Imam Ghazali: Prophet Muhammad ﷺ warred against christians and jews in order to convert them to Islam

10 Jul

Hearing about The Prophet is enough to establish accountability to know Allah as The One & Only God and worship Him

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Imam Abu Haamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad Al-Ghazaaliy says in


كما نعرف أن النبي أمر بالصلاة والزكاة ضرورة فيعلم أيضا ضرورة أنه أمر اليهود والنصارى بالإيمان به واتباعه وذمهم على إصرارهم على عقائدهم ولذلك قاتل جميعهم وكان يكشف عن مؤتزر من بلغ منهم ويقتله ويعلم قطعا أن المعاند العارف مما يقل وإنما الأكثر المقلدة الذين اعتقدوا دين آبائهم تقليدا ولم يعرفوا معجزة الرسول عليه السلام وصدقه والآيات الدالة في القرآن على هذا لا تحصى كقوله تعالى ذلك ظن الذين كفروا فويل للذين كفروا من النار ص وقوله تعالى وذلكم ظنكم الذي ظننتم بربكم أرداكم فصلت وقوله تعالى إن هم إلا يظنون الجاثية وقوله تعالى ويحسبون أنهم على شيء المجادلة وقوله تعالى في قلوبهم مرض البقرة أي شك وعلى الجملة ذم الله تعالى والرسول عليه السلام المكذبين من الكفار مما لا ينحصر في الكتاب والسنة وأما قوله كيف يكلفهم ما لا يطيقون قلنا نعلم ضرورة أنه كلفهم أما أنهم يطيقون أو لا يطيقون فلننظر فيه بل نيه الله تعالى على أنه أقدرهم عليه بما رزقهم من العقل ونصب من الأدلة وبعث من الرسل المؤيدين بالمعجزات الذين نبهوا العقول وحركوا دواعي النظر حتى لم يبق على الله لأحد حجة بعد الرسل 

… As we know with certainty that the Prophet commanded to [establishing] the prayers and zakat, and it is also well known with certainty that he commanded the jews and christians to believe in himself, and follow him, and censured them for their obstinacy upon their beliefs, and because of this, he warred against all of them, and he exposed their defiance and plots to murder [him].

And he knew full well that the defiant ones were less and the majority were those who believed in the religion of their forefathers out of blind following and they couldn’t even see the miracles of the Messenger, peace be upon him, and his truthfulness [due to their blind following the misguided ways of their forefathers], and the verses in the Quran proving this are numerous, like The Almighty’s sayings [translations of meanings]: {That is the supposition of those who disbelieve, so woe unto those who disbelieve (38:27)} and {And that was your assumption that you had assumed about your Lord (41:23)} and {They are but assuming (45:24)} and {and [they] think they are on to something (58:18)} and {in their hearts is a disease (2:10) [i.e., doubt]}; summarily, Allah and His Messenger, peace be upon him, have censured the denying kuffar in the Book [Quran] & Sunnah in numerous places.

As for his [Al-Jahizdh’s] saying that how are they accountable for that which they can’t bear [by way of accepting the commandments to follow the Messenger ﷺ and accept the new laws], we say that we know with confirmed certainty that He [Allah] has made them accountable. As for what they can and can’t bear, we shall look at it: so in this regards Allah has granted them capability [to accept the commandments to follow the Messenger ﷺ] by way of bestowing upon them reasoning and establishing proofs [for them], and sent Messengers aided by miracles – those who stimulate the minds and activate the sight of reasoning, so much so that after [hearing of] the Messengers, no one can ask Allah for anymore proof [i.e., firm evidence is established upon mankind to know Allah as The Only True God & worship Him – by the arrival of His Messengers]


The self-hating islamites, the hypocrites can continue denying Allah’s commands and well-known Islamic history, while they beam at their kafir masters’ spread of their filthy ideologies by nuclear bombs and carpet bombing. We Muslims are very proud of our warrior forefathers who spread Islam far and wide by the sword.

And success isn’t but by Allah’s leave.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ warred against jews and christians to convert them to Islam

Imam Ghazali: Prophet Muhammad ﷺ warred against jews and christians to convert them to Islam


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