‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab – The Pride of Rasul-Allah ﷺ – The Enemy of the interfaith dialogue of hypocrites – Forbids Muslims From entering the churches of infidels and imitating them on their festivals

14 Mar

From the Sunan Al-Kubra of Imam Al-Bayhaqi

Chapter on Abhorring Entering the churches/temples of the dhimmis [i.e., kafirs living under Islamic law dutifully paying jizyah] and Imitating them on their navroz and [other] festivals.

قال عمر – رضي الله عنه : لا تعلموا رطانة الأعاجم ، ولا تدخلوا على المشركين في كنائسهم يوم عيدهم ، فإن السخطة تنزل عليهم

السنن الكبرى – أبو بكر أحمد بن الحسين بن علي البيهقي

باب كراهية الدخول على أهل الذمة في كنائسهم والتشبه بهم يوم نيروزهم ومهرجانهم

‘Umar [ibn Al-Khattab], may Allah reward him, said: Do not learn the debased jargon of the nonArab [infidels]; and do not enter the churches of the pagans on their festivals for wrath descends unto them*.

* It is allowed for a scholar of Islam to enter the places of worship of the kuffaar IF he is entering there to refute and negate their religions and show them the truth of Islamic belief, establishing that Islam ALONE is acceptable to Allah and what leads to victory in the next life and anything else other than Islam leads to everlasting perdition and doom.


Our master ‘Umar radzi Allahu ‘anhu commanded us not to even learn the jargon of kafirs. Yet we have Muslim-pretending scholars of these times, not just using their debased and ugly jargon, but even using their titles of honorary salutations upon kafirs, like “his holiness” “his beatitude” and so on, which are clear and open apostasy from Islam.

[Attn Muslims: It is clear cut apostasy from Islam to say that a religion other than Islam is good or beautiful or so forth, or to call it holy or to address the kuffaar, and worse yet, the heads of the kuffaar who are the worst of all satanists – with honorific titles such as “his holiness” – as stated in the works of all mujtahid scholars.

In these times when munafiq swines pretending to be Muslim scholars have popularized calling people like the christian pope and the idiot dalai lama as “his holiness”, Muslims should completely oppose and negate this filthy practice by addressing their kafir masters as “HIS EVILNESS” or “HIS WICKEDNESS” and so on.]

One should ask these kafirs pretending to be Muslim scholars, questions like – If the accursed pope and the evil religion of christianity (or any belief other than Islam) is so holy, then why do we need to call him to Islam?

Oh but we forgot, these spineless infidels pretending to be Muslim scholars do not dare call anyone to Tawhiid and to denouncing the nonsensical and kufr concept of trinity or the garbage of hinduism or buddhism. They are too busy addressing the dalai lama and the evil scoundrels of the vatican as “his holiness”.

Let those kafirs pretending to be scholars of Islam and Ihsan philosophize on how much they love kafirs and how they love to wish them for christmas and easter, and attend mass with their christian, buddhist and other infidel brothers and sisters. We Muslims know who to follow.

wAllahu waliyy-ut-tawfeeq. 


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