Letter 163 – Volume 1, Book 3

21 Feb

On the treatment of kafirs – II

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum,

Continuing on the topic of how Muslims should treat kafirs, this letter by the noble Imam Rabbani elucidates in his own words the ways of the Allah-fearing Sufis.

Before we proceed any further, I would like to add an idiot alert for those people who like to call themselves Muslims but in reality are slaves of kafirs, and whose hearts go out to kafirs before they go out to Muslims, if at all. They are the best friends a kafir can have. These people are the greatest enemies of Islam, even greater than the fear mongering politicians and Islamophobes.

This is not just a legal disclaimer but also very much a rule of Islam enshrined in its noble Shari’ah – It is haram to hurt anyone unjustly, even kafirs. It is haram to be deceitful and treacherous in ones dealing, even with kafirs. As long as one is free to practice the core tenets of Islam, and one’s life and property are not under threat and oppression, one has to uphold the laws of the land he is living in.

Please read the letter without further ado.


Written towards the refuge of nobility and gnosticism, Sheikh Fareed – On the topic that Islam and kufr are the opposites of each other.

The possibility of these two opposites existing together does not exist; and that according honor and dignity to one, is, by default, essentially according dishonor and debasing the other.

Regarding what you have said, may Allah protect and safeguard you, regarding debasing the kuffaar and keeping friendships and intermingling with them and the disadvantages and the losses incurred by such friendships and intermingling; and discussion on the topic that duniya and aakhirah are also opposites of each other.

All praise is due to Allah, who has blessed us and has guided us with the religion of Islam and brought us from the nation of our Master Muhammad, may his ranks be raised and on him be peace and esteemed greetings. The bliss of this world (duniya) and the next (aakhirah) is only connected to the following of the Master Of The Worlds, on him and his progeny be the choicest of exaltation and the most perfect of greetings.

The following of our Master, may his ranks be exalted and on him be peace, is only in materializing the commands of Islam and destroying the conventions of kufr- because Islam and kufr are opposites of each other.

Proving one is by default, essentially disproving the other. It is impossible for these two opposites to be gathered together. According respect to one is the means of according disrespect and debasing the other. Haqq Subhanahu wa ta’aala tells His beloved, on him be exaltation and greetings, as such:

يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ جَاهِدِ الْكُفَّارَ وَالْمُنَافِقِينَ وَاغْلُظْ عَلَيْهِمْ

Translation of meaning: O Messenger, wage jihad against the disbelievers and hypocrites and be harsh with them. [Holy Quran 9:73 & 66:9]

Allah has commanded His Messenger, on him be exaltation and peace, whom He has blessed with khuluqil ‘azdheem, the exalted standard of character, to wage jihad against the kuffaar and to be tough with them. Then from this we know that harshness to kuffaar is also a part of khuluqil ‘azdheem. It is proven that the dignity of Islam lies in the debasement of kufr and ahlul kufr (ie, people of kufr). He who accords respect to kuffaar, has disrespected Islam. By according respect, it is not implied that they be unnecessarily honored and made to sit on lofty seats, but it even includes giving them a place in one’s gatherings, mingling with them, and conversing with them is also a part of according them respect. They should be kept away like dogs.

If some worldly matter requires them and it is not possible to be achieved by anyone else other than them, then one should get involved with them knowing that they are worthless. And the absolute perfection of one’s Islam is that even for worldly matters, one should have no connection with them – and friendships should not be borne with them. Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala, has deemed them as His and His Messenger’s, on him be peace, enemies in His Book.

Friendships and mingling with these enemies of Allah and His Messenger, on him be peace, and affinity and love towards them is counted amongst severe losses. The least loss of friendships and affinities is that the power to fulfill the commands of the Shari’ah and eliminate the signs of kufr gets overtaken and weakened; and the relationship of friendship with them becomes a deterrent to it – and this is major, certified loss.

Friendship with and affinity to the enemies of Almighty Allah drags one towards enmity with Allah and becomes a cause of enmity with His Messenger, on him be exaltation and peace. One thinks he is from the ahl al-Islam (those of Islam) and affirms faith on Allah and His Messenger, but he doesn’t know that such debased deeds completely delete his Islam. We seek refuge with Allah from the evils of our selves and the evils of our deeds.

[Persian couplet translated:] The nobleman thinks he is an accomplished man. In reality, all the nobleman has accomplished is only the thought.

The only job of these worthless morons is to mock Islam and ahl al-Islam; and they are always on the lookout that should they get a chance, they would exterminate Muslims or kill them all or turn them towards kufr – then the ahl al-Islam too should have some shame [to avoid them] because iman demands that one have shame. Guarding the chastity of one’s Islam is necessary.

One should always strive to debase them. The stoppage of jizya in those parts of India is due to the sultans and rulers of those areas harboring friendships with them. The real aim of collecting the jizya from them is to debase and degrade them, and this debasement and dishonor goes to the extent that due to the fear of jizya they cannot wear good clothes, and dress themselves up as they are fearful that their material wealth shall get taken away. What rights do kings have that they stop the collection of jizya?! Allah has established the jizya for the purpose of their degradation and humiliation. The aim is their debasement and honor and victory of ahl al-Islam. Which ever nonMuslim is killed, in it is victory for Islam.

The sign of acquiring the wealth of Islam is disdain and spite towards ahl al-kufr. Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala has called them filthy and unclean in His Book. Therefore, even in the eyes of ahl al-Islam, ahl al-kufr should be deemed filthy and unclean; and when one views them as degraded and debased, then one will automatically consider their company and affinity as bad.

Asking them things, and then acting on what they say, is the perfection of honor to those enemies, and is patently forbidden. He who seeks their recognition and asks them to supplicate, what shall he achieve? That is, he shall achieve nothing. Allah ta’aala says in the Holy Quran:

وَمَا دُعَاء الْكَافِرِينَ إِلاَّ فِي ضَلاَلٍ

Translation of meaning: The prayers of the kafirs are nothing but waste. [Holy Quran 13:14 & 40:50]

The supplications of these enemies of Islam is void and without result. There is no possibility at all of its acceptance. However, asking them to pray for one definitely is a means of honoring them and according them favors. If the kuffaar pray, they will definitely make their idols as a means- one should be cautious in regards to until where the matter goes, and even the smell of Islam does not remain. One gnostic has said that until someone doesn’t become crazy by you, you can’t reach to [perfection of your] Islam. Craziness here refers to not caring about one’s profit or loss for the sake of uplifting of Islam. What ever one achieves in the state of his Islam, is fine; and if nothing is achieved, then so be it. Both states are the same.

And if the wealth of Islam is acquired, then the rida of Allah ‘azza wa jall and His Beloved, on him be exaltations and peace, are also acquired. There is no wealth greater than the rida of the Almighty.

We are all pleased with Allah subhanahu as our God, and with Islam as our faith, and with Muhammad, on him be exaltations and peace, as our Prophet and Messenger.

My Lord! Always keep me steadfast on this, by the tawassul of the Master of Messengers, on him and his progeny be the choicest of exaltations and the most perfect of greetings and peace, in the beginning and in the end.

Due to shortage of time, what ever was felt as necessary and essential, has been written down and sent as a summary. After this if supporting ability is granted, more detailed than this shall be written and sent forward.

As Islam is the opposite of kufr, the aakhirah (hereafter) is the opposite of duniya (this world). Duniya and aakhirah can’t be accumulated together at one place. Other than that, disengagement with the world is of two stages. One condition is that all mubaahaat (mubaahaat is plural of mubah, which are actions and/or consumptions made permissible by the Shari’ah) in excess of the basic necessities be shunned. This is the superior condition of disengagement from the world. The second type is that one stay away from the haram and the doubtful. This condition too, in these times, is very minimal and almost extinct.

[Translation of Persian couplet:] Skies are below the ‘Arsh no doubt; however, they are still far esteemed and exalted above the dust of the earth.

Thus the consumption of gold, silver and silky clothings – that the Shari’ah Mustafawiyyah, on him be infinitive exaltation and peace and greetings, has deemed as forbidden – must be shunned. If gold and silver utensils are used only to beautify, there is some leeway, but their usage [for eating] is absolutely forbidden. Using gold and silver utensils for eating, drinking, storing perfume, or kohl. this is all forbidden. In short, Allah the Almighty has greatly expanded the circle of mubah items. Using mubah matters as a blessing and seeking benefit from them is more fulfilling in terms of acquiring luxury and good taste. Mubaahaat earn the good rida of Haqq subhaanah; and haram things do not earn it. The sound mind emphatically can not accept that a person earn the ghadab of his Creator only for a few days of fulfillment; especially when instead of such haram fulfillment, a multitude of permissible fulfillment have been prescribed.

May the Almighty Allah grant us and you steadfastness in following the Master of the Shari’ah, on him and his progeny be exaltation and greetings.

In matters of halal and haram, one should always consult pious scholars, and only they should be sought from; and only their fatawa should be acted upon as this is the only way to salvation.

What ever exists other than the Shari’ah is void and mistrustful.

فَمَاذَا بَعْدَ الْحَقِّ إِلاَّ الضَّلاَلُ

Translation of meaning: Apart from the truth, what except error? [Holy Quran 10:32]

And peace, in the beginning and end.

END LETTER 163 ———————————————————————

Translator’s Notes & Analysis:

We are all aware of the “harmony”, “common ground”, “interfaith” and other such “da’wah” initiatives by the perennialist scholars of duniya:

These days a new wave of “Sunniism/Sufiism” is cropping up on the internet and in many cases, outside of it. They are the people who believe that in order not to be considered wahabi or “extremist” to their foolish, disillusioned selves, or their kafir masters, they need to be soft on kafirs, to the extent that they uplift them (kafirs) and their values (kufr) making Islam the kuffaar’s subservient underdog.

They justify the evil musings of their egos under the garb of aadaab and akhlaaq and/or da’wah. Some of these people are innocent Muslims who are ignorant, confused, and duped by duniya-seeking impostors claiming to be shuyukh and imams spreading filth in the name of “knowledge” of the Ahlus Sunnah, the people of Ash’ari and Maturidi ‘aqaid and the ahl at-tasawwuf.

Some are those who do it to seek duniya forgetting that their fate is destined by Allah. Some are those who have lost any sense of shame and decency and feel pride in being subservient to kafirs. Some are active agents of the kuffaar working hard to fade the distinction between Islam and kufr.

Imam Rabbani, a celebrated scholar of the Ahlus Sunnah, himself a master Hanafi scholar and a contemporary of the other great Hanafi jurist Ali Al-Qari, a non-controversial personality, whom ALL Ash’ari or Maturidi scholars and ALL Sufi tariqas wholeheartedly acknowledge and embrace, is the reviver of the second millennia of Islamic history.

Such sulh-i-kull (compromising of all religions) was rampant in his times too in the name of tasawwuf (in our times it’s in the name of tasawwuf AND da’wah). He has hit the nail on the head with this letter. This letter is a tight slap in the face of all those duniya-seeking scholars of plastic aadaab and akhlaaq who all too eagerly bring forth selective sections of the seerah and ahadith to justify their subservience to kafirs.

They very conveniently and very meticulously leave aside the sections of the seerah of the Prophet and the sahaba that show their harshness to the kuffaar. The ignorant masses, who are not well versed in religious knowledge take the words of these impostors as the truth.

Note that this letter talks about a BASIC matter of religion. It is NOT a fatwa for a specific time and place that these shayaateen can play around in the name of looking for fiqh context.

Matters of core principles of religion do not change over time/place. They come from concrete proofs in the Quran and hadith. These people, in the name of swaying away from wahabiism and its associated self-taught scholarship, have either deliberately gotten people engrossed and entangled in judicature so much so that they can’t see the BASICS of Islam straight from the Quran because they simply rely on these “scholars” as their one stop shop for religion and are willfully blind to even obvious matters that the Quran explicitly spelled out OR they are themselves superior grade korrupted juhhaal who only relay “knowledge” to the masses from their nafs.

A scholar (real or fake) can be as great as a mountain. He is however, not greater than the Holy Quran itself. No scholar’s narrative of the seerah of the blessed Prophet, peace be upon him, can be better or more accurate than the Quran itself.

Imam Rabbani very succinctly mentions that the Messenger of Allah has khuluqil ‘azdheem (the most exalted of characters in creation) as the Quran itself testifies,

and then also elucidates that the same Quran from his Creator, whose beloved creation he is, COMMANDS him to wage jihad and be harsh against the kuffaar.

This automatically implies that harshness to kuffaar is by default incorporated/commanded into the khuluqil ‘azdheem that has been bestowed on Allah’s Beloved Messenger Muhammad, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.

This one citation by Imam Rabbani is a solid blow to all those who speak a lot and say nothing about “aadaab” and “akhlaaq”. Now these people can’t claim to have any more “aadaab” or “akhlaaq” than the Prophet or those espoused in the Quran itself.

He also doesn’t play with words like the impostors of today by saying that he sees kufr as different from the person of the kafir. This is because the matter is simple. Kufr on its own means nothing (i.e., wouldn’t exist) without the actual person of the kafir. A person is called a Muslim because of his Islam. He is called a kafir because of his kufr. One cannot separate the ideology from the person only for the sake of pleasing egos out of political correctness.

As far as da’wah and inter-faith dialog is concerned, it is about TEACHING the kafirs what is Islam.

It is NOT about “multi-faith” initiatives that give the message that all religions are equal and valid.

Equating Islam and kufr is absolute apostasy from Islam.

Another misnomer that has caught on with some Muslims is the very “moral” RELIGION vs atheism debate. What Muslims need to realize is that in Islam, there is no categorization separating “religion” from “atheism”. The only categorization that exists in white and black is ISLAM vs KUFR. All forms of kufr are the same to Muslims as they are ALL disbelief in Allah and His Messenger, be it atheism or hinduism or christianity or anything else.

There isn’t a better example than that of our Master Muhammad, on him be peace and blessings of Allah. Two uncles, both kafirs – one abu jahl, one abu talib. The Blessed Prophet always uplifted Islam and the status of Muslims and always destroyed kufr and its conventions. However, his treatment of them (abu talib and abu jahl) was relative to their individual personal levels of kufr and opposition to embracing Islam. One can read the seerah for the details of it. There is no one formula for dealing with people.


Our Creator and His Messenger and our Holy Book themselves debase the kuffaar and kufr.

These kafirs masquerading as Muslims also seek to play with the meaning of the word “jihad”. Jihad, defensive or offensive, is not terrorism and is based on the Islamic rules of combat. It is initiated by a Muslim ruler, for the right Islamic reasons. The wars of the kafirs in the cause of their filthy disbelief has killed far more innocents than any Muslim jihad ever has, EVEN including the zero wisdom acts of terror of those khawarij and rawafid who claim to be Muslims, and they know full well that their actions have always benefitted the kuffaar more than Muslims.

Let those who honor kafirs and kufr think about what Imam Rabbani said about opposites and think about the implications of it on Islam and Muslims.

May Allah disgrace, curse severely, and destroy those shayaateen who call themselves Muslim and yet seek to equate Islam and kufr or promote kufr. Aameen.

Allah alone grants success.

Was’salaamu ‘ala manit taba’al hudaa.


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4 responses to “Letter 163 – Volume 1, Book 3

  1. Najummuddeen

    February 21, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    Assalamu A^laikum
    I dont know what to say but Alhamdulillah ,May Allah bestows his Mercy upon u
    for the articles that u have posted on u r blog.
    U r article gives me by the will of Allah so much pleasure and i askl Allah blessing for u to continue posting .
    Brother Najummuddeen

  2. janna

    November 25, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    [snip] If we are not with you, you kill us. [snip] The message you give to the world is not the peaceful one. Stop and think who you actually serve. If your religion is hateful towards the rest of creation who are not muslims, that is a FALSE religion. [snip]

    • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

      November 25, 2014 at 7:09 pm

      If we are not with you, you kill us.

      Not true. If you’re not with us (and you can be with us only by becoming Muslim), then we’re certainly against you, but we’re still supposed to uphold justice to you. We have exacting rules, conditions, and ethics for engaging in wars against you infidels in order to spread the governance of Islam and establish God’s (Allah’s) religion on this earth. You on the other hand spread your ideology by wanton genocide and murder. If you have some decency, integrity, and shame, you can compare your wars against ours and see the disparities. Even the rotten, misguided terrorists of the Muslim world, haven’t wrecked as much havoc on this planet as your infidel kinsmen.

      Yes indeed, we are commanded NOT to treat you honorably and lovingly at par to our fellow Muslims, but that doesn’t undo our justice and fair dealings with you.

      You have YOUR democratic and christian ideals confused with ours. It is YOU who ‘kill anyone who is not with you’. Check the body counts, be it the crusades, or the world wars, or the recent wars of occupation and aggression!

      The message you give to the world is not the peaceful one. Stop and think who you actually serve.

      Quite interesting, coming from someone who follows a crusading ideology, whose own holy book also contains commands for war, and whose own political systems are those of aggression, occupation, and evil!

      We serve Allah & His commanded religion. Islam is good. kufr is evil. Good never makes peace with evil!

      If your religion is hateful towards the rest of creation who are not muslims, that is a FALSE religion.

      Quite an idiotic comment. As creation of The One & Only True God of all that exists, Allah – our first loyalty is to Him, more than our parents, kith and kin, countrymen, anyone at all. Those who believe in Him as He commanded are loyal to Him, and only Muslims believe in Him as He commanded. If someone is not loyal to the God Who Created him/her, he/she by no means is deserving of our honor, love or empathy; although we are allowed to be kind to those who come under our rule and pay the jizyah. Again, that very same Merciful God, Allah, despite your evil and repugnant beliefs regarding Him, commanded us to uphold justice towards your wretched lot and not treat you unfairly. This is pure mercy to wretches who don’t even believe in Him.

      Regarding your concepts of God and true religion, it is your religion that is false and ugly, and demonstrably irrational, stupid and pathetic.

      YOUR false religion states that “God” has a mother, without realizing that God is uncreated and not brought into existence, and without pondering over who is the Creator of Mary, the mother of Jesus (peace be upon them)!

      It is YOUR religion that says “God” is composed of three entities occupying time and space, without seeing that God is the Creator of time and space and doesn’t dwell in His creation.

      It is YOUR religion that asserts that “God” is a created human being! In other words, YOU say that “God” is created by another entity!

      It is YOUR religion that says that “God” is dependent on seeing the blood of a human prophet put on the cross in order to grant mankind salvation!

      It is YOUR ugly religion that says that “God” is like creation and needs a woman and offspring!

      Give up the worship of creation and start worshiping the God of all creation, Who is uncreated without a beginning and end, Who is dissimilar to His creation in His Self, His Attributes, and His Actions – accept Jesus as His created slave and a prophet, and Muhammad as His last Prophet (peace be upon them) – and you shall be my brother/sister.


      If you are so confident that you are on the right faith and I am on the wrong one, I challenge you to invoke the damnation and wrath of The Creator, The God of the universe upon the liar between the two of us. Let me see you be so bold and do this prayer to the True Creator & God of the universe. From my end, I am ready.


      O Allah, O Creator of all that exists other than You, only Your existence is eternal, beginning-less without a beginning and unceasing without an end or change. O Creator of Adam, and Noah, and Ibraahiim, and Moses, and Jesus, and Muhammad and all other prophets (peace be upon them all), and non-prophets, and everything else. O God of the universe, not the minutest quark in the universe moves without your Creating, without your Will & Command, without Your Power, without Your Knowledge – I seek refuge in you from the evils of lucifer and his followers following religions other than Islam. I testify that You Alone are the God of all creation and You Alone we worship, that You do not resemble Your creation, be it in Your Self, or Your Attributes, or Your Actions.

      I testify that Jesus is your created slave and a messenger, similar to Adam as You stated in the Quran. Just as You created Adam without a human father and mother, You created Jesus without a father, only having a human mother. I testify that Abraham (Ibraahiim) is Your Khaliil and that He wasn’t a christian or a jew but rather an upright Haneef Muslim, submitting wholeheartedly to Your Will & Command. I testify that my exalted Master Muhammad ﷺ is Your last & final prophet, and Your most esteemed, exalted, and beloved Prophet. I testify that the Quran is Your Speech. I testify that heaven and hellfire are true & real, and created by You. I testify that anyone to whom Your Message of accepting Your Prophets & worshiping ONLY YOU has reached and yet he does not become Muslim, he is doomed to unceasing stay in the hellfire, never to leave it, and never for his torment to be reduced. I testify that all those who accept Your Messengers and their message to worship ONLY You, they will enter heaven and enjoy its bliss and blessings, by Your Eternal Mercy, never to leave it ever. I testify that no prophet shall ever come again and that my Master Muhammad ﷺ is the seal of all of Your prophets.

      While I am a woeful sinner, always lapsing in my obedience to You so much that I do not know the count of my own sins and only You possess complete knowledge of the shortcomings of my own self, completely and utterly incapacitated to worship and obey You as You deserve to be worshiped and obeyed, falling woefully short in carrying out the commands of Your Messenger Muhammad ﷺ, completely and utterly incapacitated to laud Your Majestic & Supreme Praise in the manner that is befitting of Your Majestic Glory & Supremity – O Allah, I do believe with complete and utter surrender, the message brought by Your Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, accepting of whom is the acceptance of All Your past prophets as well, and bow my head in submission to Your Will & Command and accept Islam as my religion. O Allah! I am pleased with You as my Lord, and with Islam as my religion, and with my Master Muhammad ﷺ as Your Prophet & Messenger to the universe, and with the Quran as my guide and imam – and You know full well of all my personal sins and shortcomings, and I have no solace other than in Your Mercy & the intercession of Your Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

      O Allah! Indeed, if Your Will & Command has decreed me to be perished, then indeed I am perished and no power can save me. If Your Will & Command has decreed me to be saved, then none can perish me, try as they may. I seek refuge in You from the evils of my own self & the evils of the infidels and their guide lucifer (ibliis).

      O Allah, this person ‘janna’ who commented on this blog called Your commanded religion as false. I beseech Your Curse, Your Wrath, and Your Damnation – in this life and the hereafter – upon the liar amongst us who has lied about You, Your Attributes, Your Actions, Your Prophets & Messengers (peace be upon them), and Your commanded religion for mankind and jinnkind. Indeed, nothing can avert Your Will & Command. May the liar amongst us be perished and humiliated! Aameen.


      I await your acceptance of the challenge ‘janna’.

  3. 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

    November 25, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    We don’t rejoice at anything other than the spread of Allah’s commanded religion, Islam, on the planet. That is also a mercy for others as we work, with Allah’s leave, to save their hereafter and take the mercy of Islam to them.


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