Dhimmy’s blackmail – a kafir’s fallacy

11 Jun

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

A “virtual” dhimmi, in a Muslim-dominated cyber environment muses as such:

Whether you know it or not (or whether you want to believe it or not) attitudes towards non Muslims like you hold so near and dear and take every opportunity to relish sprouting, are one of the biggest turn offs to Islam.

I honestly wonder how many people you’ve single handedly managed to turn away from Islam with your attitude? I also wonder what your own reward might be for that………you who I have seen write with ghoulish pride the fact that some of your fellow inhabitants of the planet may someday writhe in everlasting flames should take a serious long hard look at your own immortality. I sincerely hope that your missplaced piousness is not your own undoing.

I’m so thankful that the Muslims that I have met in real life and the Muslims that I have conversed with online in the last 5 years are able to love and hold dear their religion, whilst at the same time having respect for others. Something that just seems totally unattainable by yourself, at least at present…..but I live in hope.

Let us destroy this kafir’s emotional blackmail and fallacy bit by bit. It shall be of help to Muslims against a lot of people in sha Allah:

1) Other kafirs like this virtual-dhimmi, let’s just call him Dhimmy,

2) Those hypocrites who are a kafir’s best friends, whose hearts beat only for pleasing the kuffaar, who guise their servitude to the kuffaar under the label of “da’wah” and “aadaab”, and cowards who behave like them.

3) Innocent Muslim brothers and sisters who are genuinely misled by such hypocrites claiming to be Muslim scholars, abusing the name of da’wah and/or their good and compassionate hearts might fall for such crafty blackmail from people like Dhimmy that challenges their love for their faith, or who truly are themselves genuinely worried about da’wah.

1 – Answering the virtual-dhimmi and other kafirs like him:

Whether you know it or not (or whether you want to believe it or not) attitudes towards non Muslims like you hold so near and dear and take every opportunity to relish sprouting, are one of the biggest turn offs to Islam.

1 – Where’s my third option Dhimmy – Whether I CARE or not for the opinions of kafirs like you?

2 – How many times have people told you to use Islamic terms in Islamic discussions? The Islamic label for people like yourself is “kafir” and not “nonMuslim”.

3 – Coming to “my attitudes” towards kafirs, oh really?! What about my attitude? No, seriously!

That I believe I have the solemn Allah-given right to choose my friends and that I believe (not consider, BELIEVE) people like you as below my friendship or the friendship of any Muslim?! Allah calls you kafirs as His enemies in the Quran. Befriending you kafirs is befriending an enemy of Allah. Become a Muslim, say the shahadah, and you’re my brother!

Or that I believe that people like you who do not accept Islam are THE GREATEST transgressors on the face of the earth? Again, I believe this. This is stated in the Quran.

Or that I believe that transgressors like you shall burn everlastingly in hell fire? Yes. every moment the skin of your face shall be burnt and peeled away, refreshed and peeled away again and so on everlastingly!

Or the fact that I have the decency to stick to my own kind and not barge in on other people’s turf (online or offline) and arrogantly teach them what their beliefs should be? Hypocritical satans like you can’t claim the same thing.

Oh, and you’re really worried about what is or isn’t a “turn off” to Islam?! Aren’t we blessed that you should be so considerate to worry about the welfare of Islam Dhimmy?!

A kafir tells us what’s supposed to be good for Islam or not! A person Islam calls najas and sharrul bariyyah is worried about what’s good for it! Truly oxy and moronic!

Do you even know what Islam is? Islam is the opposite of all kufr, be it the “religion” of all-religions-are-equal secular capitalism, or christianity, or judaism or hinduism or atheism or anything else. Islam in and of itself is something that is a “turn off” to kufr.

Prosperity of Islam is in itself the destruction of kufr. So tell me Dhimmy, is it conceivable that a kafir like you is actually worried about the welfare and prosperity of Islam? Or are you just waxing “concerned” only so that you have a chance to candy wrap your venom?

I honestly wonder how many people you’ve single handedly managed to turn away from Islam with your attitude?

And you are really worried about people converting to Islam Dhimmy? Why don’t you start with yourself? That would be one less person for you to worry about, wouldn’t it Dhimmy?.

What’s that? My attitude is a “turn off”?!

How obnoxious of me Dhimmy! I’m ashamed of myself.

Why don’t you look at all those wonderful Muslims that you mention whose attitudes are a “turn on” for you and become a Muslim?

Not to mention you are so smart to see that you should look for people inside religion, not religion inside people! So why don’t you ignore me and do what you need to do?

I also wonder what your own reward might be for that………you who I have seen write with ghoulish pride the fact that some of your fellow inhabitants of the planet may someday writhe in everlasting flames should take a serious long hard look at your own immortality. I sincerely hope that your missplaced piousness is not your own undoing.


Not only are you worried about people converting to Islam, you’re also worried about my rewards with my Creator. Let me clarify a few points Dhimmy:

1) First things first Dhimmy, I thank you heartily for acknowledging it as ‘fact’ that people like you shall burn everlastingly in hellfire. This shows that you know Islam is THE truthful religion. It shows that you know that the hellfire of Islam is the truth.

However, it is also clear that despite deep down acknowledging Islam to be true, you still choose not to become Muslim and surrender to Allah’s faith due to your filthy arrogance.

2) It also shows a bizarre, third-rate frustration you have with the whole situation – that you know Islam to be the truth, yet choose to be a filthy infidel, and then you are angered by the fact that your face shall burn everlastingly in hellfire for it. It’s like you’re saying that you want to remain a filthy infidel and yet wish to be rewarded with paradise for it and are angered by the fact that hellfire is the abode of infidels (kafirs).

3) My own reward Dhimmy? The reward for surrender to Allah’s faith (Islam) is everlasting paradise Dhimmy. I pray to Allah and beg to Him that He cause me to surrender my head in Islam by infinite %. I beg my Lord for His Ridza, which is the first and the greatest of rewards, even greater than paradise itself. I beg Him to cause me to grow in love of Him and His religion. I beg Him to cause me to follow His commands properly.

You also seem to think that I somehow think that I decide who goes to heaven or hell. We slaves of Allah don’t decide who goes to heaven or hell Dhimmy. It is Allah’s promise regarding who enters heaven or hell and His command to us to propagate His promise that he who dies surrendering in Islam enters paradise, he who dies kafir enters hell to stay therein everlastingly. It is His command to us slaves to be harsh and stern and tough with you infidels. If you become a Muslim, you will be my brother.

4) I need to take a long hard look at my mortality Dhimmy – not “immortality”. In your bout of hatred against Islam and Muslims, you mis-typed that bit. Anyway, you’re right, like all people I need to ponder over my death and what comes after it. Might I suggest you do the same.

5) My “misplaced piousness” Dhimmy? It has nothing to do with me being a good or bad Muslim by my actions.

It has to do with my BELIEFS in the core tenets of my faith – that kafirs (infidels) shall burn everlastingly in hellfire.

My holy book, the Quran warns about the fire of hell left, right and center. It is a message to save humanity from perdition, but sadly fools like you do not comprehend it. As the Quran says, you are like cattle, bereft of any understanding.

Oh ok, I get it! You KNOW that it is not my “misplaced piousness” but rather my “BELIEF” in my religion that bothers you. In other words, it is Islam that bothers you. Yet you can not say it directly because mentioning “belief” or “faith” would expose you (i.e., your agenda) in a second.

And you would like me to take a long hard look at my own mortality, and try to ponder over what my eventual outcome would be? I see Dhimmy – so in other words that idiotic line by your filthy infidel mouth translates to –

“I want you to think about what if you die and find out Islam is not the true religion. What’re you going to do then?”  

On the one hand Dhimmy, you show that you know it is a fact that Islam is the REAL deal (but not accept it) and that the hell fire mentioned in Islam is the truth, and on the other hand you want me to doubt this truth and let my beliefs be murky.

So in other words Dhimmy, you are calling on me to doubt Islam by your pathetic “what if” blackmail and move towards the filth of your pathetic beliefs.

Don’t you know Dhimmy that faith in Allah is a gift from Him, and He alone guards and protects it? As Muslims we pray to our Almighty Allah to protect our faiths, and we have full tawakkal (reliance) on Him that He will protect it.

I’m so thankful that the Muslims that I have met in real life and the Muslims that I have conversed with online in the last 5 years are able to love and hold dear their religion, whilst at the same time having respect for others. Something that just seems totally unattainable by yourself, at least at present…..but I live in hope.

1) You’re an infidel Dhimmy – a kafir. It is an established rule in Islam directly stipulated by the Quran that any news that comes from a kafir is not to be believed/trusted. Isn’t it obvious Dhimmy? You are an enemy of Allah, as the Quran says. Believing the rubbish that you say is believing propaganda of you kuffaar against Islam and helping you in your strategies of enmity against Islam.

Do you think we can’t see through this blackmail of yours that you are trying to get us to say that Islam and kufr are equals or that Muslims and kafirs are equals? It’s written all over that paragraph you wrote Dhimmy! No need to read between the lines.

It will never happen Dhimmy, because Alhamdulillah our guide is the Quran and the Quran says explicitly that kufr is pure filth and kuffaar are najas (filthy) and sharrul bariyyah (the worst of creation).

We acknowledge all the rights Allah has given you and we can exist in parallel in society each minding their own business but NEVER will we consider your filthy, ugly beliefs at par to ours or you filthy infidels at par to our esteemed selves. Islam and kufr are opposites, and so are Muslims and kafirs. Our religion forbids us from cultivating affinities with kuffaar treating them as we would our own esteemed brothers and sisters.

Remember that well, and if you have a weak memory, tattoo it on your arm Dhimmy!

2) EVEN IF, what you say is true, and I know it’s not – the response to that is very simple:

Those people who consider you at par to Muslims are either

a – Hypocrites – i.e., kafirs worse than you who conceal their kufr and pretend to be Muslims.

b – Sinful / ignorant Muslims who do not know their religion well. This is not something that one has to dig encyclopedic works to know. It is directly stated in the Quran and books of hadith and sayings of scholars that there is NO AFFINITY between Muslims and kuffaar.

c – Innocent common Muslims who are misguided by the filthy hypocrites pretending to be scholars of Islam and directly preaching diametrically opposite to what the Quran, hadith, and scholars of Islam say. My entire blog is dedicated against such human garbage that claims to be scholars of “Islamic tasawwuf” when they don’t as much as know the basics of the Quran.

What do you think? There are no hypocrites in these times? There were hypocrites in the Prophet’s ﷺ own times. In the times of Sayyidina ‘Umar, radzi Allahu ‘anhu, a hypocrite even became the imam of a mosque. Of course, in these times too, dogs who wear you kuffaar’s collars, exist in our midst parading as scholars seeking to misguide and misinform innocent Muslims. Little do they know that just as Allah has sealed their hearts to belief, Allah has also sealed Muslims’ hearts to kufr wal Hamdulillah. Even if an innocent Muslim is misguided by such filthy hypocrites and does a wrong action on the outward because he doesn’t know any better, his heart is still illuminated by the light of Islam and he still HATES your filthy beliefs with a passion.

Don’t live in false hope Dhimmy! There is ZERO hope for an infidel kafir in the hereafter.

Your ONLY & ONLY hope is Islam Dhimmy.

Grow a conscience and some common sense and become a Muslim, and in sha Allah, you have not hope but a GUARANTEE of everlasting bliss.

2 – Answering the hypocrites, the kuffaar’s best friends

Actually, after answering Dhimmy, I have no reason to answer you people.

This is an established principle of both logical common sense and Islam, that an attack on the master is a de facto and de jure attack on the slave. An insult to a parent, is a de facto insult to the child.

I know for a fact, everything I said to Dhimmy will strike you twice as hard as it struck him, and I thank Allah for the fact that I have struck hard with a filthy hypocrite – a kloset kafir whose first priority is the ridza of his kafir masters. Allah’s curse is on all hypocrites and they shall burn in the lowest pits of hell. Allah alone is sufficient for believers.

3 – Answering the esteemed brothers and sisters who are worried about da’wah or who think this dhimmi has a point or are misinformed by the scholars of duniya.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Firstly my apologies for addressing you in the end. You don’t just have a priority above infidels, dear beloved brothers and sisters, there is in fact no comparison between you and them. However please note that there is a reason for it. It is so that you can read the response to ‘Dhimmy the dhimmi’ and his hypocrite slaves first. I therefore hope you can see the reason for addressing them first is again because of the fact that you are my beloved and esteemed brothers and sisters in Islam.

Now let us look at you concerns.

Dhimmy has a point, my “attitude” hurts da’wah” –

Dear beloved brothers and sisters,

This kafir doesn’t have a point at all. He has just crafted an elaborate blackmail so that Muslims can fall for it and water down their harshness towards kufr and kuffaar, and eventually da’wah too. Da’wah is about stating the truth of Islam. His blackmail calls on starting with watering down on the harshness to these infidels. But where does it end?

At stating “Ermmm well, who knows, may be christianity too is right!” (which is apostasy from Islam, to doubt the kufr of other faiths) or “yeah, we’re all equal human beings regardless of which religion we follow!” (which is honoring kafirs and kufr, and also apostasy) or saying “you know what? it’s all good. all religions lead to Allah” (which is blatant apostasy and denial of the Quran’s direct statements)???

If one succumbs to political correctness and waters down the truth of Islam itself – to group hugs, then who is doing da’wah to whom – us to Dhimmy OR Dhimmy to us? Isn’t it Dhimmy then trying to dictate to us what we should believe or hold dear or bear loyalty to?

Possible argument – But harshness turns people away from Islam.

This is a command from Allah dear brothers and sisters, to be harsh against kuffaar and not to befriend them or have any affinities to them.

Is minding your own business and sticking to your own kind harshness? Is directly stating the blatant truth as stated in the Quran not acceptable to a Muslim? The Quran unleashes Allah’s wrath directly and bluntly on these infidels. It shows clearly that there is ZERO mercy for these filthy infidels in the hereafter and that in this world we are NOT to consider them at par to our brothers and sisters. The Quran is our imam and guide.

What will you say about the sahaba and notable ones amongst them like Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman and ‘Ali, ridwan Allahi ‘alaihim ajma’een, who were all harsh to the kuffaar?

As for them turning away from Islam, dear brother and sisters, please note that guidance comes only and only from Allah. Our job as humans is just to follow the commands. Please read the tafseer of surahs like Surah ‘Abasa (more posts on this later in sha Allah) and Surah Taubah. In surahs like these Allah has even taught His most esteemed and most beloved Prophet, Our Master Rasulullah ﷺ, that people do not become Muslim just by our wishing for it and in fact we are not even responsible for their behaviors. The Prophet wished for his uncle abu talib to become Muslim, but abu talib died a kafir, and the verse was revealed saying that guidance only comes from Allah.

Our job is only to convey the message and follow commands. Surah ‘Abasa states that the beloved of Allah was once speaking to the notables of the kuffaar of the Quraysh so that they may embrace Islam – engrossed in His extreme love of da’wah for Allah’s sake and being completely dedicated to Allah’s cause – so much that he delayed his beloved attention to a blind sahabi by a little bit – and Allah taught His most esteemed and beloved that his job is to just convey and leave it at that, he is not responsible for what they (the kuffaar) do after that, and that the blind sahabi being a Muslim should receive first priority.

Our job is to learn from the Sultan of Da’wah, our Master Rasulullah ﷺ, dear brothers and sisters. It is definitely your immense love for Islam and our wish and hope to see people turn to Allah’s deen and for Islam to dominate the planet, and the Beloved Prophet ﷺ excelled supremely in such love – and Allah taught him, ‘alaihis salam, perfectly the place of da’wah and what not to worry about, even though such worrying is due to none other than extreme love for Him, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Dear brothers and sisters, we simply can’t let the anxiety of “what effect will action [x] have on kafir [y]’s possible conversion?” let us fall for the blackmails of people like Dhimmy.

We are commanded to be harsh to the kuffaar in the Quran. Allah commanded His beloved to be harsh to kafirs and the hypocrites in the Quran.

يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ جَاهِدِ الْكُفَّارَ وَالْمُنَافِقِينَ وَاغْلُظْ عَلَيْهِمْ

Translation of meaning: O Messenger, wage jihad against the kuffaar and hypocrites and be harsh with them. [Holy Quran 9:73 & 66:9]

This is the practice of our elders starting right from the Prophet & the sahaba. The hypocrites and coward scholars of duniya are duping innocent Muslims with SOME anecdotes and narrations of the Makkan era and presenting abrogations as proofs or taking certain verses out of the right context because they simply cannot afford to see Muslims be harsh to their kafir masters. Allah is watching them, and they shall not escape His wrath for making a mockery of His deen.
Muslims should start talking about Muslims’ resolve against kafirs during Badr and the help of Allah during Badr and they too may receive similar help in sha Allah.

No doubt we need to do da’wah and state the truth of Islam. However da’wah does not come at the expense of giving top priority to Muslims or at the expense of succumbing to political correctness and not trashing the filth of kufr or cultivating affinities with kuffaar by considering them as equal and at par to Muslims.

Please remember dear brothers and sisters that no “version” of Islam will make the kuffaar pleased. If something is pleasing and welcoming to a kafir, then it is anything BUT ISLAM. The Quran says this directly:

وَلَن تَرْضَى عَنكَ الْيَهُودُ وَلاَ النَّصَارَى حَتَّى تَتَّبِعَ مِلَّتَهُمْ قُلْ إِنَّ هُدَى اللّهِ هُوَ الْهُدَى وَلَئِنِ اتَّبَعْتَ أَهْوَاءهُم بَعْدَ الَّذِي جَاءكَ مِنَ الْعِلْمِ مَا لَكَ مِنَ اللّهِ مِن وَلِيٍّ وَلاَ نَصِيرٍ

Translation of meaning: NEVER shall the jews and christians be pleased with you, UNTIL you follow their nation [i.e., religion]; say, “Indeed [only] Allah’s guidance is guidance, and if you follow their whims after knowledge has come unto you, then there shall be none to save you from Allah, nor any helper.” — Holy Quran 2:120

*In the verse, the jews and christians are mentioned, but this applies to all kafirs.

In fact we are not harsh as we should be. Just saying that Islam is THE ONLY religion acceptable to Allah and kufr is garbage and saying that kafirs are NOT equal to Muslims, causes these people to throw a fit and froth at the mouth, their slaves pretending to be Muslims, being worse than their masters.

We need to do better. May Allah grant us all the harshness of ‘Umar, radi Allahu ‘anhu, against kufr and kuffaar. Aameen bi hurmati nabiyyil ameen.

And Allah alone grants victory.


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