salawaatu was salam.

4) حي على الصلوة

5) حي على الفلاح

These two phrases (4 & 5) are to call the worshiper towards the salah which leads them to victory and salvation.

6) الله اكبر

It means that Allah Ta’ala is exalted beyond this that someone’s worships be worthy of His Divine Being.

7) لا اله الا الله

It means that there is no other exit, other than to accept that Allah alone is worthy of worship, even though it is impossible that someone can worship Him in a manner worthy of His Divine Being.


The glory of salah (prayers/namaz) should be understood by seeking to know the meanings of these phrases which have been assigned to make one aware of salah.

[Persian phrase]: The goodness of the [rest of the] year is due to the goodness of the spring.

اللهم اجعلني من المصلين المفلحين بحرمة سيد المرسلين عليه و عليهم الصلوات و التسليمات اتمها و اكملها

O Allah, make me from those who offer their prayers and are victorious, by the sanctity of the Master of Messengers, on him and them (other messengers) be exaltations and greetings, abundant and perfect.

END LETTER 303 ——————————————————————–


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