Rasulullah’s ﷺ Message

10 Apr

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

It is no surprise, but rather expected of the kuffar to take up their burden. It is however, a magnanimous tragedy when people who profess “Muslim scholarship” and don cloaks of “tasawwuf” flamboyantly take up the white man’s burden FOR HIM, while he grinningly watches.

So without further ado, here is a Sunni’s humble call to Muslims – to propagate Rasulullah’s ﷺ Message. It is a plea to those claiming to profess “Islamic scholarship and tasawwuf” to “take up the Muslim’s burden” and exalt the honor of Islam WITH PRIDE, rather than seeking to please kafirs in the name of “harmony” and “da’wah” with the sweet tongue of diplomacy, at the expense of Islam itself, let alone its dignity and pride. There is no da’wah by compromising on principles of Islam itself. I shall add the explanations to the poem very soon insha Allah.


Rasulullah’s Message

PROUDLY propagate Rasulullah’s message!
Exalt the adulation of our Muslim Faith.
Allah has gifted the children of Adam humanness;
Call them to accept the message – uplift their state.
disbelievers in The Only True God – they’re ALL kafir;
ahl al-kitab too, like lucifer rejecting Him ‘n His Tawhid;
Indeed – belief in Him is contingent, says the Quran,
To the acceptance of His Messenger – THE Habib.

PROUDLY propagate Rasulullah’s message!
Coolly and calmly, The Khalil accepted to be fired –
Cowardly compromise is NOT propagating deen,
THE Habib too perseveringly bled as Taif transpired!
Show kafirs the mirror; ask them the body counts –
Of those they butchered of ours, and in their own midst.
As aberrant from the Shari’ah as some of ours are,
Hypocrites are kuffar, with no right to call us terrorist!

PROUDLY propagate Rasulullah’s message!
Is there such a gloomy nightfall that is bright light?
Zindiq, munafiq, murtad is the perennialist, false “sufi”,
Who hints – “with Islam, other religions too are right.”
“his holiness” is not mushrik benedict, teresa not “mother”!
Our Mothers are the wives of THE Khayrul bariyyah;
kufr to bestow kuffar such titles; who’re ALL, Quran says,
Lower than bovine ‘n swine, najas, sharrul bariyyah!

PROUDLY propagate Rasulullah’s message!
Neither of these are the ways of the Ahl as-Sunnah –
One seeks invalidated, unjust, indiscriminate attacks
D’other extols those deserving to be ahl adh-dhimmah!
Educate your leaders the toughness of The Farooq,
Compassion of Dhil Nurayn; but invite not civil hostility;
Read to them the Kafirun; Of Siddiq and Hyder
Show them siyar; did they craft with kuffar, such affinity?

PROUDLY propagate Rasulullah’s message!
Praise of a believing fasiq causes the ‘Arsh to tremble;
Third of your faith is lost just by lauding the wealthy;
Pleasing kafirs?! Come qiyamah, where shall you assemble?
Most well-behaved of the kuffar was he to THE Master,
Dying kafir, abu talib too wasn’t saved from everlasting fire!
Baqarah, Taubah, Bukhariy, Muslim: no shafa’ah for kuffar;
Also kafir – he who prays for any dead from their shire!

PROUDLY propagate Rasulullah’s message!
Seek a common word, call to worship – THE ONLY God of Ibrahim,
Revere not their belief in al-jibti wat taghoot; Was kufr justified?
Were churches & synagogues visited, by THE Nabiy Raufur Rahim?
kafir is the seeker of common ground between Islam and kufr!
kufr severs prophetic lineage, dajjal too shall display istidraj,
THE Master himself said his progeny is not above the Shari’ah;
Disgraced is the one who wasted his gifts, rabidly serving the raj.

PROUDLY propagate Rasulullah’s message!
Just as you seek to educate the kuffar and the mushrikin,
Destroy bid’ah – the opposite of the Sunnah, parts of it kufr;
Do refute the enemies of the sahaba; also the mujassimin.
To Allah belongeth all honor, to His Habib and the Believers;
Dejected are the kuffar, squandering all human affirmations!
Teach them to salvage these; rising high earning Allah’s Mercy;
Divine Rida and Paradise are the greatest of all compensations!


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One response to “Rasulullah’s ﷺ Message

  1. Najummuddeen

    April 10, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Escellent May Allah reward you Ameen


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