Rules for kafirs in Muslim-run online environments.

16 Sep

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum.

A jew asked me what rules I would stipulate for kuffaar who would like to frequent Muslim forums, websites, blogs, etc.

Based on the conditions Seyyidina ‘Umar, radzi Allahu ‘anhu, laid down for kuffaar living in Muslim lands paying the jizyah (who are called dhimmi), and the same conditions adopted by ALL FOUR madhhabs of the Ahlus Sunnah for dhimmis, here are the rules that I would stipulate for kafirs (who are NOT dhimmis, but rather harbiy mustaman or harbiy mu’ahad) lurking around online Muslim enclaves, whether they are forums, other content websites, blogs, etc.

The below is what I would stipulate. Owners of Muslim websites, forums, blogs, audio/video outlets, are all welcome to use the below template for their outlets.


NOTE – You are in a Muslim enclave and NOT a neutral turf. So please take good notice of these rules, and do not bother contacting the management about what you consider to be “freedom of speech” or “democracy” or any such concept engineered into your psyche.

1 – You shall respect Islam & Muslims at all times.

2 – You shall NOT speak ill about Allah, ANY of His Messengers, His Angels, the Holy Quran, or Muslim scholars and shuyukh, day of judgment, heaven, hellfire, or any sign or sacred site of Islam. Doing this will result in an INSTANT BAN. Joking and humor in this regard is unacceptable and in fact worse than any serious comment.

DO NOT think you can use humor to sugarcoat smart remarks at Islam or Muslims.

3 – You shall NOT propagate kufr, and everything other than Islam is kufr, be it atheism, or judaism, or christianity, or hinduism. Doing so shall result in an INSTANT BAN.

3.1 – You shall NOT promote or glorify any false prophet. Prophet Muhammad is the last and final prophet of Allah. Any and every person claiming prophethood after him is an impostor. The qadianis and bahais are kafirs. Playing smart and saying that they are Muslims or praising their false prophets will result in an instant ban. Likewise, those who deny the basic integrals of Islam like praying and fasting or the prohibition of homosexuality, are kafirs by consensus of the ummah, EVEN IF they claim to be Muslims. Promoting any such people or lobbying for them or being pushy with us to state that they are from amongst us, will result in an instant ban. Such people are from YOUR camp and are in fact more than you in their disbelief.

3.2 – You shall NOT propagate the fairy tale of the pseudo-scientists that states that man originated from monkeys. Such myths are based on conjecture only, despite the arrogance of the evolutionists who like to think it is based on convincing evidence. There never has been and never will be any direct and convincing evidence for this fairy tale. This monkey-to-man theory is kufr according to Islam. 

3.3 – You shall ALWAYS respect the honored institutions of marriage and family. You shall NOT propagate or proselytize homosexuality as being “acceptable” or do any canvassing or lobbying for Muslims to accept gay marriages. You shall NOT try to interpret our religion for us in order to somehow try and prove that homosexuality may be acceptable in Islam. The Quran and the hadith and the consensus of Muslim scholars categorically state homosexuality as forbidden and punishable by capital punishment. Trying to arrogantly interpret, re-interpret or reform our religion for us will result in an instant ban. Considering homosexuality to not be a sin, is kufr according to Islam. 

3.4 – You shall NOT propagate the new age wave of syncretism and perennialism, the concept that ‘all religions are equal’ or any message that states that ‘all religions lead to heaven’ or the concept that ‘kafirs shall enter heaven or attain the Prophet’s intercession’ or saying something like ‘we all worship the same God in different ways’. Syncretism and perennialism are absolute kufr and apostasy from Islam. Insisting that such people are Muslims or promoting them and lobbying for them, will result in an instant ban. Once again, such people are from YOU and NOT FROM US, EVEN IF they claim to be Muslims. 

3.5 – You shall NOT display any of your religious symbols in your avatars or post them anywhere on the Muslim online outlet. These include crucifixes, stars of David, om signs, hindu idols and/or the symbols of any other religion.

3.6 – You shall NOT use the phrases “our father in heaven”, “mother of god”, “son of god”, “children of god” or address Allah with any human relation like father, son, uncle, aunty, mother, brother, sister, daughter, etc. You shall NOT address the christian trinity as “holy”.

You shall also NOT use any other creative verbiage to express the same message as is forbidden in these rules, for example, don’t think you are too smart, by using the word “patriarch” instead of “father” or “sacred” instead of “holy” and so on.

3.7 – You shall also NOT use the words “father” or “mother” for any of your religious figureheads like popes, nuns, rabbis, priests etc. Likewise, you shall NOT use any honorific titles for your priests, priestesses and so on, like “his holiness”, or “his beatitude” and so on. [Attn Muslims: It is kufr to honor kafirs with such titles]. Just saying their position is enough. Example, “pope xyz” or “rabbi xyz” or “nun xyz”. 

3.8 – You shall NOT announce the deaths of any kafirs. You shall NOT say your prayers for them or ask or expect Muslims to pray for dead kafirs. [Attn Muslims: Praying for dead kafirs is apostasy from Islam].

3.9 – You shall NOT promote or praise your religious leaders or any political leader, or celebrity, or media personality or business person or any other person or entity that promotes hostility towards Islam and Muslims. Such people are generally not hidden and openly known for their hostility towards Islam and Muslims. You can mention them if a Muslim asks you to; for example, “How did the pope defend the child abuser priests in xyz country?”

3.10 – You shall NOT deter any other kafir from embracing Islam, enquiring about it, or stating something good about it.

3.11 – You shall NOT propagate atheism or try to be smart by challenging “religion as a whole” or “all religions”. Since this is a Muslim enclave and ONLY & ONLY Islam is promoted here, any such criticism of “structured religion” or “all religions” and so on will be automatically construed to be an attack on Islam ALONE. Don’t be smart. 

3.12 – You shall NOT publicize your festivals, feasts, religious holidays and markings like christmas, easter, hanukkah, diwali, etc. on our enclave NOR shall you publicly greet or wish your bondsmen on your festivals on our enclave. Wishing us Muslims for your occasions will earn an instant ban. 

4 – You shall NOT imitate Muslims in your choice of nicknames (Abu fulan, Umm fulan, ‘Ali, Muhammad, ‘Omar, Fatima, etc.).

5 – You shall NOT imitate Muslims in their speech or rhetoric or writing styles, examples include addressing a Muslim as ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ or “sidi” or “okhti” or “sayyidaty”. You shall NOT include pictures of Muslim holy sites, or Quranic calligraphy, or Arabic calligraphy, dua’s etc. in your avatars, profiles, posts etc.

6 – You shall always respect Muslims. You shall NOT pass smart, sarcastic, or satirical comments that are likely to offend a Muslim in the least, in response to Muslims’ posts.

7 – You shall NOT spy against Muslims or try to bait them for comments that you would then like to pass on to the anti-Islamic media. Generally most such baits are easily visible to Muslims. In any case, if this is proven, you shall be instantly banned and legal action shall be pursued against you, if possible. By joining this site, you have accepted the terms that you shall NOT pass any information you see on here to any media outlet, organization or entity, unless officially solicited for it by a government body.

8 – Muslim women are prohibited from removing their hijab in front of kafir women according to ALL FOUR madhhabs of the Ahlus Sunnah. You shall NOT ask ANY Muslim female for a picture, video, etc. of her with or without hijab, EVEN IF you are a woman.

9 – If you are a female, you shall NOT pursue ANY Muslim male, publicly or privately, for any relationship or marriage. [Attn Muslims: Muslim men are allowed to marry christian and jewish women ONLY IF they are dhimmi women of a Muslim state.]

10 – If you are male, you shall NOT pursue ANY Muslim female, publicly or privately, for ANY REASON – EVEN TO learn Islam. If you want to learn Islam, or wish to see what a mosque looks like, etc. there are plenty of Muslim men for that job. DO NOT communicate with Muslim women EXCEPT in 100% open and publicly visible environments, and without pursuing them. Violating this rule will result in an instant ban.

11 –  Needless to say, you shall NOT pursue a Muslim for a same-sex relationship. Instant ban for violations.

12 – christians or others of white american/european heritage, take special note – LEAVE YOUR WHITE MAN’S BURDEN AT THE DOOR.

Offloading your “white man’s burden” in our online enclave will result in an INSTANT BAN. 

12.1 – You shall NOT interpret, re-interpret or try and ‘reform’ our religion for us by trying to suggest that shaking hands with people of the opposite gender is ‘ok’ or that perhaps Muslim women should be allowed to marry kafir men or ANY matter that pertains to Islamic legalisms. 

12.2 – You shall NOT even tell us what’s good or bad for “our community”, or even an individual Muslim, in worldly matters.

For example, “I think being a doctor is a great way to help your community, Muslim kid xyz”.

DON’T do it. It is NOT welcome.

Somethings might seem nice in an extremely simple and sweet example such as the one given, but very often, they result in some or many of you people offloading your “white man’s burden” – which is VERY UNWELCOME. 

12.3 – You shall NOT be involved in any intra-Muslim, sectarian disputes, like Sunni & shia. They are NOT for you. Your job as a kafir on a Muslim forum is none other than to learn about Allah’s Tawhiid and/or any interaction on worldly matters that relate to both of us, like the weather or your favorite rugby team.

12.4 – You shall NOT attempt to teach our religion to us. It is fine to ask a question. Example, “I heard such a hadith. What does it mean?” It is NOT fine to say, “Such hadith says such, you are right/wrong, Muslim xyz”. 

12.5 – You shall NOT, under any circumstances, tell us to not use the word “kafir” for you, or suggest to us what is “extreme” or “moderate” Islam or what rules of Islam are liked or disliked by you. If you don’t like something about us, you know how to leave and never come back.

12.6 – In short, you shall NOT give any “white man knows best” advice to Muslims on ANY matter, worldly or religious.

13 – You shall NOT get involved in any dispute between two Muslims. 

14 – You shall NOT try to fuel or start a dispute between two Muslims. 

15 – You shall NOT welcome ANY new members to the forum/website/blog/etc., be they Muslim or kafir. It is a Muslim enclave and the hosts are Muslims. Once Muslims welcome a new member, or accept the new member subject to conditions, then you can communicate with the new member. Remember, it is OUR enclave NOT YOURS. 

16 – You shall NOT call any person to any action contrary to the teachings of Islam, like drinking, illicit sex, etc. 

17 – You shall NOT use the prefixes “Islam”, “Islamic”, “Muslim” or “Muslims” with words like “terrorism” and other such negative propaganda by the media. 

Considering the nature of these times and the media outlets, if any terrorist act is reported in the media, by all means condemn the act. However, DO NOT blame Muslims for it, UNLESS you have evidence that shines like the mid-day sun.

IF you possess evidence against Muslims, that shines like the mid-day sun – just blame those Muslims and move on. DO NOT pin responsibility for it on the entire community!

Snide remarks like “where’s the Muslim community’s condemnation?” will earn you an instant ban.

May we remind YOU of the terrorism institutionalized by YOUR leaders & nations. 

If you say some Muslims kill some other Muslims, may we remind you of the first two world wars, the cold war, the vietnam war, and other such “incidents” in history where YOUR PEOPLE have killed far more of YOUR OWN.

If you say some Muslims kill innocent kafirs, may we remind you of the MILLIONS of innocent Muslims killed by the “coalition of the willing”.

And YET, WE do not ask for a worldwide condemnation from ALL of your community. 

ANY association between terrorism and Islam and/or Muslim community as a whole will earn you an INSTANT BAN, and possibly legal action. 

18 – You are welcome to learn about Islam and ask questions about it. However, please note:

It is of ZERO use for you to learn the rules of fasting or prohibition of alcohol or marriage law in Islam. It is a waste of your time and Muslims times. Actions don’t save people. BELIEF does. Only BELIEF in Islam will help YOU save your hereafter. Therefore, focus your questions on Allah’s Tawhiid and the Islamic creed, and see the truth of Islam thence.

However, for the purpose of co-existing peacefully with Muslims, you are still welcome to enquire about Muslim matters that may better facilitate your interaction with Muslims, like fasting, hijab, burqa, etc. 

19 – You shall NOT lobby for or promote the illegitimate state of Israel, or any of its leaders or policies. 

20 – You shall NOT participate on our website/blog/forum/social media outlet during the holy month of Ramadzan, the day of ‘Eid Al-Fitr after the end of Ramadzan, the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, and the Prophet’s  birthday EXCEPT if you are going to declare the shahadah (That there is no God except Allah, and that Muhammad , is His Messenger & slave) and embrace Islam, thereby uplifting your state to Muslim in which case you become our brother/sister. Such dates shall be announced by the Muslim management. If they do not announce it, you will not be guilty of a breach.

21 – Adhering to the above rules, you are free to talk about the weather or sports or any other neutral matter not connected to religion. 

These rules are NON-negotiable. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you are free to leave this website and not be a part of it. Also note that the management reserves the right to deny any person access to this website/blog/forum etc. for any reason.


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2 responses to “Rules for kafirs in Muslim-run online environments.

  1. Julie

    October 31, 2011 at 7:20 am

    Islam is [snip]. Stop issuing threats. You’re nothing but a bigoted ignoramus who can’t take criticism.

  2. 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

    October 31, 2011 at 8:52 am

    I don’t see any threats. Can you point the threats out without your vitriolic against Islam?


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