Letter 193 – Volume 1, Book 3

26 May

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

This letter will hit hard with the subservient to the kuffaar munaafiqeen who pretend to be scholars of Islam – in sha Allah. 

Without further ado …

TRANSLATION OF LETTER 193 STARTS ————————————————————-

On rectifying one’s beliefs in accordance to the beliefs of the [saved] sect of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah; and on learning the commands of fiqh like halal, haram, fardz, wajib, sunnah, mandub, and makruh (for which the science of fiqh is responsible); and on the impoverishment of Islam and goading towards its uplifting and overhauling – written towards the refuge of nobility, Shaykh Fareed.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الله تعالى ناصركم و يعينكم على كل ما يعيبكم و يشينكم

May Allah Ta’ala help you and grant you assistance against all that which you deem devious and repulsive.

From the ranks of responsibilities, it is firstly of utmost importance that one correct his beliefs in accordance to the beliefs of the ‘ulamaa of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah, shakar Allah sa’ayahum (may Allah compensate their efforts), because redemption of the hereafter is dependent on the unmistakable beliefs of these esteemed greats, and the firqatun naajiyah (the saved sect) is also these very people and those who follow them. And these are the very people who are on the ways of the Master, ‘alaihis salawaatu was salam, and his blessed companions, ridwan Allahi ‘alaihim ajma’een. And from the knowledge that is extracted from The Book (Quran) and the Sunnah, ONLY THAT is trustable – which has been extracted by these eminent scholars and as understood by them (i.e., ONLY the interpretations of the scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah are reliable) – because even the mubtadi’een and the misguided are under the fallacious impression that they are extracting and understanding their loathsome ‘aqaid from The Book and the Sunnah. Indeed, no interpretations extracted by them should be trusted[1].  And for the rectification to these truthful ‘aqaid [of the Ahlus Sunnah], the glorious imam Turpushti’s treatise is extremely handy and easy to comprehend. In your noble gatherings, please keep discussing it. But since the stated treatise centers around evidencing, and contains a lot of lengthy arguments and elucidations, another treatise that only contains the end rulings (masaail) would be better and more appropriate. On the same ground, it occurred to this ascetic’s heart that he write a treatise that is based on the ‘aqaid of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah, and is easily understandable. If possible, it shall be penned down soon and sent in your good service.

After the rectification of these ‘aqaid [in accordance to those of the Ahlus Sunnah], learning what is halal and haram, fardz and wajib, sunnah and manduub and makruuh (for which the science of fiqh is responsible), and acting in accordance to them is also a must. Instruct a few students to keep reading fiqh books that are in Persian, like Majmoo’a-Khwani and ‘Umdatul Islam, in gatherings. And if, na’uudhubillah (we seek Allah’s refuge) if some corruption falls into the necessary matters of i’itiqad (beliefs), then one is left bereft of redemption in the hereafter. And if any heedlessness takes place in deeds, then it is possible for one to be forgiven just on the basis of tawbah, and even if one is recompensed for it, then still, one will eventually attain redemption. Hence, the superior deed is rectification of ‘aqaid.

It is narrated from his eminence, Khawaja Ahraar, may his secret be sanctified, that if we are given all the [spiritual] states and [material/spiritual] presences are offered to us, but our haqiiqah (reality) is not in conformance to the ‘aqaid of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah, then we do not know of anything other than perdition. Contrarily, if all dilapidations are gathered onto us, but our reality is in conformance to the ‘aqaid of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah, then there is no fear.

ثبتنا الله سبحانه و اياكم على طريقتهم المرضية بحرمة سيد البشر عليه و على اله من الصلوات افضلها و من التسليمات اكملها

May Allah Subhanahu keep you and us steadfast on the path acceptable [to Him], by the tawassul of the Commander of Mankind, on him and his progeny be the choicest of exaltations and the most perfect of greetings.

A dervish (ascetic) had come to Lahore. He had described that Shaykh Jio had appeared for Jumu’ah prayers in the grand mosque of the old marketplace. And sir Rafee’uddeen, after mentioning of his being blessed by the meeting, said that the nobleman Shaykh Jio had made a grand mosque out of his mansion. Alhamdulillahi ‘alaa dhaalik (all praise is due to Allah for this). May Haqq Ta’ala grant him further capabilities. It pleasures the heart immensely hearing these kinds of things related to the sincere ones and the friends.

My esteemed noble benefactor! Today, Islam is becoming quite impoverished. Today, spending a mere penny for its betterment is akin to spending billions. Let us see which chivalrous one is blessed with this exalted bounty. The progress of deen [Islam] and strengthening of it is always good and gracious, regardless of who it is effected by. But in these times when Islam is getting impoverished, such help from such audacious young men of the noble Ahlul Bayt (Prophet’s progeny) is further extremely gracious and magnificent, because such bounty is the home grown cultivation of esteemed seniors like you. Its connection with you is personal, while it is merely casual for others. In reality, the Prophet’s, ‘alaihi wa ‘alaa aalihis salaatu was salam, inheritance lies in materializing this greatly exalted  command. The Blessed Prophet ﷺ, addressing the noble companions, said [words to the effect] that you have been presented in such a time that if you disregard just a tenth of the commandments and prohibitions, you shall perish, and after you such people shall arrive that if they merely act on a tenth of the commandments and prohibitions, they shall be saved. Now this is just that time, and these people are just those people[2].

[Persian couplet translated to]: The ball of success and bliss lies unattended in the ground; what [calamity] has befallen the riders that no one proceeds to pick it up. 

It has been excellent that the accursed (la’een) kafir ‘gobind’ and his sons were killed, and it has been a means of a loss to the trashed hindus. Regardless of the intention he was killed for, and regardless of the motives that he was killed for, in any case, in it is the disgrace of the kuffaar and the progress of the ahl al-Islam (Muslims). 

This ascetic saw in a dream, before this kafir was killed, that the king of the time has crushed the skull of the head of shirk. Truly, he was an extreme idol worshiper, the chief of the ahl ash-shirk (mushriks), and the imam of the ahl al-kufr (kafirs)[3].

خذلهم الله تعالى

May Allah humiliate them (the kuffaar and the mushrikeen).

And the Master of Deen and Duniya, ‘alaihis salaatu was salam, in some of his prayers has pronounced la’anat (cursed them) and disgraced them as such:

اللهم شتت شملهم و فرق جمعهم و خرب بنيانهم و خذهم اخذ غزيز مقتدر

Transliteration: Allahumma shattit shamlahum, wa farriq jam’ahum, wa kharrib bunyaanahum, wa khudh-hum akhdha ‘azeezim muqtadir

Translation of meaning: O Allah! Shred their coalition, and break up their group, and make their homes barren, and imprison them like a mighty victor imprisons[4].

The honor of Islam and ahl al-Islam lies in kufr and ahl al-kufr being downtrodden. The aim of jizya is the humiliation and disgrace of the kuffaar. As much as ahl al-kufr are respected, just that much Islam is dishonored. The axiom must be remembered well. Most people have ignored this axiom and ill-fatedly destroyed deen[5]

Allah Ta’ala says:

يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ جَاهِدِ الْكُفَّارَ وَالْمُنَافِقِينَ وَاغْلُظْ عَلَيْهِمْ

Translation of meaning: O [beloved] Prophet! Launch jihad against the kuffaar and the hypocrites and be harsh against them. [Holy Quran 9:73 and 66:9]

Launching jihad against the kuffaar and administering harshness on them is from the necessities of deen. The remaining conventions of kufr that had not manifested in the previous era – due to this era’s king of Islam’s (in india) disconnect with the [evils of the] ahl al-kufr – have hit hard on the hearts of Muslims. It is compulsory for Muslims to inform the king of Islam of the evils of those conventions of these infidels; and strive to abdicate them (the conventions of kufr). May be the king is not aware of the evils of these remaining conventions. And if you consider it feasible based on the times, then inform some ‘ulamaa of ahl al-Islam so that they come and show the evils of the ahl al-kufr[6]. Because for the propagation of the commands of the Shari’ah, no paranormal events of manifestations of karaamaat, are required. On the day of judgment, no excuses shall be heard that one did not propagate the commands of the Shari’ah due to a lack of tasarruf (tasarruf refers to mystical deportments of the Sufis)[7].

When the Prophets, ‘alaihimus salawaatu was salam, who are the most exalted of all creations, used to propagate the commands of the Shari’ah, and their people used to desire mu’ajizaat (prophetic miracles), they used to say [words to the effect of], “Mu’ajizaat are from Allah. Our responsibility is to convey the commands.” And it may be possible that at that time [of propagating the requirements of the Shari’ah], Haqq Ta’ala may make manifest a [supernatural] feat [at their hands] that can lead to the belief that these people are truthful [and bestowed with paranormal blessings too]. In any case, informing of the realities of the commands of the Shari’ah is necessary. Until this comes into effect, the responsibility for this action lies with the ‘ulamaa and the close associates of the king’s court. How great a bliss is this that, a group [of people] are discomforted in the course of this communication.

What discomforts did the Prophets, ‘alaihimus salawaatu was salam, not suffer during the course of the propagation of the commands? And what kind of afflictions did they not face?

The noblest from amongst the Prophets, ‘alaihimus salawaatu was salam, our Master, ‘alaihis salaatu was salam, has said that

 ما اوذي نبي مثل ما اوذيت

Translation of meaning: No prophet has been pained as I have been pained.

[Persian couplet translated to]: Lifetime has passed, the story of our love haven’t being ended; night has passed, hence I shorten the narrative.

END LETTER 193 ————————————————————————————————-

[1] – This proves expressly from the noble imam’s words that ONLY those interpretations of Quran and Hadith are reliable, which have been stated by the ‘ulamaa of the Ahlus Sunnah and the noble greats of Islam. This is such an axiom that by adopting it, one stays safe from the ways of the misguided sects.

[2] – This is a hadith in Tirmidhi reported by Seyyidina Abu Hurayrah.

[3] – The deeper a kafir goes into kufr, the greater an enemy of Islam he is and the more debased he is in front of Allah. The heads and leaders of the kuffaar might be in the upper echelons for their own communities, but as far as Islam and Muslims are concerned, they are the absolute lowest scum that walk this earth. This applies to both their religious leaders as well as their political leaders who plot and plan against Islam and Muslims, may Allah disgrace His enemies.

The noble imam’s words of dishonor at the leader of the filthy hindus strengthens this point. It is kufr for Muslims to honor the kuffaar, and such kufr is only compounded by according their heads honorary titles like “his holiness” or “his beatitude” or “his eminence” and so on. This is manifestly stated in books of fiqh of all the madhhabs.

Muslims should NEVER use such titles for the heads of the kuffaar. They should know that the deeper a person goes into kufr, the greater an enemy of Allah he becomes, as Allah calls ALL kafirs as His enemies in the Quran. The high priests of the hindus, the popes and priests of the christians, the rabbis of the jews, the monks of the budhhists, and so on, these people are lower and filthier sharrul bariyyah’s than regular kafirs.

Needless to say that their filthy political leaders who seek to destroy Muslim lives and properties are in the same category and their actions are manifest for all to see.

They deserve THE MAXIMUM of Muslims’ dishing out of disgrace, dishonor and antipathy.

The imam expressed delight at the death of that hindu scum ‘gobind pal’. Please note the du’a below that should be said by a Muslim at the death of a kafir enemy of Islam, as conveyed by scholars:

الحمد لله الذي نصر عبده و أعز دينه

Alhamdulillahil ladhi nasara ‘abdahu wa a’azza deenah.

Translation of meaning: All praise is due to Allah, The One who helped His slave[s] and empowered His religion. 

It should also be noted that it’s not just their religious figures and political leaders that are the more severe enemies of Islam, but even the clowns who run talk-back radio programs, TV shows, and all such people whose enmity to Islam is openly visible.

[4] – This is a du’a stated by the Blessed Prophet ﷺ, himself. Further proof that it is well allowed and desirable to pray for the elimination of kufr and the destruction of the enemies of Islam. This would come as a tight slap in the face of all those hypocrites who claim sufi-hood and yet love to guise their cowardice and servitude to the kuffaar in the name of “aadaab”.

Although I am not a proponent for transliterations since I believe Muslims MUST BE literate in Arabic, I have transliterated it, so that Muslims who cannot read the Arabic may memorize this Prophetic du’a.

[5] – There is absolutely no sugarcoating the fact that the expressly stated aim of jizya in the Quran is the humiliation of kafirs. Those poor people who feel embarrassed at being Muslim or those munaafiqeen who seek to serve the kuffaar, can try and philosophize all they want and they cannot do away with this direct verse of the Quran.

They need not cry looking at the words of the noble imam where he says that as much as kafirs are respected, just that much Islam is dishonored and vice versa. The verse of the jizya proves this point handsomely. Islam and kufr are opposites. Two opposites are never valid at the same time. Kufr and kuffaar ALWAYS need to be dishonored by Islam and Muslims and in THAT ALONE lies the upliftment of Islam and Muslims. This axiom MUST ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED by Muslims.

This is the ayah that commands the jizya, in its entirety:

قَاتِلُواْ الَّذِينَ لاَ يُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللّهِ وَلاَ بِالْيَوْمِ الآخِرِ وَلاَ يُحَرِّمُونَ مَا حَرَّمَ اللّهُ وَرَسُولُهُ وَلاَ يَدِينُونَ دِينَ الْحَقِّ مِنَ الَّذِينَ أُوتُواْ الْكِتَابَ حَتَّى يُعْطُواْ الْجِزْيَةَ عَن يَدٍ وَهُمْ صَاغِرُونَ

 Translation of meaning: War [against] the people who do not believe in Allah nor the last day, nor hold that as forbidden which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, and [those that] take not as their religion the religion of truth (Islam) from those who have been given a book* – until they pay the jizya with their hands, and they’re humiliated**. [Holy Quran 9:29]

* Those who do not believe in Allah refers to the people who do not believe in Him as He has commanded to believe in Him, with his Self & Attributes as well as they do not believe in ALL His prophets. This includes all pagans, atheists, etc., and as the verse says, even includes people of the book, since they do not accept Prophet Muhammad, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, as Allah’s Messenger, plus not to mention they do not even believe in Allah and His Self & Attributes as they should, the jews being anthropomorphists engaged in tajseem and tashbeeh, some of them even mushrikeen who call ‘Uzair, ‘alaihis salam, as Allah’s son (wal ‘iyadhu billah); and the christians being blatant polytheists with their beliefs in the trinity and attributing Allah with a son, subhanahu ‘amma yushrikoon.

** Jizya is the tribute taken from the people of the book and all other kafirs engaged in a protection treaty with the Muslim state. Fiqh rulings – 1. This jizya is taken in cash and there is no credit facility in it. 2. The one who pays jizya HAS TO appear personally before the revenue officers of the Islamic state and pay the jizya. 3. He has to come walking and stand up when he pays it. 4. All kafirs including the people of the book have to pay the jizya except the mushriks of the Arabian peninsula as jizya from them in not accepted. 5. Jizya is lifted from those who embrace Islam. | The hikmah of imposing the jizya is that the kuffaar be given time to explore the beauty of Islam and its infallible proofs attesting its truthfulness and thus they too have an opportunity to uplift their sorry states and rise to the opportunity to become Muslim.

As stated in the previous post, a person who pays the jizya is termed a “dhimmi”. A person who does not pay the jizya simply cannot be ruled a dhimmi in the Shari’ah.

Dhimmi status is as good as a kafir’s status gets in front of a Muslim. A kafir’s status relative to a Muslim simply does not rise higher than “dhimmi” and dhimmi itself is a status of humiliation as proven by the Quran. One can then think about the status of other kafirs and the implications of being friends with them and honoring them.

Any other kafir is lower than a dhimmi in his status relative to a Muslim, according to Shari’ah. There are more fiqh details on this that may be covered later in sha Allah.

One filthy munaafiq who has donned the cloak of Islamic scholarship gleefully stated that the age of dhimmi status has passed. This shaytan does not know that jizya is for all times, until the arrival of Imam Mehdi and Sayyidina ‘Eisa, ‘ala nabiyyina wa ‘alaihimus salam. And once they arrive, they will lift the jizya, yes, but in those times it will not be for laxity or for subservience to the kuffar; on the contrary, in those times the kuffaar’s acts of aggression against Islam and Muslims shall have reached their pinnacle – and when Sayyidina ‘Eisa and Imam Mehdi, ‘alaa nabiyyina wa ‘alaihimus salam, war against them, the rule then shall be ‘convert to Islam or be executed, no jizya even’. If the Muslim rulers of Muslim states in these times do not charge the jizya, then it is the scholars job to teach them the rules of the Shari’ah and incite them to charge the jizya, not pass such abhorrent comments beaming in servitude to their satanic kafir masters.

[6] – This paragraph needs to be taken a good note of by all of us Muslims. Note how the imam says that the job of Muslims is to teach and remind their leaders if they fall into heedlessness. He touches on this topic in another few letters too.

Muslims should note that our deen is nasiihah. It is our job to help our leaders and heads of states. And when they are heedless in implementing the commands of the Shari’ah they need to be shown such commands – this is the greatest help we can offer them.

Anarchy and revolting against them is not the way of Islam. Even if the Muslim rulers of our times do not charge the jizya from kafirs, or they hire kafirs as advisors in governmental positions of Muslim states (this is haram), or form treaties and alliances with kafir countries that hurt Muslims, or have given up on all forms of offensive and defensive jihad, we cannot revolt against them as long as they do not restrict our practice of Islam.

It should also be noted that jihad is only launched by the head of state. Vigilantism by individuals and groups that disturbs Muslim interests and the public order is not allowed. The ways of the stupid kharijis are not endorsed by Islam. The right way to launch jihad against kafirs is to teach and inform Muslim rulers to launch jihad officially and formally.

As the noble imam says, this job of teaching and informing the Islamic heads of states, should be carried on by scholars and their close aides. The common people on their part can remind the scholars to wake up and fulfill their duties to the commands of Allah.

Muslims should also note that it is a requirement of the Shari’ah to honor any contracts they enter into as long as it does not infringe on their religious obligation. Thus those Muslims, who live in kafir majority countries, under a visa or hold their citizenship, they are simply not allowed to raise conflicts with such governments, their authorities and political and social institutions like the police, or hurt public life and property. It is imperative they follow the laws of the land for as long as they are allowed to practice Islam. If basic Islamic practices are disallowed in such lands, they should leave it at once and migrate to a Muslim land, rather than think that they have the authority to raise conflicts against the state. The jihad should come officially from a Muslim state. This is not stated for the purpose of political correctness or as a legal disclaimer, but this is what the rulings of Islamic fiqh dictate. 

Also it is nothing but foolish and a misnomer that jihad is only launched in defense. It should be launched offensively too, to expand the domination, influence, and interests of Islam and Muslims if the Muslim leaders are in a position of military might. It has its rules and procedures outlined in the Shari’ah.

The idiots who say that jihad is only defensive, need to look at the offensive operations launched by the kuffaar to expand their domination, influence and interests and realise that the fact of the matter is that Islam and kufr are locked in a zero sum game. One’s gain is the other’s loss. The only way to gain for one, is to expand its domination, influence and power, or else it suffers a loss.

In any case, it does not seem likely for Muslims to be able to launch offensive jihad against the forces of evil in the near future. Muslim scholars should work on informing Muslim leaders of Muslim states regarding the immediate strategic interests of uplifting Islam and Muslims, like imposing the jizya on their kafir residents, and not keeping any kafir employees in any roles in government bodies, striking them economically not letting them come anywhere near Muslim owned resources like oil & gas, taking a firm stand against their operations in Muslim lands and so on. They should show them the blatant enmity to Islam and Muslim nations that emanates from the filthy kafirs in our times and incite them to have some shame for Islam and Muslims too.

Also it is foolish for those people who live in kafir countries to organize rallies, events, speeches etc. backbiting Muslim leaders while living in kafir lands. The correct way is to inform the Muslim leaders directly and educate them by organizing systematic efforts of scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah, rather than rant and vent out frustration in a kafir land screaming for a khilafah. This is a futile act that serves absolutely zero interests of Islam. What is the aim of calling for a khilafah in a Muslim state, while living in the west?

Is it not foolishness and hypocritic to be living in the west, enjoying its material luxuries of duniya, yet asking for a reform in a land far away? If they are sincere, the least they should do is to migrate to a Muslim land, and work to bring about change from within. One simply can’t have his cake and eat it too, to use an idiom.

[7] – It seems people have this propensity to think that to be called a scholar or a knowledgeable person of deen, one has to display karaamaat (supernatural events that occur at the hands of pious Muslims).

Such concepts are even very much alive in our times where people just look for karaamaat and think that it is a prerequisite for being pious/knowledgeable. People should note that it is NOT a condition of piety or knowledge that one display karaamaat. Muslims should beware of such false concepts that have crept into modern day “sufism”.

The imam says that the tasarruf of the awliyaa (which is their paranormal and mystical deportations, their various spiritual blessings endowed on them by Allah, their spiritual connections with the blessed souls of the Prophet ﷺ, sahaba and other senior awliyaa, etc.) are NOT a prerequisite requirement to be propagating the commands of religion. In other words, any Muslim scholar who is knowledgeable in a matter, it is his duty to propagate what he knows about religion to those who are heedless or not knowledgeable EVEN IF he doesn’t have a stash of goodies lined up his sleeve, or even if he can’t walk on water and so on.

As stated in the previous post on istidraj, supernatural events can even occur at the hands of outright kafirs. They are not the proofs for someone being right. 

Muslim scholars and leaders who seek to embark on this task of advising those in power and leadership regarding the commands of the Shari’ah should take note of this point, and move ahead with tawakkal on Allah. These sentences of the noble imam are aimed at reminding the scholars of their duties and giving them confidence.

Also as stated in the next few lines, he also gives the examples of what the prophets of Allah said when people demanded miracles from them as they were making the commands known. He further elucidates that when one embarks on this task of making the commands of the Shari’ah known to people, it is inevitable that he suffer pain and hurt at the hands of people too. There isn’t a prophet who hasn’t been pained by his people. All the great scholars of Islam have been pained by ruthless rulers who did not immediately digest the good advice given to them.

Allah alone is the one who grants success.



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