Sticks ‘n drones break people’s bones, lies ‘n fitnah expose hypocrites, but Dalail Al-Khayrat really exhilarates us Muslims!

23 Jan

Snippets from Dalail Al-Khayrat…

وصل على محمد عدد نعمتك على جميع خلقك وصل على محمد عدد نقمتك وعذابك على من كفر بمحمد صلى الله عليه وسلم وصل على محمد عدد ما دامت الدنيا و الآخرة وصل على محمد عدد ما دامت الخلائق فى الجنة وصل على محمد عدد ما دامت الخلائق فى النار

Translation of meaning: And raise [O Allah] the rank of Muhammad [ﷺ] by the count of Your blessings on the entirety of Your creations; and raise the rank of Muhammad [] by the count of Your torments and punishments upon those who disbelieve in [i.e., refuse to accept the prophethood of] Muhammad sall Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, and raise the ranks of Muhammad [] by the counts of all that exists in this world and the hereafter; and raise the ranks of Muhammad [] by the counts of all the creations that are in Jannah, and raise the ranks of Muhammad [] by the counts of all the creations that are in the inferno.

اللهم كما قام بأعباء الرسالة واستنقذ الخلق من الجهالة وجاهد أهل الكفر والضلالة ودعا إلى توحيدك وقاسى الشدائد في ارشاد عبيدك فأعطه اللهم سؤله وبلغه مأموله وآته الوسيلة والفضيلة والدرجة الرفيعة وابعثه المقام المحمود الذي وعدته إنك لا تخلف الميعاد

Translation of meaning: O Allah! As he stood to deliver The Message, and rescued the creation from ignorance [of You], and warred against the people of kufr (disbelief) and gross misguidance (dzalalah) and invited people towards Your Tawhiid [i.e., the belief in You being the One & Only God of everything], and endured perils in guiding Your slaves – so grant him [] O Allah all that he asked; and materialize all his aspirations; and grant him the means and the virtue; and the loftiest rank; and commission him [] to the station of ultimate praise that You promised him, indeed You do not contravene Your Promise.

اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد صاحب الحسن والجمال والبهجة والكمال والبهاء والنور والولدان والحور والغرف والقصور واللسان الشكور والقلب المشكور والعلم المشهور والجيش المنصور والبنين والبنات والأزواج الطاهرات والعلو على الدرجات والزمزم والمقام والمشعر الحرام واجتناب الآثام وتربية الأيتام والحج وتلاوة القرآن وتسبيح الرحمن وصيام رمضان واللواء المعقود والكرم والجود والوفاء بالعهود صاحب الرغبة والترغيب والبغلة والنجيب والحوض والقضيب النبي الأواب الناطق بالصواب المنعوت في الكتاب النبي عبد الله النبي كنز الله النبي حجة الله النبي من أطاعه فقد أطاع الله ومن عصاه فقد عصى الله النبي العربي القرشي الزمزمي المكي التهامي صاحب الوجه الجميل والطرف الكحيل والخد الاسيل والكوثر والسلسبيل قاهر المضادين مبيد الكافرين وقاتل المشركين قائد الغر المحجلين إلى جنات النعيم وجوار الكريم صاحب سيدنا جبريل عليه السلام ورسول رب العالمين وشفيع المذنبين وغاية الغمام ومصباح الظلام وقمر التمام

Translation of meaning: O Allah! Exalt the rank of our Master Muhammad – the possessor of allurement & exquisiteness; and of grace & [created] perfection; and of brilliance & luminescence; and of [heavenly] servants and houris [i.e., maidens of Paradise]; and of [heavenly] chambers & palaces; and the most thankful parlance & the most lauded heart; and the most famous knowledge & the most [Divinely] assisted army; and of sons & daughters; and the purest wives; and the most loftiest of ranks; and of Zamzam & the Maqam [of Ibraahiim, in the Holy Mosque, Makkah]; and of the sacred sites; and of infallibility from sinfulness; and of [compassionate] upbringing of orphans; and of Hajj and recitation of the Quran; and of glorification of Ar-Rahman; and of fasting in Ramadzan; and of the knotted flag; and of grandeur and compassion; and of loyalty to covenants; the possessor of desire [in Allah’s cause] and the awakening of that desire [in others]; and of the mule; and of the noblest of births; and of the fountain [of paradise] & the staff; the prophet who incessantly turns [towards Allah]; the one whose discourse is always the sanctimonious truth; the one who is praised in The Book, the prophet who is Allah’s [perfect] slave; the prophet who is Allah’s treasure; the prophet who is Allah’s proof; the prophet such that the one who obeys him, obeys Allah, and the one who disobeys him, disobeys Allah; the prophet who is Arab, of the Quraysh tribe, the Zamzamiy, the Makkan, the Tihaamiy; the possessor of the most handsome face; and of naturally kohl-lined eyelids; and of graceful long cheeks; and of the Kauthar & the Salsabiil; the vanquisher against the opponents; the destroyer of the infidels (kaafiriin); the slayer of the idolaters; the guide of his junta possessing shining faces and limbs, to the bliss of Paradise, and the vicinity of Al-Kariim [i.e., His favors]; the owner of our master Jibriil, ‘alaihis salam, and the Messenger of the Lord of the worlds; and the intercessor of the sinful ones even as their sins pile up unto the clouds; and the lamp against all darknesses; and the complete moon.


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