Hahaha – apostate atabeck’s brain dead follower proves our point

16 May

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

It seems my last post on the apostate atabeck shukurov ruffled some feathers with his pea-brained followers. Our elders have taught us that arguing with idiots make our hearts dead. I’m only going to expose the filth of this atabeck cult, and his admirers and how brain dead, stupid, and deceptive they really are, and leave these apostate clowns alone, for our job is to expose their kufr and deception without giving them the attention they crave.

I’ll let the readers see the comment by atabeck’s brain dead apostate follower, and then respond.

atabeck worshiper comment








atabeck’s brain dead follower says:

“LMAO. You literally insult and make takfir (*which for you means to kill) and openly announce that you are not going to giver proof for your statements.”

  • The difference between Muslims and kafirs like these is that they are implicit in their insults while we are bold enough to say things openly. atabeck the filthy kafir insults authentic hadith, and celebrated scholars of Islam like Qadzi ‘Iyadz, but that’s alright for this filthy kafir called “mmmclmru” and his kafir master atabeck, la’anahumullah. It’s only a problem when Muslims apply the same attitude to these krazy kafir klowns.
  • Takfir doesn’t mean to kill in in the sense of spreading civil unrest and anarchy or vigilantism. We Muslims are not cowards like atabeck and his bunch; neither are we terrorists like the khawarij isis (who also are brain dead like these apostates). Indeed, we PROUDLY believe in capital punishment for apostasy, based on the commands of the Quran and Sunnah. We also know that it cannot be implemented by individuals, but rather it is implemented in a Shari’ah administered Muslim state, by the state authorities. atabeck and this guy have to answer to their kafir masters so they will try to negate the obligation on Muslim governments to execute apostates.
  • Dogs with rabies have better sense than this deceptive kafir. When I said, I am not going to bother with the proofs for my statements, it was more than clear I was talking about what I stated at the beginning of my previous post,

“Now I hadn’t heard of this individual much before, but after being informed about him and his antics, and after reading his facebook posts and the blog posts supposedly authored by him, all I can say is the following:”

that I was giving my assessment based on his facebook posts and the blog posts supposedly authored by him. I was merely saying that I don’t have the time to give all the reasons for all the statements I made above

BUT – I will give 2 MEGA-REASONS why this filthy infidel doesn’t deserve any time or attention from Muslims. Right after I said I wouldn’t bother with the proofs for the above statements, I said this:

“Here are some basic reasons why this clown doesn’t deserve even 2 seconds of a Muslim’s time and why a mere SUMMARY DISMISSAL of such a person is enough.”

I went on to explain those basic reasons

a) That this infidel thinks the ummah at large is misguided and misinformed for the last 1436 years and only he knows what Islam, Quran, ‘Aqidah, and Shari’ah are.

b) How he always deliberately avoids mentioning the elephant in the room – PERENNIALISM ITSELF – when he defends the filthy book of the perennialists. How the filthy infidel doesn’t consider it worthy to refute perennialism and talk about the SALVIFIC EXCLUSIVITY OF ISLAM AND ISLAM’S MONOPOLY ON RELIGIOUS & MORAL TRUTH.

But of course the filthy kafir mmmclmru will shoot himself in the foot if he too talks about the elephant in the room.

The kafir then says:

“‘I’m not going to bother with proof for my accusation of adultery. Kill her’

= ISIS.”

  • Here the kafir, just like the perennialists, throws the whole isis blackmail for anyone who stands up to their perverted cult – ‘you don’t agree with what we say, so you’re isis’ – and he gives an idiotic argument thinking he’s drawn a very intelligent analogy when in fact he has exposed himself as a master of deception!


After that, another brain dead infidel who thinks the ummah at large is misguided, and admires atabeck, says this:

random apostate comment








It’s just sad that the kafir uses the handle “lookingfortruth1” when in fact he is as repulsed by the truth as a dung beetle is repulsed by the fragrance of a rose. The fuqahaa have ruled it clearly that a person who thinks that the ummah at large is misguided, is a kafir.

What the apostate infidel says:

“This is the product of stupid shariah academies pumping out brainless freaks who only know how to bash Shias, debunk Christianity” 

What he means – “Muslim scholarship over the centuries has been churning out fools. ONLY people who think like me have a grasp over Islam. It is bad to debunk heretics like shias. It is worse to debunk the filthy doctrine of trinity. Completely ignore the fact that the Quran itself debunks christianity.”

“and tell people that u can never understand the deen like the salaf or the classical scholars did.”

The poor infidel is flustered at the reverence of Muslims for the salaf and the classical scholars.

YES WE SAY VERY PROUDLY – The Sahaba, the Tabi’een, and the classical scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah are the inheritors of our Master RasulAllah and we are VERY PROUD to learn our deen from them. Indeed, they are our yardstick for right or wrong. You ill-fated apostate infidels are very unfortunate that you think you know the deen better than those who brought it to you. May Allah’s la’nah befall your faces. 

I quoted the second part of that sentence to show properly that the filthy apostate is only asserting HIS & HIS MERRY BUNCH’S CLAIM which is trying to give a message of – “ONLY WE understand Islam. Muslim scholars and common-folk alike for the last 1436 years have been fools. We know all the follies of the ummah and are going to point them out and rectify them.” May Allah damn his face, for his aim is to spread his heresies that clash with the ways of the salaf and present them as “Islam”.

The rabid apostate further says:

“This crap has been going on for too many years, it’s about time our way of teaching shariah should be changed. Rather than teaching them memorisation, teach them how to think, ponder and discuss issues.”

So in the words of this filthy lowest of all kafir-forms, the ummah at large has been involved in “this crap” for far too many years.

This deluded kafir thinks he’s the only person who understands deen, and infidels like him and his merry bunch will rectify the follies of the ummah. This filthy kafir needs to step out of his head and see that the barking of rabid dogs like this has no effect of the affairs of Muslims. Let him make these claims in a Muslim city in a Muslim country in a public gathering. It seems dogs like this can only bark in auditoriums owned by the kafirs or on cyberspace.

The deluded infidel thinks only he knows how to think, ponder and discuss issues, and that Muslim scholars over the ages were completely bereft of these qualities. He just misses a LITTLE CLARIFICATION – that he is a filthy coward and can’t dare to upset the sensibilities of his kafir masters. He ‘thinks, ponders, and discusses issues’ of course – BUT ONLY FROM HIS KAFIR MASTERS’ PERSPECTIVES – and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the sensibilities of his kafir masters, is misguided.

The kafir really only wants to propagate his fancies and the mores of his paymasters under the label of Islam. 

The apostate swine says further:

“It’s all complex, our history is so misconstrued, ahadith fabricated like there is no tomorrow and the seerah has so many doubts in it. Our scholars added irrelevance to the religion, complicated things to the extent where Muslims can’t even understand anything about Islam anymore.”

So in other words, only this filthy infidel has the correct understanding of our history. The infidel says our lives are complex and this infidel can simplify them.

The rotten kafir thinks he knows more than the masters of hadith science, for any hadith that doesn’t suit the whims, fancies, and sensibilities of this devil-worshiper, notwithstanding the woefully lacking capabilities of his little brain – will be deemed fabricated (exactly like how atabeck thinks). The infidel is not very different to the apostate cult of of hadith deniers.

The filthy kafir thinks he’s judge and jury over the works of seerah to make such summary statements that it has many doubts in it. But of course, the scholars of seerah forgot to check with this devil-worshiping infidel what is worthy and unworthy to mention in seerah books.

The devil-worshiping monkey says that Muslim scholars over the centuries have added irrelevance to religion and complicated things to the extent where Muslims don’t understand Islam anymore. This infidel thinks he’s the Islamic lone ranger, here to rescue the ummah from the misfortunes unleashed upon it by scholars of Islam. May Allah damn his face.

The kafir says further:

“So u end up with all sort of crazy people running around thinking they’ve got it right.”

His implication – ‘Muslim ummah at large is a bunch of misguided fools’

The infidel ends his comment by:

“I had respect for shaykh atabek previously because I have respect for the author of this site, but my hopes were let down when I saw one of the conversations between him and bassam zawadi on Facebook. I think he still hasn’t got the hang of it yet, although, much better than the rest of the ignorant mullahs out there.”

In other words, the apostate is saying he is judge and jury over which Muslim scholar is and isn’t “ignorant” – as if he knows the length and breadth of Islamic scholarship inside out. Of course, only those who suit the sensibilities of this apostate, will be deemed worthy by him.

For us Muslims – AGAIN – we say VERY PROUDLY –

The Sahaba, the Tabi’een, and the classical scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah are the inheritors of our Master RasulAllah and we are VERY PROUD to learn our deen from them. Indeed, they are our yardstick for right or wrong.


In case anyone thinks we’ve been successfully side-tracked they are wrong. I believe this much is enough for any FAIR Muslim to see the deception and debauchery of this atabeck cult.

We will NEVER STOP talking about – the evils of perennialism and how it negates Islam.

We will ALWAYS ASSERT – the ABSOLUTE MONOPOLY OF ISLAM on religious and moral truth, and salvation in the hereafter. 

Muslims should expend their efforts destroying and annihilating the blasphemy of perennialism and not be distracted by their sidekicks like these whose aim is to make distractions and shift Muslims’ focus away from destroying perennialism.

wa bi(A)llah-it-tawfiiq.


2 responses to “Hahaha – apostate atabeck’s brain dead follower proves our point

  1. Ralph

    May 17, 2016 at 6:29 am

    As Salamu Alaykum

    Even though they are using deceptive tricks they gain more and more followers. This movement is extremely dangerous because they claim connection to classical Hanafi scholars. The usual perennialists do not use many classical arguments.

    • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

      May 17, 2016 at 7:06 am

      Waleikum Salam

      Don’t worry brother. This cult movement will finish off very soon in sha Allah. Like you said, their aim is followers, at any cost. Sooner or later anyone who knows about this apostate and his cult, will drift away.

      Their claim to classical Hanafi scholarship is nothing new. The wahabis too claim to present opinions of madhhabs.

      You could easily trash their logic by citing Hanafi sources that state the opposite of what they state. For example, cite Imam Maturidi on capital punishment for apostates & show it to the monkey.


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