Ever seen a clown spit the dummy?

02 May

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Our Master RasulAllah ﷺ has permitted us to mock the enemies of Islam.

caner dagli, the perennialist kafir, has ranted on facebook against a review written on his team’s evil work. If you read his facebook post, you can almost picture him frothing at the mouth in his rage, which is simply great. 🙂 He has demonstrated amply well that he’s not just an arrogant infidel, but also a pathetic, narcissistic clown.

Thus far, I usually didn’t quote hypocrites directly, so this will be the first exception, just as I have made the exception to mention the perennialist authors of the evil commentary by name.


PLEASE NOTE: This blog or its author are in no way, shape, or form, connected to the person who reviewed dagli and his team’s filthy work. I am PATENTLY NOT speaking or rebutting on behalf of the reviewer. I am sure he can offer his own defenses, offenses, justifications, evidences etc.

Rather, I only wish to address the points of relevance to ALL MUSLIMS, and also show the ugly (and hilarious) face of this perenialist infidel.


Anyways, first things first – if these schmucks are so agitated at negative reviews, they should stay out of the public sphere and not write or say anything at all, and indeed seeing the mischief they have spread, that is the best service they can do to mankind – walk all their lives with their mouths taped.

They are absolute fools for thinking that any and every review about their filthy, blasphemous work, will sing praises and shower them with accolades. The simple law of averages dictates that some people will fall for their shenanigans and sing their praises (and we seek Allah’s refuge from any empathy towards perennialists) and some won’t. You’d expect a supposed college professor to at least be acquainted with the law of averages!

Second and a VERY important thing – dagli, has VERY METICULOUSLY avoided discussing the Sahiih Muslim hadith mentioned by the reviewer – By the One in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad , there is no one among this nation, Jew or Christian, who hears of me and dies without believing in that with which I have been sent, but he will be one of the people of the Fire.” This perennialist’s real frustration is at the Prophetic  hadiith more than the quote of Imam Nawawi, for it clearly says that those who have heard of him and yet die outside of Islam, their only abode is hellfire. 

Coming to his rant on facebook, dagli vents his spleen thusly at the reviewer:

He does so by making his own characterization of our position, and then quotes al-Nawawī in order to declare that each of us is “a kafir”.

Notice the condescending tone at the mention of Imam An-Nawawi’s name. dagli the kafir’s agitation at the reviewer and his incredible hubris becomes only more apparent later on in his rant.

Also note that dagli has completely avoided talking about the Sahiih Muslim hadiith. He only chooses to rant on Nawawi’s COMMENTARY ON the actual hadiith.

He does not anywhere in the review differentiate between the notion of absolute takfīr (where one considers a person to be no longer Muslim) and accusing someone of kufr in the sense of an error or sin which nonetheless does not take them out of Islam.

That’s because nasr & co.’s crime of methodically and systematically trying to prove the trinity as acceptable leaves no room for anything other than absolute takfir. Seriously, dagli, you try to stab the very heart of Islam and Tawhiid and make a case of trinity leading to salvation, and you wish to be accorded a benefit of doubt?

Notwithstanding his spin on the other mentioned matter. Kufr DOES take one outside of Islam. Kufr is disbelief in all cases. A mere error or sin is not termed kufr.

However, there are instances when a saying or action is not as brazen and direct denial of Islam as your filthy book – BUT RATHER the saying or the act requires interpretation and analysis of its IMPLICATIONS – if such implications do indeed amount to being kufr or not – and different jurists can have differences of opinion on it.

The filthy project by the rafidzi shia, nasr, and your team of perennialist clowns is not a matter where you have said something indirect and people need to read between the lines. Your book directly preaches against established Islamic creed.

It comes from a section of his book where is he summarizing some positions from Qāḍī ʿIyāḍ’s al-Shifāʾ.

And Qadzi ‘Iyadz is himself citing THE IJMA’ – THE CONSENSUS – of Muslim scholastics, theologians, jurists, muhadditheen, anyone worth his mettle in Islam – cited by Imam Abu Bakr Al-Baqillani – something dagli the kafir conveniently omits because he wants to make a case against Qadzi ‘Iyad and wants to prove him as untrustworthy, and the ruling as a lone, stray opinion.

In case you have any doubt that Qāḍī ʿIyāḍ is condemning Ghazzālī here, remember this is the same man who gave a fatwa that Ghazzālī’s Iḥyāʾ be burnt.

Notice the hubris and condescension in that sentence. He addresses Qadzi ‘Iyadz, a celebrated giant of Islamic scholarship and love of the Prophet ﷺ as “this man”. Had someone addressed dagli the kafir as “this man” or his boss nasr, all hell would have broken loose on adab-talk.

Those who are committing takfīr against us are basing themselves on a view and a person who did takfīr against Ghazzālī and ordered his books to be burnt.

Hubris and condescension at Qadzi ‘Iyadz again.

The filthy kafir goes further and insinuates that this view is an isolated view held ONLY by Qadzi ‘Iyadz.

Again, what Qadzi ‘Iyadz is citing is the IJMA’ OF THE UMMAH’S SCHOLARS, and no doubt Imam Ghazali himself subscribes to it.

We are talking about the view that anyone who doesn’t consider christians and jews as kafirs is himself a kafir. This view is the ijma’ of the ummah and indeed Imam Ghazali’s own view as well.

His throwing in Qadzi ‘Iyadz’s discontent towards Imam Ghazali is only a red herring. We are not concerned here about what Qadzi ‘Iyadz’s discontent with Imam Ghazali was. More on this below.

Do those who condemn us with takfir agree that the Iḥyāʾ should be burnt?


The first view (he who doesn’t consider christians and jews kafirs is himself a kafir) is about the very foundation of Islam and based on the teachings of Quran, Hadiith, ijma’ of the sahaba and scholars of the ummah.

Qadzi ‘Iyadz’s [alleged] saying that the Ihya be burnt only concerns his own discontent towards Imam Ghazali’s work. There are no explicit verses of the Quran telling us to burn the Ihya. There are no explicit words of the Prophet ﷺ to suggest that.

That is not so for the issue of christians and jews being kafirs and suffering everlastingly in the inferno should they die on their religions, and therefore anyone who denies such – which is you and your team – is denying the Quran and leaving Islam. Period.

Was Ghazzālī guilty of kufr, as Qāḍī ʿIyāḍ said, for believing that God had no proof against the simple-minded amongst the Jews and Christians?

Nice try.

Qadzi ‘Iyadz DID NOT make takfiir of Imam Ghazali. He made takfiir of jahizdh and thumamah.

He (Qadzi ‘Iyadz) said that Imam Ghazali said something that sounds like what they said. See Nasiim Ar-Riyadz of ‘Allamah Khaffaji (the celebrated commentary of Qadzi ‘Iyadz’s Ash-Shifa) where he addresses Imam Ghazali with the choicest of accolades due a giant of Islamic scholarship, and states clearly that Qadzi ‘Iyadz is making takfiir of thumamah and jahizdh.

In reality what Imam Ghazali said, is poles apart from what jahizdh is cited as saying. Imam Ghazali merely said that those christians who have heard of NOTHING OTHER THAN THE OPPOSITE of the noble qualities of the Beloved Prophet ﷺ, they are just like those who have never heard of him ﷺ AT ALL – and hence, at the same level of accountability or lack thereof.

CHALLENGE – bring a quote of Ghazali wherein he says ‘Allah has no proof against the simple-minded amongst the jews and christians’!!!


Since BOTH QADZI ‘IYADZ AND IMAM GHAZALI are GIANTS of the ummah and contemporaries of each other, it can be understood that due to their extreme passion for Islam they can utter words of discontent at each other only for the sake of scrupulousness towards Islam, and for Muslim public benefit. Such discontent has existed between many other scholars too of equal standing. It is like two brothers arguing passionately about what’s best for the family.  They are on equal footing to each other. That in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM gives us sinners from these woeful times, the license to speak about them with hubris, or to use the words of one against the other, moreso to push such a filthy agenda as perennialism.

Qadzi ‘Iyadz is a lighthouse of Islamic knowledge and a celebrated giant in the ummah. So is Imam Ghazali. We revere and honor BOTH EQUALLY – DESPITE one’s discontent with the other due to their extreme passion to uplift the glory and dignity of Islam.

It is pretty rich for a person who follows hosin nasr the filthy shia, for people who consider christians & jews as believers and their brethren, for filthy perennialists who see holiness in the dalai lama and the christian popes – to talk as if they are authorities on Islam and display such hubris towards Imam An-Nawawi and Qadzi ‘Iyadz! Apalling beyond words! May Allah’s la’nah befall dagli and his perennialist cohorts. 

Furthermore, dagli’s mentioning what Qadzi allegedly said about Ihya is only a red herring and a distraction.


Takfir is a dangerous form of incitement in the present political and social situation, and should not be done except with the greatest care and unless one is absolutely forced to and one has no other choice.

Pretty rich coming from someone who even posits that the trinity shall lead to salvation! No point asking dagli for examples of such cases of ‘greatest care takfir’. He won’t have any!

Also notice that he is also pushing the kafir media and politicians’ narrative that it is “dangerous”, trying to paint a picture that those who JUSTLY do takfir of people like him and his christian and jew brothers, they all belong to the ilk of the evil daesh.

when a person bases their view on a ta’wīl of the Quran (as we have done, extensively, comprehensively, and in detail, unlike most of our detractors who barely seem to know most of what the Quran says about other religions) one does not commit takfīr against them.

Tawil of the Quran and deliberately lying against the Quran are two very different things!

Plentiful Muslims have shown on the internet how you people have presented the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Quranic commentaries that you supposedly referenced. Quite audacious of you to say that after deliberate lying and tampering with evidence!

The underlined part is just further more hubris and nonsense. The fool thinks that he can say he knows better than the rest of the ummah and people will actually buy it! They are as stray from tawil of the Quran as satan himself!

He says in a rather amusing update:

the Nawawi quote serves no purpose whatsoever other than to be a mechanism by which Haddad commits takfir without having to do it personally.

And that is what makes Islam so great!

Our elders are always there for us to guide us and protect us.

They make the decision making process so easy for us, no? 🙂 We can just cite our masters and rest easy and let people like you squirm in rage.

(all emphases in dagli quotes are mine)


Since dagli thinks Imam Ghazali is the ONLY Islamic scholar who may be cited (I have absolutely zero problems with this as Imam Ghazali is Hujjat al-Islam) AND he also loves throwing in red herrings, let us see if dagli also unconditionally accepts these rulings of Imam Ghazali:

wAllahu waliyy-ut-tawfiiq.


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