Rulings of imams on wishing & gifting infidels on their festivals

24 Dec

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Hadiith of our Master Rasulullah :

من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم

مسند امام أحمد بن حنبل

Translation of meaning: He who adopts the resemblance of a people, he is from them.

Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal

Rulings of Fuqahaa

(Hanafi references are given, but other madhhabs are no different)

اتفق مشایخنا ان من رأی امر الکفار حسنا فقد کفر حتی قالوا فی رجل قال ترک الکلام عند اکل الطعام حسن من المجموسی او ترک المضاجعة عندهم حال الحیض حسن فهو کافر

غمز العیون – كتاب السير والردة

Our shaykhs are unanimous that if someone calls any matter of the kuffaar’s as good, he has disbelieved, so much that they even called the person who says that the magians’ abstaining from speech during eating food is good or that their deed of abstaining from sharing a bed during the wife’s periods is good*.

Ghamz-ul-‘Uyuun – Book of expeditions and apostasy

* This is because the canon regarding the deed is based on beliefs. If the beliefs are not Islam, then no deed is worth any good. An analogy to understand this better is that a $100 bill looks like it has some value on the outward, however a $100 derived from the foundation of halal labor is good while a $100 whose foundations lie on theft is bad.


لوسلم علی الذمی تبجیلا یکفر لان تبجیل الکافر کفر اوقال لمجوسی یااستاذ تبجیلا کفر

درالمختار شرح تنویر الابصار کتاب الحظروالاباحۃ 2/251

If a [Muslim] person offers salam to a dhimmi (a kafir who pays jizya to the Muslim state) as a mark of honor, he becomes a kafir; or if he calls a fire-worshiper (majoosi) “hey, sir” to honor him, he has become a kafir.

Durr Al-Mukhtar

Please note that honoring kafirs is kufr in itself. Greeting them, or giving them gifts to honor them is kufr.


قال ابوبکر بن طرخان من خرج الی السدة (قال القاری ای مجمع اهل الکفر) کفر اذ فیه اعلان الکفر وکانه اعان علیه وعلی قیاس السدة الخروج الی النیروز والموافقة معهم فیما یفعلونه فی ذٰلک الیوم کفر

منح الروض الازهر 

Abu Bakr bin Tarkhan said whoever left towards suddah (Ali Al-Qari said that it means a gathering of the people of kufr) has disbelieved as in it there is an announcement of kufr as if he has helped kufr, there is qiyas on it, going out on nowroz (in/to the nowroz specific gatherings and marches) and aping them in whatever they do on that day – it is also kufr.

Minh Rawdz Al-Azhar (Same ruling stated in Jami’ Al-Fusuuliin)


یکفربخروجه الی نیروز المجوس والموافقة معهم فیما یفعلون فی ذٰلک الیوم وبشرائه یوم النیروز شیئالم یکن یشتريه قبل ذٰلک تعظیما للنیروز لا للاکل والشرب وباهدائه ذٰلک الیوم للمشرکین ولو بیضة تعظیما لذلک الیوم

مجمع الانهر

Going out with the magians on nowroz in such a way that one too will do as they do, then this is kufr. Likewise, if someone buys something specifically in honor of this specific day (nowroz), or to gift to the polytheists rather than to eat or drink himself, that he did not buy prior to this , even if it is only an egg, then it is kufr.

Majma’ Al-Anhur (Same ruling also stated in Bahr Ar-Raiq, Fatawa Hindiyyah)


الاعطاء باسم النیروز والمهرجان (بان یقال هدية هذا الیوم) لایجوز ای الهدایا باسم هذين الیومین حرام وان قصد تعظیمه کما یعظمه المشرکون یکفر

در المختار

Giving gifts in the name of nawroz and mihrajan (2 festivals of magians) (saying that this gift is for this day) is not allowed, meaning that giving and receiving gifts in the name of both these days is haram; and if he honors it as well like the mushrikeen, then he will become a kafir.

Durr Al-Mukhtar


Please safeguard your faiths and do not be carried away to hell in a handbasket, along with the zindiiq perennialist sufis. No true Ahlus Sunnah Sufi master has ruled it permissible (or worse yet, recommended) to wish the kafirs on their festivals or to offer them gifts to honor their festivals. 

According to Muslim fuqahaa, visiting their christmas gatherings and parades is haram, if done for entertainment, or mere sightseeing. It makes one a kafir if done with the intention to honor their religions, their religious days and their traditions.

The same applies to putting their signs in your homes like the christmas trees or reindeer, or teaching them to your children, or letting your children be swayed by santa at the malls and other venues. Honoring their festivals and observing them at your own homes by exchanging gifts and so on and teaching your children to do so is absolute kufr and takes one outside of Islam. 

See the rulings of our fuqahaa – even praising or lauding the traditions of the kuffaar takes one outside of Islam.

Muslim mommies should take this opportunity to gently educate their children the beauty of Islam and educate them regarding the ugliness of kufr. They should teach their little ones that the parents of christian children are baaaad bad liars who lie about Allah, pure is He from taking a partner or son. They lie about our Masters ‘Eisa, and Muhammad, ‘alaihimus salam. They lie to their children about santa claus and his gifts.

Muslim mommies and daddies should ingrain into the minds of their children that the christians are best known as disbelieving liars and brainless fools in the Quran and the Muslim tradition. They should also take this opportunity to form a closer bond of friendship with their children by entertaining them and making jokes and laughing heartily at all the stupid kids who believe in santa claus and their stupid parents who believe in stupid doctrines like the trinity, or the stupid children and their stupid parents who worship idols and pictures that they make with their own hands. 

Use your holidays well dear Muslims!

w-Allahu waliyy-ut-tawffiq.


5 responses to “Rulings of imams on wishing & gifting infidels on their festivals

  1. umme Ahmad

    December 24, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    Reblogged this and commented:
    Christian and other traditions and festivals are Haraam and Kufr

    • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

      December 24, 2013 at 9:34 pm

      May Allah reward you for your gheyrah for Islam dear sister, and may He cause you, your family and children to be helpers in the cause of Islam. Aamiin bi hurmati nabiyyihi-l-amiin.

      • umme Ahmad

        December 25, 2013 at 5:36 pm

        Assalaamu alykum respected brother.

        .Wa iyyake and ameen and thumma ameen.

  2. Masood

    December 24, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    Excellent article. Masha Allah.

  3. Arslan

    June 1, 2014 at 9:00 am

    Masha’Allah, I forgot how good this site was.

    Brother, you have a lot of ghairah. May Allah give us all the tawfeeq to speak the haqq .


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