Letter 94 – Volume 1, Book 2

22 May

On REAL tasawwuf

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum,

In this letter, the noble Imam highlights the fact that the ways of the TRUE Sufis are unattainable without adhering to the ‘aqaid of the Ahlus Sunnah and being busy in virtuous deeds.

Those kafir hypocrites who lie against the Quran and sahih ahadith of our Master Rasulullah, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, by denying the kafir status of people of the book (christians and jews) and by saying that kafirs like christians and jews and budhhists are entitled to the Prophet’s intercession, or that they shall enter heaven – they are NOT even Muslims, what to say about them being “Sunnis” following the pristine Ash’ari and Maturidi ‘aqaid or “Sufis”.

They are the manifest munafiqiin of our times. They are infidel kafirs manifest to all Muslims, even though they like to think that they are good at lying and hiding the fact that they are filthy infidels. They think they are laughing at Islam. In reality, Muslims worldwide are laughing at them, and the ‘adhab prepared by Allah for them is simply humiliating. 

As the scholars have said, “jahil sufis”, i.e., those ignorant fools who like to call themselves sufis, they are shaytan’s stooges.


TRANSLATION OF LETTER 94 STARTS —————————————————————

Written towards Khidr Jaan Lodhi.

On the insistence that for a human rectification of ‘aqaid (beliefs) and enactment of virtuous deeds is of utmost importance, so that with the aid of these two wings, one may fly high to the world of haqiiqah[1].

May Haqq Subhanahu wa Ta’ala grant steadfastness on the path of the Shari’atil Mustafawiyyah, ‘ala saahibhas ssalatu was salam wat tahiyyah.

One thing that is ABSOLUTELY needed and without which there is no respite is that firstly one must rectify one’s beliefs in accordance to the right beliefs of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah which is the firqatun naajiyah (the saved sect), then secondly one must base his actions on the rulings of fiqh after learning what is fard, sunnah, wajib, mustahib, halal, haram, makruh, mushtabih.

Once both these wings of i’itiqad (belief) and ‘amal (deed) are attained, then if capability is granted by the Creator, Jalla Sulatanahu, it may be possible that one fly high towards the world of haqiiqah. Flight to the world of haqiiqah without acquiring these two wings is absolutely impossible and unattainable.

ٰمحال ست سعدی کہ راہ صفا                تواں رفت جز درپےء مصطفے

[Persian couplet of the esteemed Sufi Shaykh Sa’adi rahimahullah, translated to]: Impossible is the path to purity and guidance, O Sa’adi, without being blessed to follow the footsteps of Mustafa, sal Allahu Ta’ala ‘alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam.

May Allah grant us and you the following of The Master, sal Allahu Ta’ala ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihi wa sallam.

END LETTER 94 ————————————————————————————————–

[1] – Haqiiqah literally means reality. In this context of tasawwuf, it refers to realities of the universe and knowledge of its Creator made manifest to the one who is an accomplished Sufi.


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