A note to mentally retarded pseudo-humans!

02 Jan

I have been getting a few comments from some mentally retarded pseudo-sane pseudo-human “individuals” (for lack of a better word) – who think changing their email id’s hides the truth of who they are – frothing at the mouth with either idiotic emotional blackmailing bilge, or dumb bluffs or simply idiotic, dishonest and hateful bigotry gleefully avoiding a look into the mirror at their own disfigured, ugly, putrid and vile ways.

Here is my message to them – simple and sweet:


If your ideology/belief system is lower beyond animal stupidity, then really, there isn’t much I can do to help you, other than ask you to grow a brain and accept THE TRUTH. 

If you think I am wrong in stating [xyz] – SHOW ME EXACTLY HOW, WHERE & WHY? 

This is NOT the place if you are looking for someone to turn cheeks and play on your bluffs or retarded emotional blackmails. 

Don’t forget, those who are obstinately bent on believing in falsehood, shall have their faces torched everlastingly in hellfire. 

I hope that adequately takes care of all those who only wish to spew retarded nonsense.

Those who think THEY’re the same as US, can read this, and sharpen their brains a bit: Click Here


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