Darwinism in the eye of the mind

09 Jun

Reblogged from Shaykh Abu Adam’s blog (may Allah preserve him).

Sunni Answers

I have received many requests for writing something about Darwinism since starting Sunnianswers. I never felt I should need to do that, because it should not be that difficult. I always felt no threat from a theory that is so weak that, in my view, it can be ignored from the outset. I did feel, however, that a lot of what is written, from occasional browsing on the internet, misses the point. This is not strange, perhaps, because most of what is there is written by anthropomorphists, that is, the so called creationists, and they cannot go to a level where they will be shooting themselves in the foot. It is just one kaafir arguing with another kaafir about what kind of kufr they should be doing.

The following is a brief synopsis of why Darwinism does not deserve a Muslim’s second look. It is not the usual yada yada…

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One response to “Darwinism in the eye of the mind

  1. Najumuddeen

    June 9, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    May Allah bless u.Every time I read u r blog, u make me so happy in other words u take the words out of my mouth.I will send u a copy of my sheikhs books on democracy. and u would have read on the Sunni answers about Darwinism. I remember u in my dua.May Allah make it easy for u Aameen


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