Etymology of ahl al-kitab and their slaughter

10 Aug

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum.

The hypocrites pretending to be scholars of Islam are working very hard to say the following:

1) They say that ahl al-kitab are not kafirs and that they shall not suffer everlastingly in hellfire, and

2) They say that ALL kafirs, be they hindus or budhhists or sikhs or atheists can eventually be clubbed into the ahl al-kitab category, because, according to them, since the magians (majoos) are treated at par to the REAL ahl al-kitab (jews & christians) in the Shari’ah in relation to the collection of the jizyah.

Interestingly, they don’t realize that the jizyah is meant to degrade the kuffaar, as expressly & explicitly stated in the Quran, and it is tragicomic that they are using a rule pertaining to the jizyah to uplift their kafir brothers and sisters. Slapping* the jizyah on the REAL ahl al-kitab, christians and jews, in and of itself is plentiful proof that ahl al-kitab are kafirs, as jizyah is NOT charged to Muslims. * This (slap/hit with the jizyah) is the phrase Imam Qurtubi has mentioned in his Jami’ Al-Ahkam Al-Quran, as opposed to “charging jizyah” 😉

Their first claim is important for us to refute, because it is a matter of usul, the foundational principles of Islam. A person who does not consider a person outside of Islam to be a kafir, is himself a kafir by the ijma’ of the mujtahid scholars of the ummah, as there are plentiful direct proofs for this in the Quran and Sunnah. We have seen from the words of the Quran and hadith, and the unanimous rulings of mujtahid scholars, and will continue to visit more proofs that EVEN THE REAL ahl al-kitab, the christians and jews are kafirs, and that they shall burn everlastingly in hellfire, lest they embrace Islam before they die. This blog has many such proofs. I can’t link them all.

Their second claim then really has no serious bearing on our usul EVEN IF they call hindus and budhhists and sikhs and atheists as ahl al-kitab, drawing an analogy from the jizyah collection from magians, it STILL means they are ALSO kafirs like christians and jews, although it is nothing but a shining example of their extreme levels of ignorance and their obscene desire to wage war against Allah and His Messenger ﷺ and do anything to try and hurt Islam from within.

HOWEVER, the only thing that it DOES have a bearing on, is our furoo’, the everyday rulings regarding what to do, how to do. As we have seen in this post, that ahl al-kitab are no different than other mushrikiin, except in the matters pertaining to marrying their women and eating their slaughter.

It then becomes imperative for us to ALSO cleanse these issues from the misinformation caused by the enemies of Allah pretending to be Muslim. Regarding marrying their women, we have already seen in this post that this permission only extends to dhimmi women, and since there are no dhimmis in these times, this permission is defunct because in these times no kafir pays the jizyah, and in any case, it is detrimental to the interests of both the Muslim ummah and the man marrying her. 

Coming to the issue of slaughter, magians may be considered at par to jews and christians in regards to humiliating them as equally as them and collecting jizyah from them, BUT – it is NOT allowed to eat their slaughter. This is the ruling of the madhhabs.

From the Shafi’iy madhhab, Sayyidina Imam Ghazali, whose name these hypocrites love to use, in order to gain credibility, states as such in his Al-Wajiz Fi Fiqh Il-Imam Ish-Shafi’iy:

في سبب حل الذبيحة, و للذبح اربعة اركان

الاول : الذابح:, و هو كل مسلم او كتابي عاقل, و لا تحل ذبيحة المجوسي والوثني, اما المتولد بين الكتابي و المجوسي , فقولان – احدهما التحريم, و الاخر النظر الى الاب

الوجيز في فقه الامام الشافعي – 2/206

In the means that legitimize the slaughter; and in the slaughter there are four integrals.

The First One: The slaughterer, and it is every sane Muslim and kitabi* (person of the book), and the slaughter of a magian or a pagan* is NOT permissible [to consume for a Muslim]; but for a person born to a kitabi and a magian, there are two sayings – the first one is of IMPERMISSIBLE, and the other one is to look to his father (i.e., if the father is a kitabi, his slaughter would be permitted) 

* Note that Imam Ghazali has mentioned the kitabi (christian or jew) as exclusive to the magian or the blatant idolator (like budhhists, hindus, etc.)

These are the proofs from the Hanafi madhhab:

On the slaughter of magians, it says in Hadiiqat Un-Nadiyah

 لابأس بطعام المجوس کله الا الذبیحة

الحدیقة الندیه    والنوع الرابع فی اختلاف الفقهاء     711/2

There is no problem [in the permissiblity] of all the foods of the magians EXCEPT the slaughter.

The other madhhabs are the same on the slaughter of the magians.

ADDITIONALLY, It MUST be noted that the operative word here is SLAUGHTER, not carrion.

As we all know, other than jews, no one in these times slaughters and close to all nonjewish infidels including christians eat carrion that is NOT slaughtered, and the animals are either stunned or shot and so on. 

EVEN IF the nonjewish infidels slaughter, these following points MUST be remembered:

1 – It says in Majma’ Al-Anhar, a highly authentic fiqh manual by Imam ‘Abd Ar-Rahman ibn Suleyman:

 فعلی ھذایلزم علی الحکام فی دیارنا ان یمنعوھم من الذبح لان النصارٰی فی زماننا یصرحون بالابنیة قبحھم اﷲ تعالٰی وعدم الضرورۃ متحقق والاحتیاط واجب لان فی حل ذبیحتھم اختلاف العلماء کما بیناہ فالاخذبجانب الحرمة اولی عندعدم الضرورة

مجمع الانہر شرح ملتقی الابحر     کتاب النکاح     فصل فی بیان المحرمات  328/1

On these grounds, it is imperative the rulers of our lands prohibit [people] from their slaughter as the christians in our times insist on son-ness [of Jesus, wal ‘eyadhu billah], may Allah curse them, and its non-necessity is certain, therefore refraining is compulsory, because on their [christians’] slaughter, there is a disagreement of [mujtahid] scholars, as we have elucidated, so in this situation of non-necessity, it is superior to adopt the position of its impermissibility.

Note that the REAL scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah, the Ash’ari and Maturidi ‘aqaid and one of the 4 madhhabs, do not mention the kuffaar with respectable salutations. 

2 – It says in Fath Al-Qadir, a Hanafi fiqh primer:

 یجوز تزوج الکتابیات والاولٰی ان لایفعل ولایأکل ذبیحتھم الاللضرورة 

فتح القدیر     کتاب النکاح     فصل فی بیان المحرمات 135/3

It is permitted to marry the [dhimmi] kitabi women but the superior course of action is not to do such and not to eat their slaughter, except in the case of a [pressing] necessity.

3 – Fatawa Qadzi Khan states as such:

النصرانی لاذبیحة له۔ وانما یا کل هو ذبیحة المسلم ویخنق

فتاوٰی قاضیخان     کتاب الحظروالاباحة  مسائل مایکرہ ومالایکرہ  778/4

The christian, he has no slaughter! he eats the Muslim’s slaughter and [should he eat meat] he strangles the animal.

Question: May be in our times they do not strangle, but what are their other methods of non-slaughter?

4 – Durr Al-Mukhtar, a Hanafi classic states:

شرط کون الذابح مسلما اوکتابیا ذمیا اوحربیا الا اذا سمع منه عندالذبح ذکر المسیح

درالمختار            کتاب الذبائح        228/2

It is a mandatory condition for the slaughterer to be a Muslim or a dhimmi or harbi kitabi, EXCEPT IF he invokes the name of the Messiah [Jesus Christ, ‘ala nabiyyina wa ‘alaihis salam] (that is, if he invokes the name of the Messiah, the slaughter is NOT PERMISSIBLE)

Question: How many people in these times investigate this issue, in the off chance that the christians do slaughter?

5 – Imam Ibn ‘Abidin’s famous Radd Al-Muhtar states:

لاتحل ذبیحة من تعمد ترک التسمیة مسلما اوکتابیا نص القراٰن

ردالمحتار             کتاب الذبائح  190/5

The slaughter is NOT PERMISSIBLE, if the Basmala (Bismillah) is DELIBERATELY left out, be it by a Muslim or a kitabi [as per] the fundamental text of the Quran.

Question: How many infidels do you know who remember to mention Allah’s name EVEN IF they perchance slaughter?

So, FIRSTLY budhhists and hindus are NOT ahl al-kitab and EVEN IF these slaves of the kafir dalai lama draw an analogy to the magians to call them ahl al-kitab, it has NO BEARING on our usul or our furoo’.

1) Our usul of the Muslims says that ALL ahl al-kitab are kafirs doomed to everlasting hellfire, based on sound proofs from the Quran and hadiith and the unanimous rulings and interpretations of the mujtahid Ash’ari and Maturidi and true Sufi scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah.

2) Our furoo’ is ALSO not affected, since

2.1) It is NOT allowed to marry ANY ahl al-kitab woman (regardless of her faith), UNLESS she is a dhimmiyah.

2.2) It is ALSO NOT ALLOWED to eat the slaughter of their budhhist brothers and sisters, because EVEN IF the claim of the budhhists being at par to magians is accepted, we have seen that magians are treated at par to christians and jews only in the collection of jizyah and NOT in the case of eating their slaughter. So since magians’ slaughter ITSELF is not allowed, there is NO QUESTION of their budhhist and hindu brothers and sisters slaughter being allowed.

These slaves of their whims and their kafir masters think they can get away with their treachery towards Allah and His Messenger ﷺ and Islam. There is a reason they wanted to declare budhhists and hindus as ahl al-kitab. They have a serious agenda against Islam and Muslims, la’anahumullah. They want Muslims to marry these infidels and beget illegitimate children (as a marriage between a Muslim male and a nonMuslimah non-kitabiyyah is not recognized by Islam) and eat haram food. They do not know that they are mere nobodies and it is only and only Allah’s Will that is implemented. 

And Allah alone grants success.


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