Verse 2:83 and “speaking good”

25 Jul

As-Salamu ‘alaikum

A christian hypocrite pretending to be a Muslim sufi and a waliy contended that the Quran commands us to speak ‘good words’ to ‘people in general’ without specifying their religion.

The christian pretending to be Muslim, cited the words 

وَقُولُوا لِلنَّاسِ حُسْنًا

from verse 83 of Surah Al-Baqarah to make his point. 

The zindiq said it in a longer speech making a larger point that Muslims should never offend the sensibilities of his trinitarian masters and should always say things that please them. 

This is the verse in full:

وَإِذْ أَخَذْنَا مِيثَاقَ بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ لَا تَعْبُدُونَ إِلَّا اللَّهَ وَبِالْوَالِدَيْنِ إِحْسَانًا وَذِي الْقُرْبَىٰ وَالْيَتَامَىٰ وَالْمَسَاكِينِ وَقُولُوا لِلنَّاسِ حُسْنًا وَأَقِيمُوا الصَّلَاةَ وَآتُوا الزَّكَاةَ ثُمَّ تَوَلَّيْتُمْ إِلَّا قَلِيلًا مِّنكُمْ وَأَنتُم مُّعْرِضُونَ

Translation of meaning: And when We took a covenant from the children of Israel that you do not worship anyone other than Allah and be kind to parents, and to kith and kin, and to orphans, and to the poor, and to speak good to people, and establish prayers and pay zakat; then you turned away, except a few of you [children of Israel] and you are insolent. [Holy Quran 2:83]

Specifically, on the topic of speaking good as mentioned in the verse:

Imam ‘Abd Ar-Rahman bin ‘Ali bin Muhammad Al-Jawziy says in Zaad Al-Masiir:

واختلفوا في المخاطب بهذا على قولين
احدهما انهم اليهود قاله ابن عباس وابن جبير وابن جريج ومعناه اصدقوا وبينوا صفة النبي
والثاني انهم أمة محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم قال أبوالعالية قولوا للناس معروفا وقال محمد ابن علي بن الحسين كلموهم بما تحبون أن يقولوا لكم و زعم قوم ان المراد بذلك مساهلة الكفار في دعائهم الى الإسلام فعلى هذا تكون منسوخة بآية السيف 

And there are two different sayings [of classical scholars] on who is being addressed by this:

The first of them [two sayings] is that they are the jews [who are being addressed]; this is said by Ibn ‘Abbas and Ibn Jubayr and Ibn Jurayj, and it refers to [commanding the jews] to speak the truth and propagate the attributes of the Prophet [; that is, under the covenant, they are commanded to publicly declare the truth in regards to the magnificent qualities of the Last Messenger  and accept him as Allah’s Messenger]

And the second [saying] is that they are the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad [who are being addressed]; Abu ‘Aaliyah said: ‘Speak kindly to people’; and Muhammad ibn ‘Ali ibn Hussain said: ‘Speak to them as you would like to be spoken to’; and some posit that the inference by this is to be soft towards the kuffaar in calling them to Islam, and upon this [position of theirs], it is rendered as abrogated by the Verse of the Sword.

The Ash’ari & Sufi Imam Fakhr Ad-Diin Ar-Razi and his encyclopedic Mafatiih al-Ghayb

The imam has a subjective discourse and collation of classical scholarly sayings on the topic of ‘speaking good’ with kuffaar, which we shall summarize after following 2 extracts from his discourse on the topic:

1) The indisputable and consensus-bearing core essence of the exegesis on the topic are these words of Imam Abu J’afar Muhammad bin ‘Ali Al-Baqir that Imam Ar-Razi has quoted:

القول الحسن ليس عبارة عن القول الذي يشتهونه ويحبونه، بل القول الحسن هو الذي يحصل انتفاعهم به ونحن إذا لعناهم وذممناهم ليرتدعوا به عن الفعل القبيح كان ذلك المعنى نافعا في حقهم فكان ذلك اللعن قولا حسنا ونافعا، كما أن تغليظ الوالد في القول قد يكون حسنا ونافعا من حيث إنه يرتدع به عن الفعل القبيح

Good speech‘ does not refer to speech that appeals to their [kuffaar’s] fancy or what they like to hear – but rather – ‘good speech‘ is that which delivers them benefit through it. And if we damn them and rebuke them so that by it [damnation and rebuking], they are dissuaded from the ugly act [of holding putrid beliefs and their other decadence, etc.], it means that it is beneficial for them, and therefore this damnation is good and beneficial speech; as [an analogy] the admonishing word of a father is good and beneficial [speech] where it debars [the child] from ugly action.

2) In the exegesis, Imam Ar-Razi also mentions the analysis of classical scholars that matters in our lives are classified as either deeni (religious) or duniyawiy (worldly). In regards to worldly matters, the scholarly perspective, as stated in the exegesis, is:

وأما في الأمور الدنيوية فمن المعلوم بالضرورة  أنه إذا أمكن التوصل إلى الغرض بالتلطف من القول لم يحسن سواه

And in worldly affairs, it is obviously known [i.e., simple common sense] that if possible, achieve the objective through courteous speech [pertaining to the worldly matter]; other than this, nothing else counts as good [speech].*

*Please note that there is no courteousness to apostates, zanadiq and hypocrites. What is said, only pertains to original kafirs. A Muslim must cut off all social ties with apostates, zanadiq and hypocrites.

Imam Fakhruddiin Ar-Razi narrates the differing opinions of mujtahid scholars in his lengthy discussion on the topic of “good speech” towards kafirs, which can be summarized as follows:

1) There is ABSOLUTELY NO DISPUTE between mujtahid scholars that ‘good speech’ in the case of kafirs is that which negates and destroys their false religions and calls them towards Islam – as far as religious matters are concerned. It is CERTAINLY NOT something that appeals to their sensibilities and fancies, or sugarcoats on the negation of their filthy religions.

2) There is just a difference of opinion between the luminary mujtahid scholars of the ummah if damning them harshly in order to call them to Islam is obligatory ALL the time with ALL kafirs, or NOT every time with every kafir, in order to achieve THE OBJECTIVE of negating and annihilating their religion or ideology and calling them to Islam. The imams DO NOT dispute that damning them harshly because of their disbelief in Allah IS INDEED GOOD SPEECH as it will aid in negating their false religions and calling them to Islam. They just dispute if it is OBLIGATORY or NECESSARY all the time or not. (Do remember that with the Verse of the Sword, softness is only permitted towards dhimmis and NOT towards non-dhimmis)

3) In worldly matters like trade transactions, ‘good speech’ is basically just an even handed dealing and talking fairly about achieving the worldly objective.

The detailed discussion can be seen by all those interested in the Imam’s tafsiir under the verse.

Based on the sayings of the true Ahlus Sunnah mujtahid scholars of the ummah, let us see a few religious and worldly examples of ‘good speech’ according to ORTHODOX  MUJTAHID scholars, and also the bad speech which the hypocrites label as ‘good speech’

Religious Matters:




(The examples given below are the kinds of statements made by munaafiqin and zindiq sufis and they are absolute kufr and apostasy from Islam. We seek Allah’s refuge from Islam-claiming munaafiqiin, zindiq ‘sufis’, batinis, perennialists, and syncretists who are the worst and lowliest of all apostates and kafirs. Imam Ghazali has rebuked such human scum passionately)

The trinity is a damned, false, evil and self-contradictory belief that you damned morons should stop believing in, and you should accept Allah as The One & Only True God of everything and His Messenger Muhammad ﷺ as His last & final prophet and you shall save your hereafter.

his evilness benedict is a filthy scum, lower than vermin, for speaking in that manner about the best creation of Allah, our Master Muhammad ﷺ. May Allah’s la’nah strike the face of this rotten devil, his evilness benedict xvi.

How dare this filthy, rotten satan who believes in the disgracefully stupid and repugnant belief of trinity, speak in that manner about the Blessed Caller towards the pristine Tawhiid of The One & Only God of everything?!

(with harsh damnations)

“his holiness pope benedict is a man of great holiness, but his holiness lapsed a little bit in his regensburg speech in 2006 and we would like his holiness to honor us by making a few small amendments and accepting us into his flock of faithful admirers.

We believe that the Quran has commanded us to admire and love christians and jews, and we believe that we must always conform to his holiness’ standards of good and evil, and right and wrong, in order to attain his holy blessings.

We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to present our beliefs to his holiness as best as they can please his christian sensibilities and enable him to perhaps say something positive about us which will indeed be a magnificent feat for us.

What greater joy can there be for Muslims than their religion being palatable to the tastes of the holy vatican!”

The trinity is a false and evil belief that does not appeal to the sound mind. Stop such abominations, and accept Allah as The One & Only True God of everything and His Messenger Muhammad ﷺ as His last & final prophet and you shall save your hereafter.

(without harsh damnations)

“While there are irreconcilable differences between Islam and christianity, I believe as Abrahamic traditions, we have a lot in common and we have to be thankful for our christian bretheren with whom we can share great intellectual discussions and learn about their profound beliefs and traditions.”

Stop taking your priests and rabbis who make the forbidden permissible, and the permissible forbidden – as objects of worship.

(this is the mannerism/tone of the Quran)

“The christian priests are great men of god with great wisdom and piety. In fact the Quran praises them too.”

(The hypocrites misrepresent a verse, and the circumstances around its revelation which relate to a specific set of people, and MOST IMPORTANTLY they NEVER quote the very next verse which says that that specific set of honest and fair people become Muslim when being presented with the truth of Islam. They just make it look like as if the Quran praises their trinitarian monks and priests!)

The dalai lama is a nothing but a rotten scoundrel and an evil pagan politician. He is not “his holiness” but rather “his evilness”.

(harshness and damnation)

“It was wonderful to attend his holiness the dalai lama’s speech at the assembly of world religions, where he spoke about the geopolitical stratagems required to aid the spread of buddhism in south-east asia.”

The dalai lama is the leader of pagans.

(without harshness)

“his holiness the dalai lama is a man of great wisdom and good.”

There is nothing good about the pagan beliefs of buddhism. These pagans have no sense and neither did their pagan forefathers.

(this is the mannerism/tone of the Quran)

“I have read extensively about the beautiful mahayana tradition in buddhism and I have written an article on how profound it is and what kind of impact it has on the human intellect of the batini sophists. I would like to defend the bodhisatvayana a little bit here by delving into sophistry in order to suggest that a lot of the ethos of the profound mahayana tradition resonate with tasawwuf in Islam, and this is truly a magnificent common ground for Muslims and buddhists to stand on in order to achieve the aim of intercultural propagation of not just Islam, but all religions.”

Our father Ibrahiim was neither a christian nor a jew, but rather he was a pure Muslim, and he wasn’t an idol worshiping pagan. If you want to attain salvation, follow the ways of Ibrahiim (‘alaihis salam) and he was certainly NOT a pagan. He was a nation by himself, that is he had such magnanimous strength and intellect. He broke the idols of the disbelievers, not just physically, but also by his logical and rational arguments that they simply were unable to tackle.

(this is the mannerism/tone given in the Quran to talk to christians and jews regarding our father Ibrahiim, ‘alaihis salam)

“We are not interested in polemic rebuttals and the propagation of Islam by negating other religions. We are only interested in interfaith tea parties and group discussions with our brothers and sisters of other traditions. We believe we can learn a great deal from each other and propagate all religions at the same time.”

O people of the book, let us come to a common word between us and you that we will NOT worship anyone other than Allah. 

(mannerism given in the Quran in order to engage the ahl al-kitab in refutations of their false and corrupted religions)

“We do not believe that Verse 3:64 of the Holy Quran is a commandment for Muslims to engage in debate with the christians and jews or to call them towards Islam.

We admit that NO SCHOLAR in the history of Islam has EVER said anything other than the fact that this verse IS INDEED a commandment to engage in debates and rebuttals with the ahl al-kitab, in order to refute, negate and destroy their evil religions and false ideologies.

However, we believe that there are meanings of this verse that were not taught by the Prophet ﷺ and not known even to the sahaba, the tabi’een, and the mujtahid scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah, and only & only we have stumbled upon an extremely beneficial meaning of this verse.

We interpret that the verse does not command us to engage in any debates with the people of the book and not seek to convert them to Islam.

In our estimation, the magnificent meaning of this verse that is known only and only to us, and that no one in the history of Islam has ever said before us – is that we engage with the christians and jews in interfaith tea parties where we pay our respects to his holiness the pope, and tell them that it is absolutely wonderful for them to stay christian and jews and that we have no intentions to call them towards worshiping Allah and accepting our Master Muhammad ﷺ as his Last Messenger.

We believe that our extremely creative and unique new interpretation of the verse serves the purpose of modern pluralism very well.”

(A Muslim responding to a kafir who just told him “merry christmas”)

I am not a christian and have nothing to do with christmas. I find it terribly offensive that you wish me a merry christmas. If you ever wish me a merry christmas again, I will send my kids to tell your kids that their mommy and daddy are pathetic liars and that there is no such thing as a santa claus!

(zanadiq would never have the chance to ‘respond’ to such a greeting, because they will be the first ones to greet their christian brothers and sisters)

“I wish you a wonderful christmas my dear brother. May you and your family have a great christmas eve together, and may you have a great time at mass at church. Please pray for me and my family at your church mass.“

Worldly Matters:




(again, these are examples of abject kufr and apostasy, and we seek Allah’s refuge from it)

(a local Muslim business owner)


Hi, how you doing? See anything you like? Can I help you with anything?

(a local zindiq-sufi business owner)


“Hello my christian brother. How can I help you today? I would love to be of service to my wonderful christian bretheren. Wait, let me open that door for you and grab your coat.”

(Muslim at work)


Morning john! Lovely day, isn’t it? What time’s the meeting with the consultants?

(zindiq-sufi at work)


“As-Salamu ‘Alaykum my dear christian brother john. How was church yesterday? I just feel so happy when I see christians attending church. I and my wife will come visit you this evening for tea. My wife just so loves your wife and kids. We feel like we’re all one family with you guys.”

(Muslim responding to ‘happy holidays’)


Thanks Oscar. Happy holidays
to you too.

(zindiq –sufi responding to ‘happy holidays’)


“… bbut aren’t you a christian? Won’t you be attending church and mass? I think merry christmas is a lot more warmer and charming than a dry happy holidays. There just is no morality and religious vanity in ‘happy holidays’. I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy christmas.”

Any innocent brothers and sisters who did not know any better, who have been misled by these rotten scoundrels who are christian missionaries masquerading as ‘scholars of Islam’, have a golden opportunity to repent before Allah in this blessed month of Ramadzan and renew their faith in Him and their love for His Blessed Messenger ﷺ. The doors of repentance are wide open in this blessed month, and we do not know the times of our deaths.

O Allah! We beseech You to grant us a life on Islam and Iman and death on Islam and Iman, with the love of You, Your Messenger , and all those who have earned Your Ridza, and the hatred of all that has/those who have earned Your ghadzab – intact in our hearts. Aamiin, bi-hurmati nabiyyik-al-amiin.

w-Allahu waliyy-ut-tawfeeq.

PS. The examples presented above of the ‘good speech’ of zanadiq (in the black boxes), are not direct quotes from any particular or specific zindiiq or hypocrite or open kafir, but rather creedal manifestations of their putrid beliefs as they have made them known to people.


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One response to “Verse 2:83 and “speaking good”

  1. Haya

    June 3, 2014 at 9:13 am

    Interesting. Good speech simply mean speaking the haqq. And showing disgust towards kufr is nothing wrong. So-called scholars wanna please the kuffar. I guess thats cos the live among kuffar so they have fallen pray to the suspicions of kuffar, thus they haven’t firm believe in Islam. May Allah guide them.

    Inviting kuffar towards Islam in a polite manner would be fine if it works. If it doesn’t work, then we should be also harsh towards them, as we see most of times they mock our religion, thats why they really deserve contempt, I’m really tired of people like them!


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