Nuances – Part 2

29 Apr

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

An increasingly popular allegation against Sunni Muslims, who stand up for Islam against the apostasy of perennialism is:

You are just like the khawarij. You are a takfiiri zealot. You love to kick people out of Islam rather than bring them into Islam.

NUANCED Sunni response:

Actually, you syncretists are just like the khawarij in that you make sweeping generalizations. The khawarij call anyone who doesn’t toe their line as a kafir. You perennialists (and their apologists) on the other hand, say that no one’s a kafir and salvation awaits all those who die outside of Islam, except perhaps your masters lucifer and abu jahl.

We Sunni Muslims follow the example of our Master Abu Bakr radzi Allahu ‘anhu in JUSTLY calling a spade a spade and standing up for Islam. He made takfiir of those who followed false claimants to prophethood as well as those who denied the obligation of zakat. (Note that those people did not just withhold from payment of zakat, rather they outright denied its existence in the Islamic canon. Not acting upon the canon is sinful, but denying the explicitly stated canonical laws is apostasy. For example, even a straight person who believes that homosexuality is not forbidden, is an apostate from Islam, despite not being a homosexual himself, due to the denial of the Islamic canon.)

The  khawarij of today follow the example of the khawarij of yore in UNJUSTLY doing takfiir of Muslims for things like sins, or even without sinning. They even made takfiir of our Master ‘Ali radzi Allahu ‘anhu.

For all your song and dance over NUANCES, you blithering perennialist morons do not understand the difference between JUST & UNJUST.

To you perennialists, a surgeon who administers an incision to perform a life saving operation, is the same as a butcher. To you jahil perennialists, both their actions appear the same.

Being Muslims and followers of the TRUE ways of tasawwuf in no way, shape, or form, means that we have abandoned the principles of Islam and made a wanton, free-for-all rampage out of it! It does not mean that we have become pacifists and will look the other way when infidels like you try to trample all over Islam’s glory and dignity.

Coming to the issue of takfiir. We need to have a NUANCED look at who it is done for –

1 – Those who are openly not Muslim – like christians, jews, atheists, hindus, buddhists, etc. – they are indeed kafirs. The SUNNIS indeed call them kafirs. A mufti or qadzi is not required to label a christian as a kafir. Only someone as pathetic as a perennialist and their filthy apologists will insist that it is necessary to hire a mufti to label those outside of Islam as kafirs. Indeed, refraining from calling such people kafirs makes one a kafir himself.

2 – Those who claim to be Muslim, but deny the BASIC, UNIMPEACHABLE aspects of Islam – be it in articles of creed, or in the Islamic canon – upon which there is no difference of opinion whatsoever. No mufti is required to declare takfiir in such cases too for denial of any fundamental and unimpeachable aspect of Islam is kufr as manifest as can be.

Examples of the unimpeachable articles of creed like the existence of angels, the finality of prophethood at our Master Muhammad ﷺ, the completeness of the Quran, and all the other inalienable core articles of Islamic creed. Examples of matters clearly, explicitly, and unambiguously stated in the Islamic canon (Sharii’ah) like the obligation of salah 5 times a day, the stipulated number of rak’ahs in salah, the prohibition of adultery, the prohibition of homosexuality, or saying or doing something that only a kafir can do like wearing a cross or disparaging our Master RasulAllah ﷺ, or denying explicit verses of the Quran.

In some cases (not all), exceptions can be made here for new Muslims who are still learning about Islam. For example, a very new Muslim may not be aware that there are 4 rak’ahs in the noon (Zdhuhr) and afternoon (‘Asr) prayers and might appear to deny it when in reality he/she is in a learning phase and what appears to be denial is just a result of confusion in the learning phase. However, even a new Muslim is fully aware of the prohibition of homosexuality in Islam, and someone who denies this prohibition and tries to make a case that it is acceptable in the Islamic tradition, then such a person is a filthy kafir outside of Islam.

3 – Those who claim to be Muslim, but their beliefs, words and actions are open to interpretation, wherein it needs to be ascertained if they have really denied any of the very fundamental & unimpeachable aspects of creed or the Islamic canon, or not. It is ONLY in such cases where a mufti or a qadzi is required to declare takfir or lack of it and common Muslims should resort to silence.

We Sunni Muslims WILL NOT & SHOULD NOT fall for this idiotic emotional blackmail by the perennialists and their apologists, all of whom work for the enemies of Islam.

Furthermore, the perennialists work with the same kind of sweeping generalizations that the kharijis work with.

To the wahabis and kharijis, anything that comes out of a “Sufi’s” mouth is by default assumed to be false. The same is the case with the perennialists – to them, any and every takfir is wrong and the way of the khawarij.

It is WE SUNNI MUSLIMS, who look at the NUANCE of the matter – that everything needs to be weighed on the scales of the Sharii’ah.

Just because someone is a khariji, it doesn’t mean that any and everything he says will be deemed to be wrong.

If a khariji says that homosexuality is forbidden in Islam and sodomy is punishable by capital punishment in Islamic law, then his saying so is certainly correct because such is proven from the Quran and Sunnah. If a khariji calls christians and jews as kafirs, then only a perennialist infidel will insist that he is wrong or throw in the ‘takfiri zealot’ comment.

Likewise for the khawarij, their inflated egos have a habit of a) saying something that they wish to say to suit their perverted fancies, and then twist and deny Islamic proofs only to prove themselves right; and b) only look at who is saying something rather than weighing it in the scales of the Sharii’ah, so if something is uttered by any real or perceived “Sufi”, they must spare no efforts in trying to prove it wrong.

The khawarij work for their ego and nafs, and their sayings and actions are dictated by the “how best can I satisfy my nafs and prove my flight of fancy right” guideline.

The perennialists and their apologists, and the false sufis work for shaytan and their sayings and actions are dictated by the “how best can I satisfy the christians, jews, hindus, atheists, etc.” guideline.

No doubt, to REAL Muslims and REAL Sufis, BOTH the nafs and shaytan are sworn enemies and we must oppose BOTH.

Proper Ash’ari & Maturidi Sunnis following a path of REAL tasawwuf, please remember this NUANCE as a rule of thumb:

khawarij & wahabis – followers of nafs and ego

perennialists, false sufis and their ‘interfaith dialog’ apologists – followers of shaytan and kafirs

Orthodox Sunni Sufis have written entire books on apostasy, in order to safeguard Muslims’ faiths. We follow the teachings of our Master RasulAllah ﷺ and his blessed and noble companions, our masters the Sahaba.

We know the NUANCED difference between JUST & UNJUST.

Indeed, we will NEVER shy away from doing JUST TAKFIR for violating inalienable and unimpeachable core fundamentals of Islamic creed and canon – just as our Master Abu Bakr radzi Allahu ‘anhu did takfiir of those who denied the obligation of zakat.

We do not ‘like to kick people out of Islam’. Islam is clearly defined by Allah and His Messenger ﷺ. We say clearly what makes one a Muslim and what makes one a kafir. We do not make a mockery of Islam by abandoning its basic precepts and principles.

The perennialist enemies of Islam can burn in their rage and keep throwing their pathetic comments about “adab” and “you’re a takfiri zealot”. It does not bother us Muslims.

In sha Allah ‘Nuances – Part 3’ will further ruffle perennialist feathers.

wa bi(A)llah-it-tawfiiq.


8 responses to “Nuances – Part 2

  1. idesireranks

    April 30, 2016 at 2:52 am

    Perrenialist liars keep throwing this stupid line “with your ignorant attitude people are turning away from Islam, it’s better for you to remain silent”

    One Perrenialist liar Lumbard(delete his name obviously) banned me after I asked him whether he thinks worshiping Jesus is acceptable to God. He also said it’s not our place to judge the “soteriological efficacy” of the trinity. What a bunch of bakwas. May Allah cut them off from the rest of the Ummah.

    • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

      April 30, 2016 at 7:57 am

      “with your ignorant attitude people are turning away from Islam, it’s better for you to remain silent”

      Ask those filthy kafirs how much of kufr have they refuted and how much they have proselytized for Islam?

      Don’t fall for that line.

      What they’re really saying is this – “We are intellectual slaves of our christian and jew paymasters. With your attitude, you upset our paymasters’ sensibilities and we can’t stand it.”

      As for joseph lumbard, that cheerleader of nasr, they’re all a bunch of filthy pig eating kafirs, every single person who has contributed to nasr’s blasphemous work and agreed with his perennialist blasphemies. La’anahumullah. May Allah fill their graves with hellfire! All those who have endorsed their filthy, blasphemous work, are equally pig-eating infidels just like hossein nasr and co. – even the supposedly “smart” ones like that fraud from toronto who sends mixed messages of endorsement as well as superficial reservation. Unless and until these so-called elite leaders of the community [who know of nasr and his filthy book, and are prodded about it] call perennialism as abject kufr, call nasr and his supporting authors as kafirs, and warn the masses against his filthy book, they are themselves infidels JUST LIKE THEM.

      The filthy kafir thinks that by using big words like “soteriological efficacy” he can fool people. For those who are wooed by intellectual sounding words, the sentence quoted by the brother:

      “it’s not our place to judge the “soteriological efficacy” of the trinity”

      says in simple english – “it’s not our place to judge – the final, end-result in regards to salvation – based on the trinity”

      The pig-eating kafir, may his face be damned, denies explicit Quranic verses like 5:17, 5:72, 5:73 and 98:6, to mention but a few.

      Subhan Allah – these filthy kafirs will read my comment and draw long faces about “adab” when they have no “adab” for Allah and His Messengers to brazenly endorse the filth of the trinity! As the Quran says:

      موتوا بغيظكم

      Perish in your rage!

      • idesireranks

        May 1, 2016 at 5:53 am

        They rant about adab every time. But the worst adab is lying on Allah and His Messengers. They don’t have an issue with that.

      • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

        May 1, 2016 at 9:55 am

        This is why hypocrites like them will be in the lowest pits of hellfire and on judgment day they can’t sweet talk their way out of Allah’s ‘adhab. We pray to Allah to hasten His ‘adhab to these devils.

      • idesireranks

        May 1, 2016 at 6:22 am

        He banned another on FB who was doing his utmost to be polite. Alhamdulilah we got screenshots of it.

        This liar doesn’t want to really come clear about his Satanic beliefs.

      • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

        May 1, 2016 at 9:53 am

        Publicize those screen shots to show people what a phoney he is and how scared he is of honest criticism. Also let this be proof for yourself and others that the filthy kafir barks about adab, but is extremely arrogant to even listen to someone talking with good adab. Arrogant, barking dogs like these can’t be treated with adab, and hence my rough tone against these arrogant apostates. May Allah’s la’nah befall dagli’s and nasr’s face and all those who are with them.

  2. idesireranks

    May 1, 2016 at 7:08 am







    blah blah blah


    If only someone could tell him, yes kufr is haram, it’s haram to be a kafir, else Allah wouldn’t have eternal hell prepared for kaffirs.

    • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

      May 1, 2016 at 9:48 am

      There is no point getting depressed over a murtad’s censure of what is right. A murtad is the lowest of all kafirs and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who is a part of this project with nasr, and every single person who gives a shoddy, wishy-washy answer in regards to perennialism, nasr, and this filthy book – IS A MURTAD.

      caner dagli, the filthy kafir and murtad thinks that he is deceiving Allah. Little does he know that Allah is letting his arrogance and haughtiness consume himself and Allah’s ‘adhab in the hereafter will only be so much worse – lest he leaves his perennialist religion, denounce it, and become Muslim. The filthy kafir is even ashamed to use the majestic name ‘Allah’, and it’s laughable that he says ‘kufr is neither halal nor haram’.


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