On atabeck shukurov

09 May

Soteriological efficacy EXCLUSIVELY belongs to belief in our Master Muhammad ﷺ and everything that he ﷺ brought with him ﷺ

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Someone asked me to comment on the idiotic ramblings of someone called atabeck shukurov and his defense of the perennialist filth otherwise termed as ‘the study quran’.

Now I hadn’t heard of this individual much before, but after being informed about him and his antics, and after reading his facebook posts and the blog posts supposedly authored by him, all I can say is the following:

  1. He thinks he is the only Hanafi & Maturidi alive.
  2. He thinks he is the next best person in magnificence of knowledge right after Abu Hanifa, bypassing even Abu Yusuf and Muhammad Al-Shaybani, when in fact he is a raving jahil.
  3. He thinks he knows better than celebrated imams of the ummah, masters of various Islamic disciplines like hadiith, tafsiir, fiqh, ‘aqiidah etc. – giants like Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Ibn ‘Abidiin Ash-Shaamiy, Ibn Humam, Imam Nawawiy, Ibn Hajar, and so on.
  4. He thinks the scholars of hadiith and classical Islam for the last 1436 years were fools and only he knows hadith or other Islamic sciences (this alone is enough to anathematize him in light of the 4 madhhabs followed by the Ash’aris and Maturidis). He thinks he has the license and liberty to trash Sahiih ahadiith from even Bukhariy and Muslim (only a kafir or a phenomenal jahil will deny rigorously authenticated ahadiith). Take him up on it and he’ll promptly throw the idiotic salafi blackmail your way “you’re a salafi or influenced by them”.
  5. He thinks even people at the levels of An-Nawawiy or ‘Ali Al-Qari and others had salafi-esque leanings.
  6. He thinks anyone who doesn’t kowtow to his idiotic ramblings is salafi or influenced by them, even if they happen to cite celebrated Ash’aris like Al-Bayhaqiy or An-Nawawiy, or celebrated Hanafis like ‘Ali Al-Qari or Ibn ‘Abidiin Ash-Shaamiy.
  7. His english is substandard and they’re two or more individuals posing as one fitnah. Read “his” facebook posts, and read “his” ramblings on his blog and compare the english and see for yourselves.
  8. He drops names of Hanafi scholars only as a fashion statement to win the sympathy of ignorant people, and nothing more than that.
  9. He is a RABID LIAR. When he doesn’t have any evidence to prove his hallucinations, he simply lies against [insert random big name Hanafi scholar] and presents his own filth as the opinion of a Hanafi giant of yore. He has done this on more than one occasion.

I’m not going to bother with the proofs for my above statements. Here are some basic reasons why this clown doesn’t deserve even 2 seconds of a Muslim’s time and why a mere SUMMARY DISMISSAL of such a person is enough.

REASON 1Anyone who thinks or propagates that the ummah at large is misguided or has been misguided / misinformed etc. over the years and he’s here as some sort of a lone ranger to rescue the ummah from its follies, or that he has seen/discovered a religious precept that wasn’t seen by the ummah before (as if he’s just discovered gravity) – is a super-deluded sub-moron – and a kafir according to the rulings of the fuqahaa. PLEASE REMEMBER this as A RULE OF THUMB. 

The perennialists whom he defends are the same. They think that their filthy teachings are a new dimension to Islam that have been missing from the ummah since Islam’s history, and they are here to teach them to Muslims.

atabeck shukurov thinks that Muslims, commoners and scholars alike, for the last 1436 years were ignorant fools and only he can crawl out of the woodwork today and tell us why certain Bukhariy and Muslim ahadiith need to be rubbished, and why we need to reject rulings of celebrated Hanafi or Shafi’iy scholars. This arrogance and hubris towards the ummah at large (scholars and rigorously authenticated ahadiith moreso), is enough by itself for takfir of this individual according to ASH’ARIY & MATURIDI scholars of the 4 madhhabs.

To make his case and appeal to his followers, he keeps throwing in the ‘wahabi blackmail’ namely anyone who doesn’t agree with his idiotic methodology and lies, is a wahabi or is influenced by them. We Muslims SIMPLY WON’T fall for this jahil blackmail.

REASON 2 – In case no one else noticed, for all his song and dance over Hanafi and Maturidi methodology, atabeck shukurov has been functioning as a cheerleader for the perennialists and their filthy work, and DELIBERATELY avoiding THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM – PERENNIALISM ITSELF.

He defends the filthy book of the perennialists bringing up matters of historical or other details

– BUT –

he categorically avoids talking about the central theme of perennialism – their belief that all religions are equally valid and lead to salvation in the hereafter.

If he really is a Hanafi & Maturidi as he claims, let him take up A CHALLENGE from us Muslims –

What do the celebrated Hanafi & Maturidi authorities say about such filthy beliefs as those espoused by the perennialist infidels?

Does the Hanafi & Maturidi methodology espouse a universal validity in all religions, for example in both Islam and trinity? 

Does the Hanafi & Maturidi methodology espouse soteriological exclusivity for Islam (i.e., Islam EXCLUSIVELY will lead to salvation) or not?

What does the Hanafi & Maturidi methodology say about the soteriological efficacy of a belief system that does not accept RasulAllah and everything that he brought (i.e., religious dogma, canon etc., collectively known as ‘the religion of Islam’) with him ?

It is then abundantly clear that atabeck shukurov is in bed with the perennialist enemies of Islam. He is a deliberate and calculating enemy of Islam just like the perennialists themselves, for if he was really an honest (even if uninformed) Hanafi & Maturidi follower, he would have spoken about the FUNDAMENTAL PRECEPT of perennialism itself BEFORE dancing around any other issues.

The Ahlus Sunnah – the Ash’aris and Maturidis and the followers of the Hanafi, Shafi’iy, Hanbali & Maliki madhhabs – ALL UNANIMOUSLY ESPOUSE the belief of the EXCLUSIVE VALIDITY OF ISLAM, ITS MONOPOLY ON RELIGIOUS TRUTH AND SALVATION IN HEREAFTER. 

The perennialist kafirs like to use big words like “soteriological efficacy”. It refers to the capability of a belief system to deliver salvation in the hereafter.

I believe any more than this on this rabid pit bull, otherwise known as atabeck shukurov, is a waste of time for any Muslim.

wAllahu waliyy-ut-tawfiiq.


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