Who are your enemies?

25 Jul

As-Salamu ‘Alaykum

You have THREE enemies:

1 – Your own enemy.

2 – The friend of your enemy.

3 – The enemy of your friend.

All Muslims are aware of the first type of enemy.

The enemies of Islam are increasingly working with enemies number 2 & 3 against Islam.

Beware of them.

A person or a group or an entity or organization is an enemy of Islam if it is a friend of kufr and ahl al-kufr. Those who say they belong to US and THEM, are enemies of Islam. 

A person or a group or an entity or organization is most certainly an enemy of Islam if it is friend to one set of believers and an enemy to another set of believers. Of course, all of kufr is one religion, and Allah has called ALL kafirs as His enemies; and there is NO FRIENDSHIP between Muslims and kafirs.

In the modern geopolitical context, innocent Muslims shouldn’t be fooled into the pseudo-separation of religion and politics by the empire, and start to think that a political entity or organization or geopolitical nation is a friend of one group of Muslims or a geopolitical nation of Muslims, and at the same time an enemy of another group or geopolitical nation of Muslims. Muslims should note full well what applies in religious matters, also applies in political matters. Our religion is our defining trait.

Don’t EVER expect any respect, honor or dignity in life if you don’t acknowledge your enemies as your enemies. To know who your enemies are, you must have a solid recognition of your own identity. Such are the teachings of our Master ‘Umar, radzi Allahu ‘anhu.

And success isn’t but by Allah’s leave.



3 responses to “Who are your enemies?

  1. munafiq

    January 26, 2015 at 9:56 am

    It’s good to know that jihalat, ignorance, and hatred in people like you are every few in numbers. I am sure if you had the chance you would slay each and every non-muslim in the world. Islam came as a mercy to mankind NOT just for muslims. There are good non-muslims out there who are more righteous than some muslims like yourself. May Allah (S.W.T) guide you to the right path and grant you inner peace. You are fighting an inner-war with yourself.

    • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

      January 26, 2015 at 10:56 am

      It’s amusing to see that people like you accuse others of jahalah and ignorance, yet do not have the capability to provide evidence or proofs to substantiate your claims. Oh yes, I know – authentic Islamic knowledge hurts munafiqiin like you and such rants are all you kafir-loving hypocrites can come up with when you do not find any evidence in the Islamic tradition to suit your agendas.

      Your fallacy that numbers define the truth is a sure indicator that for idiots like you the truth is only defined by numbers. If you lived in an idol worshiping nation, you might have been an idolater. If you were in a communist nation, you might have been a communist. As chance would have it, you are now a brainwashed “western Muslim” because most of the numbers around you are western infidels. In any case, I assure you that contrary to what you read in the star, REAL Muslims who live in MUSLIM nations KNOW their religion well and it is in fact so-called “Muslims” like YOU from the west, who are in fact a minority in the world of Islam!

      I am sure if you had the chance you would slay each and every non-muslim in the world.

      What is your evidence for saying this? It is YOUR extreme love of kafirs and extreme hatred for Islam and Muslims that drives you to make such remarks! It is so-called “Muslims” like you who have sold their souls to their kafir masters that they can even make baseless accusations against other Muslims.

      Islam came as a mercy to mankind NOT just for muslims.

      munafiqiin like you do not understand what you are quoting. Your so-called knowledge revolves around catch phrases and slogans you pick up here and there on the net. Yes Islam is a mercy – for those who accept it. Those who wish to reject it and stay defiant, have a painful torment waiting for them in hellfire, and they do not deserve any love or empathy from Muslims. Dealing with them justly in this world is enough.

      There are good non-muslims out there who are more righteous than some muslims like yourself.

      Your love of your kafirs even forces you to utter kufr. There is no such thing as a kafir more righteous than a Muslim – me or any other Muslim. This is an ‘aqiidah of the Ahlus Sunnah.

      The foundation of all deeds is the shahadah that there is no god other than Allah and that my master Muhammad ﷺ is the messenger of Allah. Without this, all other so-called “good deeds” of kafirs are worthless. A kafir is NEVER righteous and his so-called “good deeds” are simply worthless.

      If you had ever bothered to read the Quran rather than licking the shoes of your kafir masters you would have known. See for example the tafasiir of verses like 6:88, 14:18, 24:39, 18:103, 18:104, 88:3, 88:4 for example.

      You are fighting an inner-war with yourself.

      That’s you. It is you who has an identity crisis. It is you who doesn’t know if he’s really a Muslim or a kafir like those around him. If you were born in a Muslim family, you are ashamed of your heritage. You secretly wish to be more like those around you. Their wealth and luxuries have cast a spell on your eyes. You wish you could eat bacon like them. You wish you could have a few drinks with them only so you could fit in with them and gain their good cheer, acceptance, and approval. You wish you lived their naked, decadent lives. It is your topmost priority to be accepted in the good books of your drunk, naked, adultering, infidel masters. Yet you probably were born in a Muslim family, so that’s another aspect of your sorrowful identity. You somehow try to convince yourself that you belong to both sides and traditions, the Islamic side and tradition of Tawhiid and human decency, perfection and beauty; as well as the ugly, drunken, naked tradition of kufr.

      Two opposites never unite. You can’t simultaneously belong to two opposing teams. It’s always one or the other!

      I pray to Allah that you either come back to Islam or that your face is damned and burned in hellfire along with those whom you love!

      PS. I changed the name in your comment.

  2. Ali

    March 26, 2015 at 5:16 pm


    Well said!!!! couldn’t be put into words any better.


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