Happy Mawlid An-Nabawiy Ash-Shareef

14 Feb

Ya Nabi salamu ‘alaika. Ya Habib salamu ‘alaika

Salamu ‘Alaikum

Wishing all Muslims and their families a very happy and blessed Mawlid An-Nabiy, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. Our Master Rasulullah, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam is the greatest manifestation of Allah’s Mercy on us. It is because of him, that we have all other blessings.

اللهم صل و سلم دائما ابدا على حبيبك المصطفى عندك – و على اله و صحبه و امته اجمعين – بعدد ما كان و ما يكون

From what ever Allah’s Shari’ah has made halal, enjoy as many festivities as you possibly can. Let the kafirs and ahlul bid’ah burn in agony. The only one who was not joyful at the advent of our Master’s blessed birth was satan himself. He wasn’t happy the blessed day he was born, and he isn’t happy now either that our Master has set foot on this earth.

We need the help of our Master Rasulullah in these times more than ever. Always call on your Master Rasulullah, the greatest creation & messenger of Allah, at any time of distress and watch your problems disappear.

قلت حيلتنا انت وسيلتنا – ادركنا يا رسول الله


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