Letters 87, 92, 93, 141 & 150 – Volume 1, Books 2 & 3

27 May

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Five short letters on elementary tasawwuf – from the accomplished Sufi, Imam Rabbani’s perspective, may Allah sanctify his secret – which is really advanced tasawwuf enough to last us a lifetime as people like us are addicted to seeking information uselessly at the expense of steadfastness in action.

May Allah cause us to contemplate well and act on the words of our elders and cause us to grow in love for Him & His Messenger ﷺ and those beloved to Him & His Messenger ﷺ. Aameen bi hurmati nabiyyil ameen.

TRANSLATION OF LETTER 87 STARTS —————————————————————

Written towards Pehliwan Mahmood.

Elucidating on how blissful it is that friends of Haqq Ta’ala, Jalla wa ‘Alaa, accept someone.

May Allah Ta’ala protect you and keep you firmly grounded on the path of the Shari’ah, on its Master [Rasulullah] be exaltations, peace, and greetings.

The very first glad tiding for your family is that Miyan Shaykh Muzammil has graced you with his noble presence. What can one expound on the blessings of his suhbah (association with him)!

What magnanimous bliss it is that friends of Haqq Ta’ala, Jalla wa ‘Alaa (i.e., a pious waliy of Allah, a Muslim ‘saint’) accept someone, further majestic that they grace him and bless him with their association and compassion:

هم قوم لا يشقى جليسهم

They are a people, whose associates are protected from wretchedness. 

Shortly, consider his suhbah a bounty and keep in mind the aadaab of suhbah, so that it proves beneficial. What more can be written!

Was-Salamu awwalan wa aakhiraa. 

END LETTER 87 —————————————————————————————————

TRANSLATION OF LETTER 92 STARTS —————————————————————

This letter is also written towards Shaykh Kabeer. 

Elucidating on the matter that tranquility of the heart is achieved by dhikr (remembrance of Allah), not by gazing and proving – and the concerned matters regarding that.

May Allah Ta’ala keep us and you steadfast on the Shari’atil Mustafawiyyah, ‘alaa saahibihas salaatu was salaam wat tahiyyah.

 أَلاَ بِذِكْرِ اللّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ

Translation of meaning: Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts attain tranquility. [Holy Quran 13:28]

The path to tranquility of the heart is the dhikr of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. Gazing and proving are not the paths to it. 

[Persian couplet translated to]: Those who base the foundations of their ways on proofs have legs of wood; It is indeed clear that wooden legs are weak and brittle. 

Because by dhikr, one attains a peculiar munaasibah (connection) with The Creator, even though it is not a connection (i.e, what is value of the dust of the world [i.e., us folk] in front of the Creator of the worlds?!). 

The fact of the matter is that through dhikr, a type of connection is established between the dhaakir (rememberer) and the madhkuur (the one being remembered) which is a means of attaining love; and when love is dominant [on the seeker], then all but tranquility leaves the heart. AND when the matter reaches to the attainment of the tranquility of the heart, then such a person has attained everlasting wealth. 

[Persian couplet translated to]: Engage in His dhikr for as long as your heart beats; purity of the heart is attained only by Allah’s dhikr. 

Was-Salamu awwalan wa aakhiraa.

END LETTER 92 —————————————————————————————————

TRANSLATION OF LETTER 93 STARTS —————————————————————

This letter was penned towards Sikandar Khan Lodhi.

Elucidating on the point that at all times one should be engrossed in the dhikr of The Cherisher, Jalla Shaanahu.

After praying the 5 daily salah’s (namaz) and praying the sunan muakkada in the mustahib (recommended) times, one should be engrossed in the dhikr (remembrance) of The Creator, Jalla Shaanahu. During eating, sleeping, coming & going, and in all of one’s matters, one should not stay void of dhikr. 

The manner of dhikr has been conveyed to you. Keep yourself committed to dhikr in accordance to that. If you feel a contaminant or an emptiness in your dhikr and organization, then firstly, the reason for such contamination must be investigated. Then one should plead and beg in the court of Haqq Subhanahu to negate such shortcomings; and one should struggle and strive to destroy this darkness and gloom – and the shaykh and murshid from whom one received education of the dhikr should be employed as a means to this end. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala alone is The One who grants ease in difficult tasks. Was-Salam.

END LETTER 93 —————————————————————————————————

TRANSLATION OF LETTER 141 STARTS ————————————————————-

Written towards Mullah Muhammad Qaleej.

On the discussion that in this task of sulook (i.e., seeking out the path of tasawwuf) the magnificent thing is love and ikhlaas (sincerity).

May the Glorified Haqq Subhanahu wa Ta’ala by the hurmat of the Noble Sayyidil Mursaleen, ‘alaihi wa ‘alaihim wa ‘alaa aalihis salawaatu wat tasleemaat, grant progresses [on the path] sooner than soon. You never write about the states of the heart in regards to the situation with them. DO write something or the other on this matter, as this is a positive means to receiving tawajjuh (the spiritual and focused attention of one’s shaykh on the murid, the seeker) even in [the murid’s] absentia. In this job [of seeking the path of tasawwuf], the majestic thing is mahabbah (love) and ikhlaas. If progress is not felt at this time, then no need to get disheartened. If steadfastness is achieved on ikhlaas, then the job of years can be accomplished in a few moments. Was-Salam.

END LETTER 141 ————————————————————————————————-

TRANSLATION OF LETTER 150 STARTS ————————————————————-

On elucidation that only & only The Glorified Wajibul Wujood Ta’ala can be deemed Matluub (The One Sought) and Maqsuud (The One Deliberated towards). Written towards Khawajah Qasim.

Receiving my brother Khawajah Muhammad Qasim’s epistle of affinity was a means of delight. Dispersion of worldly matters and anomalies of outwardly states should not cause the heart to sorrow. They are not worth it that a person grieves due to them; because this world is in the realm of fana (terminating, i.e., that which will come to an end). One should spend one’s life in the deeds earning Haqq Ta’ala’s ridza – whether it causes pain or ease. Only Wajibul Wujood Ta’ala’s Self, Jalla Shaanahu, is worthy of matluubiyyah (being sought) – specially for beloved friends like you. Despite this, if you hint towards any sort of service or job to be taken care of, then this person shall try his best to complete it considering it a pleasure. Was-Salam. 

END LETTER 150 ————————————————————————————————-


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