Verse 109:3 – Islam is ONE nation & ALL kafirs are ONE nation

22 Dec

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

A lot of Muslims are misled by the hypocrites pretending to be scholars of Islam. They think that a “religion” other than Islam, is not the same as atheism, or perhaps that it is something close to Islam.

They think that perhaps they should expect to engage with these “religions” in the pathetic new age fashion of “interfaith dialog” thinking that they will be sympathetic to Islam and that atheism would be more hostile to Islam.

Some feel that they should engage in interfaith compromise with the ahl al-kitab, the christians and jews, compromising on the dignity, pride and truth of Islam, by participating in their gatherings and inviting them to mosques to pray in the name of trinity and so on, and they think that these people can be or will be well-wishers of Islam and Muslims.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, according to the ahadiith narrating the signs of the day of judgment, they state that the world then shall be under the dominance of christians and jews and that ALL of the kuffaar will feed on the Islamic nation like a scavenger feeds on its prey.


Islam is ONE nation.

ALL of kufr – whether it is atheism, or buddhism, or hinduism, or christianity, or judaism, or anything else – is ONE unified nation against Islam.

Under the tafsiir of verse 3 of Surah Al-Kafirun, the luminary Hanafi Imam Abu Bakr Al-Jassas says in his legendary Ahkam Al-Quran:

 وقد قال : ( ولا أنتم عابدون ما أعبد ) ، فإنها قد دلت على أن الكفر كله ملة واحدة ؛ لأن من لم يسلم منهم مع اختلاف مذاهبهم مرادون بالآية ، ثم جعل دينهم دينا واحدا ودين الإسلام دينا واحدا فدل على أن الكفر مع اختلاف مذاهبه ملة واحدة 

And he [Abu Bakr] said: (Nor do you worship whom I worship 109:3) Indeed it [i.e., this verse] has established that kufr is ALL ONE NATION. Because the verse points to those from them, with their various different religions, who didn’t accept Islam. Then their religion is rendered as ONE religion, and the religion of Islam as ANOTHER religion and it is established/proven that kufr, with its varying persuasions*, is [eventually] ONE NATION.

* that is, its different forms like hinduism, buddhism, christianity, judaism, atheism, agnosticism or anything else other than Islam.

We ask Allah to safeguard us from the menace of kufr.

We ask Allah to grant us and  ALL of the Muslim nation the foresight to see that ALL of kufr is one nation.

We ask Him, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, to grant us liberation from the tentacles of this menace of “interfaith dialog” initiated by the hypocrites who wish to compromise on Islam, its pride, its dignity and its purity – by equating it to kufr, and by trying to establish a common ground between Islam and kufr, either in words or deeds. 

We ask Him, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, to grant us and ALL Muslims the sight to see that there is NO SUCH THING as a “common ground” between Islam and kufr. 

We ask Him, The All Powerful Owner of the universe and The One Whose Power can subdue evil, to destroy these hypocrites who seek to hurt His religion from within.

And there is no success except by Him.



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2 responses to “Verse 109:3 – Islam is ONE nation & ALL kafirs are ONE nation

  1. Kosta

    January 3, 2012 at 9:58 am

    I have taken your representation of Islam and “friendship with kufr” to some English speaking Muslims,
    I kind of regretted it because it caused quite a stir; but after a few back and forths with some less fluent Arabic speakers, we were offered a view alternate to yours by someone more fluent which comforted us.
    I’ll paste the response here.
    I think the problem is not in what the Quran states, but in attempting to simplistically translate it into a less rich language like English.

    response as follows……..

    “Actually if you go to the verses in the Quran one will notice the same word used for “friends” which is Awliya. To translate the word Awliya as “friends” is incorrect. A wali ( the singular form of Awliya) is someone who is a care taker, protector, ally and helper. Allah (swt) describes himself as the Wali of those who believe. In other words Wali is not a synomym for friend.

    There are many words for friends in the Arabic language such as Sadeeq, Hameem, Khalil which can also be translated as “friend” but each with a slightly different nuance.

    If a muslim was commanded to go to another Muslim for help and assitance then I dont think anyone should have a probelm with that the same way I dont have a problem if a Christian goes to his church and fellow christians when seeking help and assistance.”

    I hope, by approving this comment, you grant your brothers and sisters and kufr alike the opportunity to understand the failure of the English language to convey the message of the Quran.

    • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

      January 3, 2012 at 11:16 am

      I hope, by approving this comment, you grant your brothers and sisters and kufr alike the opportunity to understand the failure of the English language to convey the message of the Quran.

      The reason I approved this comment is because of YOUR sincerity to understand the issue, NOT because of my mistaken brother/sister’s alleged rightness and willingness to provide just any idiotic answer only to satisfy people. Tell that person that he should worry about pleasing Allah rather than pleasing people with political correctness and seek knowledge from its rightful sources.

      As for the topic itself, there are a few things we (Muslims) need to keep in mind when we sit down and play ‘shaykh’. What we are concerned with is the RULING derived from a verse. A lot of times you will see uneducated Muslims like this brother/sister of mine waffle on about “meanings of words” or “circumstances of revelation” and so on, to skirt the issue of the RULING derived from the verse BY THE ELDERS OF THE UMMAH, like the sahaba, and the mujtahid imams of the madhhabs. Islamic rulings are not the fiefdom of my internet brothers and sisters. Even the words of CONTEMPORARY scholars are worthy of being thrown in the bin if they do not stand on the words of the mujtahid scholars.

      Playing on the word and ignoring the ruling BY THE SCHOLARS, only to please someone such as yourself is not good for this brother/sisters affairs in front of Allah.

      As for the meaning of wali, then what is a friend if not a helper? Can you please venture out to explain to me how a friend is NOT a helper?

      He is mistaken on the Arabic language and the derived ruling as the scholars of Islam DO categorically state that a “friend” is a helper. Sure, mark zuckerberg might have another definition for ‘friend’, but Muslims are supposed to take their knowledge from MUSLIM SCHOLARS.

      Read this post: (this is directly related to the meaning of the word)

      and this :

      to see what REAL MUJTAHID scholars of Islam say on the issue as opposed to my internet brother/sister, who is probably misled by scholars of duniya who have taken it upon themselves to sell Allah’s religion in their bid to humbly please their kafir masters. (I have included the Arabic and the Persian as well. So no one can accuse me of mistranslation or taking things out of context)

      He is probably innocent himself but confused and misled by the servants of kafirs and money spinners pretending to be Muslim scholars. We have a lot of such people in our midst and my blog is aimed at trashing them, more than anything else. Because the open enemy is not as harmful and hurtful as the enemy within, and such phoney modern day ‘scholars’ are nothing but greater enemies of Islam than the empire itself!

      By the way, kufr is disbelief. Kafir is the noun.

      Friendship involves accepting and respecting a friend for who he is and all that he brings with him. A kafir brings kufr with him and this is unacceptable to a Muslim, neither does a Muslim respect kufr. So how can a Muslim and kafir be friends?

      Islam and kufr are 2 opposites. A Muslim is a carrier of Islam and a kafir is a carrier of kufr. Two opposites do not unite. The emergence of one is the disappearance of the other. The mid-day sun and the darkness of night simply do not unite.

      As Muslim and kafir, I and you can never be friends. I can appreciate you or your sincerity and perchance you may appreciate mine – on some discrete matters, like let’s say, traffic safety, or good coordination at the work place. We can have a protocol of engagement for material matters in this life. But we certainly can’t be each other’s friends.

      Allah calls the kafirs as His “enemies” in the Quran. A person who calls himself Muslim and yet wants to be ‘friends’ with an enemy of Allah has to do some serious soul searching or perhaps needs to buy the right dictionary and get his lingusitics right!

      Islam is in a perpetual state of confrontation, opposition & war (cold or hot) against kufr and will be so till forever. People on two opposing camps can certainly not be “friends”, unless they’re both certified as mentally unfit or one of them is secretly a member of the other camp. Islam is ONE camp, ALL of kufr is ANOTHER camp.

      Hope that adequately settles it. You can take the quotes from REAL MUJTAHID scholars and exegetes to this Muslim brother/sister of mine and show it to him. See my copyright permissions.

      The bottom line – Muslims and kafirs can NEVER be friends. Muslims ALWAYS will be “THE OTHER”. We REFUSE to assimilate and integrate with YOUR values. It IS about US and THEM. We can however, work towards a protocol of engagement on material matters in worldly life – like a crime free society, traffic safety, and cancer cures and other such things!


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