What is Islam? Who were & are the believers? Who were & are the disbelievers? Past nations. Past “religions”. Validity. Abrogation. Perennialism.

20 May

Salvation is ONLY dependent on complete, sincere, and unyielding belief in Prophet Muhammad

Head to toe, he’s the Mercy of Allah;

Master of all creation – this Bondservant of Allah!

Says the Quran, that he personifies Belief in Allah;

Says Belief – ‘My lifeblood is RasulAllah ’!

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

It will be beneficial for new Muslims to clear the air in simple, crisp, layman language and undo the confusion caused by the perennialist enemies of Islam. It will also be beneficial for children who may encounter perennialist teachers at “Islamic” schools, as is becoming quite common in the west.

Let us proceed methodically.

What is Islam?

It refers to submitting oneself in complete and utter humility and servitude to Allah, The Creator & Owner of everything.

Islam has been THE ONLY religion acceptable to Allah from the beginning of time.

There are 2 parts to it

1- Beliefs / Creed / Articles of Faith

Islam is the belief in The Tawhiid of Allah, The Creator & Owner of all creation.

Belief in Allah, however, is only an empty claim UNLESS & UNTIL one ALSO accepts & believes in –

ALL the Prophets of Allah.

ALL the Angels of Allah.

ALL the Books sent by Allah.

Life after death & the Day of Judgement.

Good & bad fate being from Allah.

Denial of ANY aspect of faith is denial of belief in Allah, even if one claims to believe in Him.

One has to declare belief in ALL the facets of belief mentioned above, along with their accompanying details – like knowing about the Attributes of Allah correctly in addition to declaring belief in His Tawhiid, believing in the Angels correctly without believing nonsense like they disobey Allah or make mistakes; considering the Prophets as infallible and immune to sinning or withholding from the message and so on.

2- The religious law or canon to live one’s life by (aka Shari’ah). This canon is given by Allah through revelation to His Prophets. This too can be divided into 2 parts:

2a- The unambiguous and unimpeachable aspects of it. Example – The obligation to pray 5 times a day. The denial of such aspects or even expressing doubt about them is DISBELIEF.

2b- The aspects open to interpretation. Example – Where to place the hands in prayer. Denial of such matters is not disbelief.


Denial of any facet of belief mentioned above makes one a disbeliever, and in the case of such people, there is no point talking about the adherence to the canon.


Who were the believers in the past?

They were the people who declared belief in Allah & His Prophets as per the above definitions of belief.

They accepted Allah’s Tawhiid, His Angels, the current book that they had, the current Prophet sent to them, fate, life after death, day of judgment. They also accepted the canon brought by the current Prophet sent to them.

Example – The followers of our Master Muusa ‘alaihis salam in the currency of his prophethood, who accepted the creed of Islam, as well as the Book and the canon that he brought with him. Acceptance of the then current Prophet (Muusa ‘alaihis salam) meant they also acknowledged the past Prophets sent by Allah, like our Masters Ibrahiim & Nuuh, ‘alaihimus salam.


Who were the disbelievers in the past?

Those who rejected the Prophets sent to them. Rejection of ANY Prophet of Allah is declaring disbelief in Him, regardless of any claim of belief in Tawhiid or lack thereof.

Example – Those children of Israel who rejected belief in our Master ‘Eisa ‘alaihis salam when he was sent to them as the current prophet and/or rejection of the Book and the canon he brought with him. Now EVEN IF they claimed to accept Tawhiid or our Master Muusa and the past book or canon, they were DISBELIEVERS – because they were informed of the next Prophet to arrive. Rejection of our Master ‘Eisa (Jesus) ‘alaihis salam at this time would also mean a rejection of our Master Muusa ‘alaihis salam; while acceptance of the current Prophet would also mean acceptance of all of the past ones.

The Quran talks about both groups, believers in our Master ‘Eisa’s prophethood, and disbelievers:

فَآمَنَت طَّائِفَةٌ مِّن بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ وَكَفَرَت طَّائِفَةٌ

Translation of meaning: A group of the children of Israel believed [in ‘Eisa] and a group disbelieved [Holy Quran- part of verse 61:14]

Another example – Those children of Israel who supposedly accepted our Master ‘Eisa but started disbelieving in Allah (and therefore His Prophets) by coming up with the evil belief of trinity.

The Quran refutes this disgusting, filthy, evil belief of the trinity in many places.

Another example – Those infidel children of Israel who murdered prophets.

All the past prophets of Allah informed of the next Prophet to arrive.

The Injiil informed about the arrival of our Master Muhammad ﷺ, the last & final Prophet of Allah, as did the Torah.


Past nations

The people of the past Prophets were their nations, or ummah’s of those Prophets.


Past “religions”

In Islamic discourse, a past “religion” could refer to any of the following:

The TRUTHFUL Creed, Book & canon given to a past Prophet. (this is in reality Islam)

The CORRUPTED creed, book or canon of the people who veered away from the truthful Creed and Book and/or canon of a past prophet.

The CORRUPTED creedal system (no point talking about canon here) that has nothing to do with any Prophet or what ever he brought with him. (example, idolatry)

example of –

TRUTHFUL past “religion” – like the “religion” of the followers of Muusa ‘alaihis salam during the currency of his prophethood, who accepted Tawhiid, the current Prophet, and the Book and canon he brought with him.

TRUTHFUL past “religion” – like the religion of the disciples of our Master ‘Eisa ‘alaihis salam, who believed in Tawhiid and accepted our Master ‘Eisa as Allah’s created slave and prophet, and accepted the Book and the canon he brought with him.

FALSE past “religion” – like the corrupted religion of the infidels who believed in the trinity after our Master ‘Eisa ‘alaihis salam was raised unto the skies.

FALSE past “religion” – like the corrupted religion of the infidels who refused to accept our Master ‘Eisa ‘alaihis salam as Allah’s Prophet when he was sent to them.

FALSE past “religion” – like the religion [i.e., creed; no point talking about canon] of the idol worshipers.



It is Allah’s Sunnah to abrogate certain laws with equivalent laws or by something better for His slaves.

Examples of abrogation – Marriage between brothers and sisters was permitted in the times of our Father & Master Adam ‘alaihis salam. This permission was abrogated after that. In the time of our Master Nuuh ‘alaihis salam, any and every animal was permitted to be eaten. This was abrogated in the laws of all subsequent Prophets. The permission for a man to keep two sisters in marriage simultaneously is abrogated in the current Shari’ah given to our Master RasulAllah ﷺ.

Certain laws are not abrogated. Example – the prohibition of eating swine.

When we say “Islam abrogates” past “religions”, it is ONLY referring to the fact that the CURRENT Book & Canon of ISLAM is abrogating past Books and canons of the past Prophets of ISLAM, for the basic elements of belief itself are not abrogated.

The Book & canon brought by our Master ‘Eisa abrogated the past Book and the canon before it.

The Quran and the Shari’ah, the canon brought by our Master RasulAllah , the last & final prophet of Allah, abrogate all past books and canons.

We acknowledge the past Prophets as truthful Prophets sent by Allah, we acknowledge that the Books and canons that they were given, in their true form were indeed from Allah.

When we say “Islam abrogates christianity” – it only means that the Shari’ah of our Master Rasulullah ﷺ abrogates the Shari’ah of our Master ‘Eisa. In this context, “Christianity” refers to the TRUE religion of the followers of our Master ‘Eisa ‘alaihis salam and it is IN REALITY ISLAM.

Islam has always been the ONLY religion acceptable to Allah.

As far as false religions like hinduism or trinity-based christianity, there is nothing to abrogate since they were not even extant to start with! They were simply man made evil beliefs.


Truth & Validity

Do the past religions have any truth or validity in them?

If by “past religions” we imply the Books and canons of the past Prophets, based on sound Tawhiid, then they WERE IN REALITY ISLAM, based on Tawhiid.

The “Judaism” before the arrival of our Master ‘Eisa that was based on Tawhiid and the TRUE Book & canon given to our Master Moses was IN REALITY ISLAM.

The “Christianity” that was brought by our Master ‘Eisa which was based on sound Tawhiid and had NOTHING to do with the filthy belief of trinity, and based on the TRUE Book & canon given to him, was IN REALITY ISLAM.

Those “religions” are 100% TRUE in their true, un-corrupted form, but of course they are abrogated, even though some aspects of those canons survive into the next canon as well. Example, prohibition of adultery and homosexuality carries on from canon to canon.

Example of an abrogated aspect is that we are not permitted to drink alcohol in our Shari’ah.

What about the current forms of judaism or christianity?

In the current form their books and canons are corrupted, notwithstanding the christian belief of trinity being a pagan belief. As we know through the teachings of OUR MASTER RASULALLAH ﷺ they of course still have remnants of the true canons given to past Prophets. Example, prohibition of adultery.

So can we say that judaism and christianity OF NOW (since the advent of our Master RasulAllah ) are true religions?


FIRSTLY – the judaism since the advent of our Mater ‘Eisa (Jesus Christ) ‘alaihis salam has been a FALSE religion. Our Master ‘Eisa was sent to the children of Israel and they refused to believe in him. They even plotted to try and kill him (many of them in the past too murdered prophets) but Allah protected him.

SECONDLY – the jews and christians have corrupted the creed they got from past prophets.

The christians have invented the disgusting, filthy, polytheistic belief of trinity which has NOTHING to do with what our Master ‘Eisa brought with him.

The jews too have corrupted many beliefs and invented beliefs that suit their fancies. For instance, the belief that they can do whatever they wish and disobey Allah and yet they are accepted by Allah.

Both these groups have also corrupted the Books and the canons they received.

They have taken their priests and rabbis as gods who dictate the permissible and the impermissible to them.

THIRDLY – For argument’s sake, let us hypothetically say that there are people today who [supposedly] believe in Tawhiid just as Muslims do, and they follow the UN-CORRUPTED Books and canons given to their past prophets, and yet do not accept the current Prophet our Master Muhammad ﷺ – they are STILL DISBELIEVERS IN ALLAH (KAFIRS) – for REJECTION OF ANY ONE prophet of Allah is rejection ALL Prophets of Allah and denial of belief in Allah.

The TRUE BOOKS & CANONS given to past Prophets contained prophecies for the last Prophet, our Master RasulAllah ﷺ to arrive and the command to follow him when he does arrive. So if they are TRULY following the laws of Muusa or ‘Eisa ‘alaihimus salam, they would be accepting RasulAllah ﷺ.

The Quran says this in crystal clear language, that they recognize RasulAllah ﷺ like they recognize their sons because of the signs mentioned in the Books and Canons given to the past Prophets.

And the Quran says in crystal clear language that to attain salvation, they have to follow their books 100% WHICH MEANS TO ALSO FOLLOW THE COMMANDS IN THOSE BOOKS TO FOLLOW RASULALLAH ﷺ WHEN HE ARRIVES.


christians and jews of today are KAFIRS and if they want to attain salvation in the hereafter, they HAVE TO declare belief in our Master RasulAllah ﷺ and accept ALL that he ﷺ brought with him.

Don’t all religions (christianity, judaism, buddhism etc.) have some Islamically valid and universal rules like “don’t lie”, “don’t steal” etc.?

Firstly, these basic truths like ‘do not lie’ and ‘do not steal’ pertain to canonical laws on how to live one’s life. Allah’s Tawhiid is the FIRST & MOST ESSENTIAL TRUTH, upon which such matters rest. The religion prescribed for all of creation is Islam, and that has been the case from the beginning of time. Every prophet of Allah from Adam, peace be upon him, until our Master Muhammad ﷺ has taught us to worship Allah Alone and none other than Him. Islam has been the ONLY prescribed and the ONLY acceptable religion. The people of the book who TRULY followed past prophets like Moses or Jesus, peace be upon them, and adhered to the canons they brought, were also in reality MUSLIMS, as the Quran itself testifies; like in the verses that say our master & father Ibrahiim is a Muslim, or the verses that state that the disciples of our master Jesus were Muslims.

Secondly, since we have been shown unimaginable mercy by Allah and His appointed prophets have been sent to us, these universal human truths like ‘do not lie’, ‘do not steal’ have been instilled into the human psyche by none other than Allah’s many many prophets, since the beginning of time, so much that they constitute universal values that almost all of mankind and jinnkind recognize, even those who do not accept Islam. Just because they are universal human values adhered to by all of mankind, it does not undo the fact that they are INDEED the teachings of Allah’s appointed prophets, ALL of whom FIRSTLY & FOREMOSTLY taught about His Tawhiid. They are indeed universal truths and universal values, BUT without subscribing to Allah’s Tawhiid and accepting His Prophets, they will yield no benefit in the hereafter, as is clearly stated in the Quran.

Summarily –

1) These universal truths and values of life like ‘do not lie’ are INDEED based on the teachings of the prophets of Allah, who are before anything else the teachers of Allah’s Tawhiid and the Callers to Tawhiid. They are not based on the teachings of satan, who is the one that strives to teach kufr and shirk and misguide.

2) Despite being based on the canonical laws of all past prophets, these values are completely and utterly useless for salvation if someone doesn’t subscribe to Allah’s Tawhiid and accept & acknowledge ALL His Prophets. Acceptance & acknowledgement of our Master RasulAllah ﷺ is the acceptance of all the past prophets of Allah.

Imam Rabbani has addressed these points in his letters and in-sha-Allah they shall be translated in due time.

So what about the one who says that all religions are true and lead to salvation?

Notwithstanding being kufr, that is just as stupid as saying a homeless bum who owns 25 cents is the same as a guy who owns a mansion and a few hundred million dollars in the bank! After all, both of them “own an amount of money”, right?

Never mind the fact that the homeless bum was thrown the quarter his way by the rich guy. Never mind the fact that the homeless bum eats from the garbage and lives on the street with no protection from heat or cold or any privacy. Never mind the fact that the few rags that the homeless person is wearing are the old clothes the rich guy handed him out of pity. Never mind the fact that the rich guy has a comfortable home and eats good food. Never mind the fact that the rich guy actually works for his money while the bum just sits on the sidewalk doing nothing worthwhile. Never mind the fact that the homeless guy stinks of the garbage he sleeps on, and doesn’t know what showering is. Never mind the fact that the rich millionaire maintains hygiene, has people to wait on him, and wears classy clothes and smells of good perfume.

Just because it was the prophets of Allah who flooded the world with universal truths like “don’t steal” “don’t lie” “respect parents” etc. and infidels like christians, jews, hindus or buddhists, etc. also benefit by them, it in no way, shape, or form means that those religions too are valid and lead to salvation.

There is NOTHING BUT falsehood and filth in EVERY belief and creedal system OTHER THAN Islam.

Go back to the first question and see what is Islam and what is necessary for salvation, and also see the previous question.


Coming back to abrogation, and past Prophets, Books and Canons –

Only that about past prophets, their books, their canons and historical events is confirmed which has been attested to by our Master RasulAllah ﷺ. We neither confirm nor deny any matter on which our Master RasulAllah ﷺ has not spoken.


So what about these verses of the Quran?

2:62 – This verse just says that the true followers of past prophets who adhered to the correct beliefs and accepted their current Prophet and all that that current Prophet brought, they will go to heaven. It has nothing to do with the jews and christians of today. (See this post)

22:17 – This verse is not a tiding of entering heaven. As exegetes state, it says that Allah will judge between such people on the day of judgment. The believers will be sent to heaven and disbelievers to hell. It does not say that those who reject our Master RasulAllah ﷺ will go to heaven. (See this post)

5:69 – Same import as verse 2:62.

5:82 & 83 – These verses don’t praise the corrupted trinitarian christians. They are referring to the TRUE followers of the TRUE TEACHINGS OF OUR MASTER ‘EISA (i.e., Tawhiid, accepting our Master ‘Eisa as Allah’s created slave and Prophet, and abiding by the laws given to our Master ‘Eisa), who were present during the time when our Master RasulAllah ﷺ was busy declaring his message. When they heard the Quran and about RasulAllah ﷺ, they cried and attested to the truthfulness of RasulAllah ﷺ  because they realized that based on the true teachings and the prophecies given to them by our Master ‘Eisa, regarding the next Prophet of Allah and the signs given to them, our Master RasulAllah ﷺ had arrived and that all those prophesied signs indeed eventuated and attested to our Master RasulAllah’s ﷺ truthfulness. They cried in fear and awe of Allah’s Majesty and declared belief in our Master RasulAllah ﷺ just as they were commanded to. (See this post as well)


So, what is the final statement on who are the believers and who are the disbelievers?

Anyone who accepts the current Prophet of Allah, our Master Muhammad , whose currency lasts for ever as he is the last & final Prophet of Allah – and accepts ALL that he ﷺ brought with him – without rejecting any of the obligated-to-accept matters of Islam – he is a believer in Allah and if he dies in that state – he is promised everlasting paradise.

Anyone who rejects (example, christians, jews, atheists, buddhists) the prophethood of the current Prophet of Allah, our Master Muhammad , whose currency lasts for ever as he is the last & final Prophet of Allah – OR who claims to accept him ﷺ but rejects any of the obligated-to-accept matters of Islam (example, those who deny the Quran and say that even those who deny RasulAllah’s ﷺ prophethood can enter heaven, or those who believe there are other prophets after him ﷺ, or those who justify the filthy belief of trinity, or those who speak disparagingly about RasulAllah ﷺ, or those who support or express sympathies for such people, or those who deny clearly unimpeachable and well-known obligations and/or prohibitions from the canon that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ brought) – he is a disbeliever in Allah and if he dies in that state – he is promised unending torture in the inferno.

Salvation is ONLY dependent on complete, sincere, and unyielding belief in Prophet Muhammad

Head to toe, he’s the Mercy of Allah;

Master of all creation – this Bondservant of Allah!

Says the Quran, that he personifies Belief in Allah;

Says Belief – ‘My lifeblood is RasulAllah ’!

wa bi(A)llah-it-tawfiiq.


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