Sunni Muslim Response to wheaton’s decision to fire dr. larycia hawkins, the christian academic who said that Muslims and christians worship the same god

01 Feb

It’s one thing to say that all of creation is under The Dominion Of The Same God.

It’s something else to say that Muslims and christians worship the same god. 

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

I – On wheaton’s decision, and our countering of the boot-licking statement of the president of the apostasy college

We SUPPORT wheaton college’s decision to fire dr. larycia hawkins, and indeed commend their stance on taking action against the statement made by dr. larycia hawkins. (Read reasons below.)

While the perennialists and munaafiqiin looking for acceptance from the open kuffar are fawning over the gesture (wearing hijab) and the statement (her statement that Muslims and christians worship the same god) by dr. hawkins, we Muslims KNOW FULL WELL that both her gesture and her statement are a TRAP OF SATAN and nothing more than that. Falling into this trap would be advocating for a communion of the truth of Islam and the utter blasphemy and falsehood that is christianity.

Before we move any further, we first need to destroy the fallacy spread by the munafiq who runs another liberal arts college, only his liberal arts college is dedicated to the theology of perennialism and apostasy in the name of Islam.

There is no denying that Allah Created all creation. He is The God of ALL creation – be it me or you or christians or jews or atheists or animals or jinn or anyone.

HOWEVER, it DOES NOT mean we can say Muslims and christians worship the same god.

Allah is The God Who Created Adam, and Eve, and sent Abraham and Moses and Jesus – He created Jesus as born to a virgin mother without any father, just as He created Adam without both a father or a mother – and He also sent His last and final prophet, our Master Muhammad ﷺ.

The jews believe in a lie and worship a fictitious, non-existent, non-entity of a false god – the one that they say sent Moses but not Jesus or our Master Muhammad ﷺ – while Allah is the one who sent Moses AND Jesus, Jesus being created through the virgin birth of his mother without any father, just as Adam was created without any father or mother, AND also sent His last & final Prophet our Master Muhammad .

The christians believe in a worse lie and worship a fictitious, non-existent, non-entity. Firstly, what they call “god”, in their christian language, is a unification of three entities all possessing the attributes of creation. What’s further idiotic is the fact that they say that “god” is the father, as well as the son. Even further idiotic is the fact that they address the mother of Jesus as “mother of God”. This fictitious, non-existent, non-entity of a false god, the christians believe, is what created Adam and Eve and sent Moses and Jesus (describing him with the vilest of blasphemies) but not our Master Muhammad ﷺ – while Allah is the one who sent Moses AND Jesus, Jesus being created through the virgin birth of his mother without any father, just as Adam was created without any father or mother, AND also sent His last & final Prophet Muhammad .

Do Muslims and christians have The Same God Who Created them? YES INDEED. It is The Same God Who CREATED Adam and Jesus and our Master Muhammad ﷺ.

Do Muslims and christians worship The Same God? NO WAY. Muslims worship Allah alone, The Only God of all creation and everything other than Him is creation. The christians are idolators and polytheists, as are the jews, due their worship of a non-existent, non-entity that is NOT Allah.

The apostate hypocrite, the perennialist and marked enemy of Islam, who runs a liberal arts college dedicated to equivocation, and apostasy from Islam, as is his habit to employ equivocation and prevarication, went off on an apologetic spree saying that dr. larycia hawkins was correct in saying that Muslims and christians worship the same god.

The hypocrite who claims to be Muslim, should have at least taken a lesson in shame from the very wheaton college, that he wishes to enlighten with his ill-gotten musings. Indeed, that same wheaton college, are a lesser evil than this so-called Muslim and his pathetic institution that he terms a ‘liberal arts college’. The kufr and apostasy that this hypocrite preaches (apostasy through perennialism and subservience to his kafir masters, mainly christian), is much worse than the christian doctrine preached by wheaton college. Apostasy is always the worst form of kufr, and that is what is taught by the president of the so-called ‘liberal arts college dedicated to Islam’.

The folks at wheaton college do not compromise on their beliefs, despite their beliefs being demonstrably and provably false, irrational, stupid & ugly (when they SHOULD give up those beliefs and embrace Islam in order to attain salvation and save their hereafter)- while this vermin claims to profess the truth of Islam and yet routinely compromises on the unimpeachable truths and central beliefs and dignity of Islam itself (having exposed himself as a rotten munafiq in the process). All this notwithstanding wheaton’s clarity in knowing that THEY indeed have different beliefs than US.

Despite its idiotic and blasphemous beliefs, wheaton has the shame and integrity to state its beliefs and identity clearly, and to distance itself from any beliefs and identities that are not christian. The same can’t be said for the so-called “Muslim” liberal arts college that neither states clearly nor upholds the core Islamic beliefs, nor Muslim identity. See excerpt below from wheaton’s website: (emphasis mine)

As an institution of distinctively evangelical Christian identity, the core of our faith, as expressed in our Statement of Faith, is our belief that “the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures, as a representative and substitutionary sacrifice, triumphing over all evil; and that all who believe in Him are justified by His shed blood and forgiven of all their sins.” We affirm that salvation is through Christ alone.

While wheaton strives to uphold, support and advance their christian beliefs (despite being demonstrably polytheistic and nonsensical) itself and ask its professors to do the same, the so-called “Muslim” liberal arts college run by the perennialist kafir hypocrite and his cohorts has left no stone unturned in negating and making a mockery of fundamental Islamic theology, creed, and doctrine.

While wheaton makes its stand on beliefs crystal clear for all people to see, the liberal apostasy college strives to fudge core matters of Islamic doctrine that are as clear as sunlight – matters like who is a Muslim and who are the disbelievers. The satanists at the liberal apostasy college wouldn’t be caught dead saying that people who do not die Muslims are damned to everlastingly suffering in the inferno! Rather, one would find them musing away elaborate fantasies on the buddhists being regarded as ‘people of the book’ or how best to read literature by blasphemers of medieval europe!

See below:

Upon entering into an employment agreement, all Wheaton College faculty voluntarily commit to support and advance our biblical mission; accept and model the Statement of Faith with integrity, compassion and theological clarity; and live and teach within our Community Covenant.

We DO NOT affirm wheaton’s statement of faith. We believe it to be a complete and utter blasphemy and lie against Allah, the Creator of all creation. We believe it to be an abominable lie upon the character of the beloved Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, a brother in prophethood to Allah’s last prophet, our Master Muhammad ﷺ.

As the QURAN EXPLICITLY SAYS in clear language – we too call upon wheaton and all christians to shun the abominable, evil & polytheistic beliefs of trinity, son/daughter/mother/father of god (beliefs EXACTLY LIKE those of the ancient greeks, the hindus, and all other polytheists) – and to accept Prophet Jesus as Allah’s CREATED slave and prophet; and to accept and acknowledge our Master Muhammad ﷺ as the last and final prophet of Allah. 

We DO affirm the fact that indeed Muslim faith and the blasphemous christian religion are completely different and hence commend and support their decision to start the termination proceedings against dr larycia hawkins, in order to maintain the unimpeachable schism that exists between Islam & christianity

  • as religions – Islam being the ONLY TRUE religion, the ONLY ACCEPTABLE RELIGION to the Creator & Lord of Jesus and Muhammad ﷺ and salvation being dependent upon acceptance of our Master Muhammad ﷺ, acceptance of whom is the acceptance of all past prophets of Allah – christianity being a polytheistic lie against our Creator, an abominable lie against our beloved prophet Jesus peace be upon him, a completely unacceptable and an utterly disgusting doctrine and belief in the court of Allah, and a path leading to everlasting damnation in hell-fire with no hope of being removed from it should one leave this world as a christian.
  • and as personal identities – for Muslim and christian are two DISTINCTIVELY different identities based on these two DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE creeds.

We further state unequivocally that the so-called ‘Muslim liberal arts college’ is in reality an apostasy college, run by an apostate and hypocrite hungry for the fame and riches of this life. The apostate who runs that college has no shame, or dignity, or integrity, or knowledge, or piety, or the character or courage to uphold the truth of Islam. He is an unyielding enemy of Allah, His Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Islam, and the Muslim ummah – he is the one who claims not to be a perennialist, but will gladly co-author ‘religious’ works with them, apologize for them, and promote them, their publishing houses and their evil works; who claims to be a Sunni and an ardent follower of Imam Ghazali, but will gladly receive funds from the isma’iiliy apostates, the batini apostates that Imam Ghazali wrote profusely against; who gleefully exhibits his munafiq status by stating that he belongs to both “us” as well as “them”. Indeed, this filthy munafiq is a much greater evil than wheaton and its christian dogma for he seeks to blur the lines between truth and falsehood; and between good and evil while wheaton, despite being a carrier of the evil doctrine of trinity, clearly identifies the differences between “us” and “them”.

O Allah, we beseech You to damn the face of this evil president of the so-called ‘Muslim liberal arts college’ for him to be exposed as a marked munafiq before all of mankind to see and take heed from. We beseech You to cleanse the world of him and his fitnah, and to throw this marked munafiq into the inferno. Aameen bi hurmati Taha wa Yaseen.

II – Our open response & advice to dr larycia hawkins

dr. larycia hawkins,

We would like to address the recent issues pertaining to you.

1 – your statement that Muslims and christians worship the same god We have abundantly explained above that this is indeed a falsehood and an abomination, so we will recap it quickly.

As Muslims we COMPLETELY & UNEQUIVOCALLY REJECT this claim that both Muslims and christians worship the same god. Both we and you are indeed the created subjects under the Dominion & Will of The Same God, Allah, Who Created the first human and prophet, our father Adam not having a father and a mother of his own, Who Created Eve through Adam’s ribs, Who Sent His Prophets (among many others) Abraham, and David, and Israel, and Joseph, and Solomon, and Moses, and Jesus – His Created slave who is just like Adam as he too has no father but only a mother, and His last & final prophet our Master Muhammad ﷺ, peace be upon them all.

Being the creation & subjects under the Dominion of The Same God is NOT the same as worshiping Him or believing in Him. We state unequivocally that you christians do NOT believe in or worship The God Who Created you, but rather lie and blaspheme against Him by believing in the repugnant doctrine of trinity and rejecting His last & final prophet. 

We state unequivocally that salvation is ONLY possible through the acknowledgement and acceptance of our Master Muhammad as the last & final prophet of Allah, the acknowledgement and acceptance of whom is the acknowledgement and acceptance of ALL of Allah’s preceding prophets. 

We hope this sends the message loud and clear as can be.

2 – your gesture of wearing the hijab to express solidarity with Muslim women within the context of civil rights – We thank you and appreciate the empathetic gesture. However, please do note that deeds are useless in the hereafter lest one believe in The God Who Created all of us. It is infinitely better for you to save your hereafter by denouncing the trinity and becoming Muslim rather than just making a political statement as an outsider alongside Muslims, something that is only confined to this temporal world. Allah’s Mercy is infinite and you only stand to gain everlasting bliss and do yourself good by becoming Muslim.

One of the uncles of our Master Muhammad ﷺ, abu talib, was the disbeliever most empathetic and polite to our Master Rasulullah ﷺ as well as Muslims, and yet he did not declare belief in Allah and His last & final prophet our Master Muhammad ﷺ, and died upon disbelief ending up becoming a dweller of hellfire. We urge you to become Muslim and see the truth of Islam first, and THEN let your empathy and goodwill be channeled beneficially and fruitfully, for yourself first and foremost as well as for those around you.

We hope that now you understand the reasons why we have called your gesture and your statement as a TRAP OF SATAN, who is an enemy to all of mankind. 

We hope you do not fall into satan’s trap and do the right thing by yourself by becoming Muslim. As Muslims, we wish Islam for all of mankind so that as many people as possible save their hereafter, and we strive for Islam to be THE ONLY religion followed on this planet since it is THE ONLY true religion and THE ONLY religion accepted by Allah for our salvation. It shall indeed happen when the entire planet will be Muslim and pork rinds shall not be sold or consumed anywhere on earth. 

And success isn’t but by Allah’s Granting. He Guides to His Mercy those He Wills. 


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6 responses to “Sunni Muslim Response to wheaton’s decision to fire dr. larycia hawkins, the christian academic who said that Muslims and christians worship the same god

  1. idesireranks

    March 12, 2016 at 8:09 am

    I was wondering if you could address this-it’s a VERY VERY common claim of jahil laymen and I hear it everywhere:

    “Kufr means to conceal or cover and therefore a kaffir is one who realize the truth and then rejected it.”

    They keep claiming a kaffir is only one who “knowingly rejects the truth.”

    My understanding :

    This is a blasphemous claim because it is LIMITING kufr to the likes of Shaytan and people of Firaun and the leaders of the Yahud and Abu Talib and Abu Jahl as these realized the truth and still rejected it.

    However this is only ONE TYPE of kufr. Most kuffar receive the message and just aren’t convinced of the truth. This does not excuse them from being labelled as disbelievers and damned for eternity because they have NO VALID REASON to not REALIZE Islam is the truth AND ENTER Islam.
    The evidence that not all disbelievers are like Shaytan(rejecting the truth even though they realize it)
    الذين ضل سعيهم في الحياة الدنيا وهم يحسبون أنهم يحسنون صنعا

    فريقا هدى وفريقا حق عليهم الضلالة إنهم اتخذوا الشياطين أولياء من دون الله ويحسبون أنهم مهتدون

    These jahil laymen don’t realize that just because kufr means to conceal or cover doesn’t mean a kaffir is only someone who rejects Islam after realizing that is is the truth. Rather, it’s anyone who doesn’t enter Islam after it comes to him whether he realizes it is true or not, because no matter what he has no excuse to not be convinced it is the truth and no excuse to not enter the religion.

    Oh and JazzakAllahu khair for taking the time to remove any references to these liars from our comments.

    • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

      March 17, 2016 at 5:36 pm

      Jazak Allahu khayra. You touched on an important point.

      Yes, the new misguidance spread by the filthy hypocrite from california is that kufr is to recognize and understand the truth, and then reject it, and furthermore, this can only be done by a reeaaallllly reaaaallllly bad guy like your local area serial killer or something.

      This filthy kafir from california claims not to be a perennialist but profusely supports perennialist kafirs like nasr and his satanic work that is indeed a greater travesty than rushdie’s ‘satanic verses’, but the kafir nasr has named it ‘the study quran’. The filthy kafir and munafiq from california will sing and dance to any tune depending on where he is and who the audience is that he wants to please.

      According to the californian’s satanic fancy, an otherwise decent family man who does a day job and loves and supports his family, lives in the suburbs simply can’t be a kafir – just by being a christian or an atheist.

      According to this idiot munafiq from california who deliberately tries to poison Muslims’ faiths, a kafir has GOT TO BE some sort of a criminal serving multiple life sentences, and he has to recognize the truth of Tawhiid, he has to have examined in great details the works of Al-Ghazzali and Al-Baqillani, he has to be fluent in the “nuances” and “subtleties” between the usuul of the Hanafi and Maliki madhhabs, and THEN like his master ibliis, reject Islam. According to this californian murtad, nothing else could render a person kafir or murtad. Ironically, his buddies, the perennialists like the authors of that satanic manual labeled as ‘the study quran’ DO fulfill the latter criteria namely KNOWINGLY DENYING CLEAR INJUNCTIONS OF THE QURAN AND ISLAM; and yet he supports their efforts in the cause of satan. Indeed both him and his cohorts are disbelievers.

      Kufr by definition is ignorance of Allah, and there are more than one forms of kufr. Any person who has heard of our Master RasulAllah ﷺ and yet does not accept and acknowledge him as Allah’s last & final prophet, and doesn’t accept EVERYTHING that he brought with him, is indeed a kafir.

      We shall touch on this topic of accountability further more in detail in due time, wa bi(A)llah-it-tawfiiq. Till then, please see this post –

      and this one too

      and this one too

      • M.Mahmud

        March 18, 2016 at 8:43 am

        What gets to me when they say “A kaffir is only someone who realized Islam is the truth and then rejected the truth” is they are essentially telling Allah “not enough evidence.”

        Not enough evidence? May Allah curse the liars.

        My Allah humiliate the liars in this life and mark them off from us and expel them from our masajids, except the masajids of the hypocrites and may Allah stain those masajids of nifaq and bring out tears of fear in us whenever we pass by them.

        Unfortunately the daee’s are sticking very closely to the “they are not murtads due to their jahl and ta’weel” excuse and this is putting is in a bind. We aren’t in an Islamic state where these people can be forced out to publicly get refuted and they are telling us we can’t call them obvious apostates because they are “Not like the Qadyanis”[snipped]

        All in all, this has been pretty difficult with them being able to spread their batil everywhere. May Allah aid us. We need to do far more da’wah because in this day and age of DAESH, this temptation to believe these disbelievers have a chance at Jannah without entering Islam is very strong.

        And if we fail here, the foundations of the deen will crumble. We will have less of a threat then the lying Christians(redundant I know) of eternal punishment and people will leave the religion.

        We need to make the matter clear to absolutely everyone we can that the punishment of the akhirah is to be feared, constantly until death. And that none enters Paradise except a Muslim.

        My personal understanding of the ahadith is those who absolutely never received the message, the mentally ill(NOT “depressed” people but people with conditions such as schizophrenia), the senile and the deaf(who back in the day would be illiterate and not be able to hear the message, things are different now of course) will have a chance to prove themselves on yawm al Qiyaamah with a test of obedience. Allah knows whether they would have obeyed the Messengers in this life and they are tested on yawm al Qiyaamah but being told to enter hell. Just like we are tested with commands, they are tested with one command. Those who fulfill the test will enter hell and find it cool for them. Those who refuse will be dragged into it. If they were back in this life they would be disobedient to the Messengers since they couldn’t obey even the most obvious command possible.

        This is based on ahadith. Some of the ahadith mention an infant among the four people who have an excuse on yawm al Qiyaamah.

        I recently argued with an ignorant one about this and he claimed the kuffar today haven’t truly received the message due to the bad behavior of Muslims.

        I told him this was absurd-nobody has an excuse because of the “bad behavior of Muslims” because the injustice of one man is not an excuse for the injustice of another. The disbelievers are all wrongdoers(Surah Baqarah), what obligated punishment is that the message reaches them. It is not necessary for them to see good examples of Islam.

      • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

        March 18, 2016 at 2:03 pm

        Unfortunately the daee’s are sticking very closely to the “they are not murtads due to their jahl and ta’weel” excuse and this is putting is in a bind. We aren’t in an Islamic state where these people can be forced out to publicly get refuted and they are telling us we can’t call them obvious apostates because they are “Not like the Qadyanis”

        The fools work with this absurd all-or-nothing thinking. According to that munafiq idiot (name snipped), if a person isn’t a qadiani, it is simply inconceivable for him to be a murtad on any other charge. Just try and see if you can make any sense of this absurdity.

        They’re not stupid. They are as evil as ibliis and do it deliberately to safeguard their reputations and their seekers dollars coming into their seekers pub. If they call the perennialist murtads out openly, and if they call out their apologists (who are ALSO murtads as bad as the perennialists), it will ruin their friendships and Islami-business alliances with these enemies of Allah and they will miss out on valuable revenue and fame in ‘academic’ circles. With that same idiotic logic of this shaytani fraud, I would like to declare that since this moron isn’t a waliy, which he most certainly isn’t, it obviously means he is a munafiq.

        I recently argued with an ignorant one about this and he claimed the kuffar today haven’t truly received the message due to the bad behavior of Muslims.

        Only a perfect slave of kafirs can say such nonsense.

        Seriously, what bad behavior of Muslims?

        Ask this filthy zindiiq to see the behavior of his kafir brothers and then talk about Muslims bad behavior.

        Most of this talk of ‘bad behavior’ of Muslims centers around the terrorism narrative, with a minor part of it centering around the dole-junkies and cheats in the west.

        Ask him the body counts at the hands of the kafir governments versus the body counts at the hands of the khariji terrorists claiming Islam. DESPITE being PURE EVIL, the khariji terrorists haven’t caused as much damage to life and property as the governments of the kuffar have done. Just compare 911 with the death toll in the supposed retaliation for it in Iraq!

        Yes the khariji terrorists are misguided deviants. And yes the Muslim immigrant welfare junkies and other cheats in the west are exhibiting bad behavior that has nothing to do with Islam, BUT their menace and damage is NO WHERE CLOSE to the institutionalized fraud, debauchery, theft, and damage to life and property meted out at the hands of the kuffar governments, corporations, and individuals and so on.

        You will see these filthy animals only sing to the tunes of their kafir masters about the supposed bad behavior of Muslims (as if it is a common trait all over the ummah) but turn a blind eye about the much worse ugly, naked, lives of their kafir masters. They are people who will make any number of excuses for their kafir masters and will always think the worst of Islam and Muslims and paint a gloomier and darker picture than the reality of things.

        May Allah damn the faces of such intellectual slaves.

        Anyway, coming back to the point, the message of the truth of Islam is exclusive to the real or perceived bad behavior of a tiny tiny tiny fraction of Muslims. If someone has heard about Allah’s Tawhiid and our Master RasulAllah ﷺ, and yet he doesn’t become Muslim and dies in that state, then he is headed for unending suffering and torment in hellfire.

        We need to make the matter clear to absolutely everyone we can that the punishment of the akhirah is to be feared, constantly until death. And that none enters Paradise except a Muslim.

        We need to remind ourselves and others that our Master RasulAllah ﷺ is not JUST Basheer – the Bearer of glad tidings for believers – but he is ALSO Nadheer – the Warner against Allah’s punishment and wrath.

        إِنَّا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ بِالْحَقِّ بَشِيرًا وَنَذِيرًا

        We need to make it clear to people that warning against Allah’s wrath and ‘adhab is not people kicking others out of heaven, but rather, as humans being concerned for our own faiths as well as faiths of other sincere human beings who wish to attain salvation. Of course we abhor the insincere and unleash our full fury on the enemies of Allah, as is said in the Quran, the believers are compassionate and soft with each other and harsh unto the disbelievers.

      • idesireranks

        March 19, 2016 at 4:55 am

        Those filthy liars accuse us of being arrogant for believing Allah’s judgement, they tell us to “leave judgement to Allah”

        WE DID!!!

        This is His judgement-

        خالدين فيها أبدا لا يجدون وليّا ولا نصيرا

        They accuse us of being harsh and lacking in compassion. This is a typical filthy lie “you are turning people away from Islam with your ignorant fire and brimstone preaching”

        Warning is EVERYWHERE in the Quran so that the disbelievers repent and believe!!!!!!

        Ugh this insanity I’ve had to deal with for such a long time being in California(lived here most of my life.)

      • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

        March 19, 2016 at 6:02 am

        Thank Allah He saved you from falling prey to the ugly, hypocritical and blasphemous teachings of the great munafiq over there, may Allah destroy his face.


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