Letter 134 – Volume 1, Book 3

28 Dec

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

A short letter on the importance of time and a call to stop procrastinating and start working.


This letter was also written to Mullah Muhammad Sadiq.

On “I will do it after a while”-

May Haqq Subhanahu wa Ta’ala grant you further elevation in the stations of nearness [to Him]. Bi-hurmati Sayyidil Mursaleen, ‘alaihi wa ‘alaihim wa ‘ala aalihis salawaatu wat tasleematu atammuhaa (by the sanctity of the Master of Messengers, on him, and on them (the other messengers), and on his progeny be exaltations and greetings abundant).

O bearer of the signs of love, time is a sword which chops off a person’s life. It is not known if tomorrow we shall be granted a chance or not. Important and necessary jobs should be done today itself; and the unimportant jobs must be left to tomorrow. This is what a progressive mind dictates whereas an exhausting mind does not dictate such. What more can be written?! Was-salam.

END LETTER 134 ———————————————————————


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