Letter 50 – Volume 1, Book 2

21 May

On despising this vile duniya. 

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

TRANSLATION OF LETTER 50 STARTS —————————————————————

Written towards the refuge of nobility, Shaykh Fareed.

On despising this vile world.

May Haqq Subhanahu wa Ta’ala grant liberation from [the love of] that which is not Him and grant complete enslavement to His Self. By the hurmat (tawassul) of that Sayyidil Bashr (Leader of Mankind) who was liberated from the desire of casting a glance towards that which is not Haqq [Subhanahu wa Ta’ala].

The duniya on the outwardly is quite sweet and appears lush and fresh. But in reality it is a fatal poison and a useless pursuit and being entrapped in it is a useless act. The one who is acceptable in the eyes of the duniya is in reality disgraced and the one who seeks this acceptance rabidly is a madman. It is like najasah (filth) plated with gold or sugar coated poison.

The wise person is the one who doesn’t chase this ugly lot (duniya) and doesn’t get entrapped in it. Scholars state that if a person dies leaving a will that his wealth be distributed to “sahib al-‘aql” (a man of understanding), then it must be given to the abstinent person of the time, who is completely disconnected with the duniya. This disconnect of his would be due to his superior acumen, and any further than this would be prolixity.

The other botheration is that his eminence, Shaykh Zakariyya, in this age and in this year is imprisoned in the revenue collection service. Despite being trapped in this service, he considers worldly accounts as much easier than the accounts of the hereafter, and is always anxious about the accounts of the hereafter. In this world of causes, he considers your eminent attention (tawajjuh) as a magnanimous means (i.e., blessing) and is hopeful that in the new [employment] papers too his name shall be included, because the said shaykh is from the servants of your esteemed court.

[Persian couplet translated to]: Grant me a heart and witness my chivalry; barely call me your mere fox and watch me roar.

By the hurmat of the Nabiyyil Ummiy and his esteemed progeny, ‘alaihi wa ‘alaihim minas salawaati afzdalihaa wa minat tasleemaati akmalihaa, may you be blessed with external (zdhaahiri) and internal (baatini) blessings.

END LETTER 50 —————————————————————————————————


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