Letters 143 and 179 – Volume 1, Book 3

24 May

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

These short letters are on praising youth who seek knowledge and cultivate a love of pious & learned Muslims in their hearts, salvaging one’s youth, not wasting it away to idle pursuits, and being a man. 

TRANSLATION OF LETTER 143 STARTS ————————————————————-

Penned towards Mullah Shams:

Elucidating that the spring of youth should be considered a bounty and not be given away to playfulness and making merry.

May the adulator of the ascetics, Mawlana Shams be granted the capability toward virtuous deeds, as one should salvage his youth considering it a bounty, and not spend it in playfulness & merry making, and give it away to useless pursuits – because in such a case, one shall eventually attain nothing other than regret and remorse. To convey [this] is a condition (i.e., necessity). Please perform the 5 daily prayers with the jama’ah (congregation); and distinguish between halal and haram. The way to redemption in the hereafter is the following of the Sahib ash-Shari’ah (The Master of the Shari’ah, i.e., the one Allah authorized to disburse the Shari’ah to mankind), ‘alaihi wa ‘alaa aalihis salawaatu wat tasleemaat. Please do not let your eyes be studded by the glitter of terminal delights and other goodies that shall perish. 

و الله سبحانه الموفق للخيرات

ِAnd Allah Subhanahu is The One Who directs towards goodness.

END LETTER 143 ————————————————————————————————-

TRANSLATION OF LETTER 179 STARTS ————————————————————-

Penned in nasiihah (advice) towards Mir ‘AbdAllah bin Mir Muhammad Nu’aman:

My dear son! May you always stay guided in accordance to your name (‘AbdAllah meaning slave of Allah). Considering the spring of youth as a bounty, please stay busy seeking knowledge of the sciences of the Shari’ah and acting in accordance to them. And please be heedful that this precious age not be spent in non-beneficial and senseless deeds; and not be wasted in playfulness and merrymaking. The other thing is that your esteemed father shall reach you within a few days, in sha Allah Ta’ala, and you will have to inform his associates regarding his arrival.

پدر خویش باش اگر مردی

[Persian idiom]: If you’re a man, be your own father (i.e., take charge of your affairs).


END LETTER 179 ————————————————————————————————-


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