Some objections by those afflicted with syncretism

04 Sep

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Some short replies to some popular objections by syncretists and/or the Muslims misguided by them. They’re all related to a great extent. 

1 – Some people say “Do not even call a kafir a kafir.”


The reason why fools parrot this line is because they have been duped by these jahil, false “sufis” who very cleverly fool Muslims saying that they don’t know Allah’s Judgment on the person and His Eternal Knowledge of the person.

It may well be possible that the person embraces Islam and becomes Muslim at some point in time in the future. It is right that Allah’s Knowledge is eternal, and we are not informed of the future and His Eternal Judgment on a person. 

However, Allah’s Eternal Judgment on a person is NOT our job. We are humans. We are NOT commanded to speculate on what Allah’s Judgment is.

Allah has informed us through His Messengers of the rules regarding who should be called/judged what by us, and what is His promised outcome for whom. Not doing as we are commanded in order to please people is the greatest act of debauchery.

We have been given the Shari’ah and COMMANDED to act on it, and acting on it involves our HUMAN observation and judgment in real time.

In fact, it is a REQUIREMENT OF ISLAM to acknowledge him a kafir. Not acknowledging him as kafir and not calling him a kafir is apostasy on the part of the Muslim. If someone asks, “Are christians kafirs?” or “Are jews kafirs?” and a person gives airy fairy answers refraining from calling them kafirs, he becomes an apostate, according to the rulings of the scholars (linked).

If we know that a person is a kafir today, we HAVE TO call him a kafir, and treat him accordingly as is deserving of him.

The bottom line is – we are HUMANS – we work in REAL TIME – we are COMMANDED to act in real time. Speculating on Allah’s Eternal Knowledge is NOT OUR JOB.

Another supreme stupidity in this claim is that these people almost speak as if they’re SURE that a kafir will convert to Islam before death. What if he doesn’t?  Do they know the future?

Just as we don’t know that such a person MIGHT die Muslim in Allah’s Eternal Knowledge, they too don’t know that such a person might die kafir in Allah’s Eternal Knowledge.

We don’t have certain knowledge of EITHER outcome. And once again, we are NOT COMMANDED TO SPECULATE on Allah’s Eternal Knowledge. We ARE COMMANDED to act in real time based on OUR HUMAN OBSERVATIONS.

Going by this crazy logic, we should not even call a Muslim a Muslim, for some Muslims have left Islam and become apostates, and we seek Allah’s refuge. By their own logic, we should not even call these people as Muslims, as we are not sure if they will die Muslim or not!

We should CERTAINLY not call a child a child, as we know for a fact that children grow up and become adults.

We should not call a cow a cow as we don’t know if it will become a burger or a steak!

We should not call a car as a car, we don’t know when it is going to become scrap metal!

Nay – the madhab of these people is not adab, piety or ihsan but rather cowardice and a desire to please people.

2 – Some people say “Some of the greatest awliyaa were formerly kafirs. Muslims should not look down upon them. We do not know what state, Islam or kufr, they will die in.” 


Why stop at the awliyaa? Many, not some, of the sahaba accepted Islam after a life of kufr. What was ‘Umar, radzi Allahu ‘anhu, before he embraced Islam?

If their idiotic logic is to be accepted, by the same token, we should not even look up to Muslim scholars. Why? Because some of the worst apostates too had been scholars of Islam at some point in their lives (and we seek Allah’s refuge from apostasy).

We should note that this is not a case of PERSONAL pride, but rather the pride of ISLAM, and Muslims are COMMANDED to wear it on their sleeves. 

Yes, we wish for all kafirs to embrace Islam. Some can and will do it. If and when a kafir becomes Muslim, we treat him as our brother. 

Muslims should not be unjust to kafirs. But they should wear the pride of Islam on their sleeves and treat kafirs accordingly.

Muslims are allowed to be gentle to some kafirs, specially dhimmis who pay the jizyah, and those who are well-behaved and respectful towards Islam and Muslims, but this gentleness should be similar to the gentleness and kindness a multi-millionaire shows a homeless person living on the streets. 

In this case of spiritual and moral wealth of the Muslim versus the absolute spiritual and moral bankruptcy of the kafir, this not a case of personal pride but rather the pride of Islam and it relegates back to thanking Allah for Islam and uplifting the call of His Name and His Tawhid.

It is a case of uplifting the pride, honor and dignity of Islam. A Muslim is a carrier or Islam and its pristine teachings of Tawhiid, while a kafir is a carrier of the filth of kufr.

This PRIDE OF ISLAM, which is NOT personal pride or arrogance – is an ABSOLUTE MUST for Muslims.

This is why ‘Umar, who was himself a convert to Islam, fired the christian from the Muslim government’s job saying this (linked).

3 – Some people say, “Do not call a person a kafir after death. He might have lived a kafir, but perhaps he became a Muslim in his heart just before he saw the angel of death.”


Once again, we are humans and COMMANDED to act on the basis of our HUMAN observations and judgments.

Islam is defined as belief in the heart AND acknowledgment by the tongue.

If we do not see someone uttering the shahadah by the tongue, we cannot call such a person Muslim.

We HAVE TO call him kafir.

If he accepted Islam in his heart but was unable to utter the shahadah by the tongue due to the pangs of his terminal illness or some sort of a physical handicap, his case is with Allah.

We are NOT COMMANDED to speculate on Allah’s judgment but ACT IN ACCORDANCE to the SHARI’AH based on our HUMAN observation & judgment.

Once again, by this same idiotic logic of the syncretists, we should also not call a person Muslim after death. Perhaps he became kafir in his heart just before he saw the angel of death and wasn’t unable to make his kufr public!! (And we seek Allah’s refuge from apostasy.)

The reason these best friends of the kuffaar say such rubbish is because it hurts them terribly when Muslims call dead kafirs like the filthy nun teresa or the filthy kafirs like the pope john paul as kafirs. Like their kafir brothers and sisters, these shayaateen too wish to honor such kuffaar after their death. 

Muslims should note that after seeing the angel of death embracing Islam is NOT accepted in front of Allah, as faith/belief is in the unseen and Islam’s truth becomes manifest on all people as soon as they see the angel of death arriving to take their souls.

4 – Some people say, “But he did so many good deeds that only a Muslim could have done.”


There is no such thing as “a deed that only a Muslim could do.” If a person is a Muslim, then the “only a Muslim could do part” is redundant and unnecessary statement. If a person is kafir, the “only a Muslim could do” part simply doesn’t apply. 

Deeds are worthy ONLY IF they stand on the foundation of Islam, which is evidenced by uttering the shahadatayn (That Allah is the ONLY God, and the Muhammad ﷺ is His Messenger and Created Slave). 

Otherwise they are PURE RUBBISH. The Quran says that no deeds of the kuffaar are worthy of anything. It also says that a kafir’s prayers are nothing but a waste. 

أُوْلَـئِكَ حَبِطَتْ أَعْمَالُهُمْ فِي الُّدنْيَا وَالآخِرَةِ وَأُوْلَئِكَ هُمُ الْخَاسِرُونَ

Translation of meaning: … They are those whose works are rendered null in this world and in the hereafter and they are those who are the losers. [Holy Quran 9:69]

وَمَا دُعَاء الْكَافِرِينَ إِلاَّ فِي ضَلاَلٍ

Translation of meaning: … The call [of worship] of the kafirs is NOTHING BUT waste. [Holy Quran 13:14 & 40:50]

ISLAM is a CONDITION for any worship or good deed to be even worthy of a mention in front of people, let alone acceptance in Allah’s court.

A lot of times innocent Muslims and new converts are duped by these syncretists giving their disgraceful and faulty logic, only because the syncretists cannot afford to upset their kafir brothers and sisters. 

In sha Allah, this will help some such innocent Muslims who are duped by these people. 

And victory is not BUT by the help of Allah.



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One response to “Some objections by those afflicted with syncretism

  1. Haya

    June 15, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    May Allah reward you.

    These hypocrites really don’t make sense, I wonder how this is done in the name of Islam. La hawla wa la…


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