Ya Muhammadah! [ﷺ]

20 May

Some bite-sized refutations of the hypocrite from california

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

1- The hypocrite from california contends:

‘There is no takfeer of a community in Islam.’

Refutation –

2 words for you, californian: apostasy wars.

Muslims should get acquainted with the wars against apostates during the khilafah (caliphate) of the first Khaliifah of RasulAllah ﷺ, our master Abu Bakr Siddiiq radzi Allahu ‘anhu.

There are inalienable matters of creed in Islam, the denial of which constitutes apostasy. Our master Abu Bakr radzi Allahu ‘anhu fought against the apostates who denied the obligation of zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, as well as other apostates who accepted false claimants to prophethood. Interestingly, the filthy californian was answering a question from a qadiani, a group of apostates who believe in a false claimant to prophethood.

This is not like the nonsensical anathematization of the khawarij who anathematize Muslims for major sins or what THEY THINK in their feeble minds to be inalienable matters of creed [not based on the teachings of RasulAllah ﷺ and his deputies, the sahabah]. See previous post – Nuances – Part 2


2- The hypocrite from california contends:

‘You can cause people to reject Islam by refuting other religions.We have to keep in mind the principle of averting harm (سد الذرائع ).’

This has got to be the most perverted explanation of the principle of sadd adh-dharayi’ or averting harm, notwithstanding unbelievably stupid.

So do we spread Islam and aid people to accept it by praising or appeasing the kufr that they are engrossed in? How exactly do we spread Islam by accepting or appeasing or pacifying the exact opposite of Islam?

It’s like saying we will win the match if we don’t upset the other team by scoring against them!

Has this idiot even read the biographies of our Masters RasulAllah ﷺ and Ibrahiim or any other prophet of Allah, salawatullahi ‘alaihim?

Coming to averting harm – what is a greater harm for a kafir – everlasting suffering in the inferno, or maybe a moment of feeling uneasy when a Muslim refutes his false religion?

One harm is CERTAINLY averted, and another one may be averted if we negate and destroy the evil doctrines of kufr, like the trinity for instance.

a) There is no harm greater than kufr. By negating kufr, we certainly do our part in deterring the advancement of kufr; and we do our part in aiding in the upliftment and advancement of Islam. This is work towards a CERTAIN aversion of harm.

b) Perchance a kafir understands the darkness and gloom of kufr and sees the light of Islam and becomes Muslim, we have averted a great harm from him – the harm of everlasting suffering in the inferno which is sure to befall anyone who dies outside of Islam!

See this older post where some quotes  by Ahlus Sunnah scholars are given, which clearly state that “good speech” in matters of religion is not that which appeals to the fancies of kafirs, but rather that which negates kufr —


3- The californian hypocrite’s 3rd contention takes on from the 2nd one mentioned above:

‘Because the Prophet said that he will be the advocate of a dhimmi who is unjustly wronged.’

Are there any dhimmis in these times?

Is negating kufr unjustly wronging a dhimmi? Would reading the Surah Ikhlas in front of an idolater dhimmi be ‘unjustly wronging’ him?

For what exactly are we commanded to charge the jizyah – the very thing that accords a kafir dhimmi status? The Quran says explicitly that the jizyah is a humiliation and a penalty for them because of their disbelief in Islam.

The Prophet ﷺ said that (the hadith that the shameless californian cites with his usual lies, spins, and doublespeak) in regards to personal rights of the dhimmi, that the dhimmi is protected by the state – Muslims are not permitted to hurt him or cheat him and so on. It doesn’t mean that we appease his kufr! The very imposition of the jizyah is a blow on every religion other than Islam.


4- The idiot munafiq further contends

‘We have our creed. The previous Sharii’ah’s are abrogated and Islam supersedes them. I’m not a perennialist but I believe there is a validity in those previous religions, and that Allah maintains and sustains people through it because He is The Most Merciful. This validity aids those people when they’re sick, when they pray, and so on. Until something better comes along, that is what Allah has given those people.’

Firstly, let us get the latter part of this contention out of the way.

Allah maintains and sustains all people – EVEN SATANISTS. He is The Most Merciful.

In this world, His Mercy extends to all – even those who do not believe in Him. He gives them health, wealth, sustenance, offspring etc. regardless of their acceptance or non-acceptance of Islam.

It is incredibly useless, pathetic, and disingenuous for the perennialism cheerleader to say that all of this is on account of the ‘validity in previous religions’. Did the californian not see atheists and satanists being given children or luxuries or healing from sickness? Or are atheism and satanism too counted as denominations of his perennialist religion?

He mentions the prayers of the kuffar! As if they’re accepted by Allah! The Quran says clearly that the prayers of kafirs are nothing but astray.

Like a true mutazilite (notwithstanding munafiq), the californian says that until something better comes along that is what Allah has given those people, as if Allah has to wait for events to happen (al-‘eyadhu bi(A)llah). Does the californian not know that Allah can MAKE the better thing come along to them?

Does he not know that the truth and falsehood have both been made manifest and people have the opportunity to accept the truth?

Regarding his comment on the “validity” in “previous religions” , see this previous post and clear all your confusion.


5 – The munafiq laments being [supposedly] Muslim and contends

‘Muslims do a lot of weird things. We have people who do honor killings and think it is a part of Islam, and denigrating other religions doesn’t help this.’

Honor killings are NOT a part of Islam.

If fools think that it is, then how exactly does negation of kufr abet this crime?

Does an honor killing automatically happen every time someone says that the trinity is a filthy belief?

What about when we read the Quran? Do honor killings automatically happen when we read the verses negating trinity and idol worship, and the smashing of the idols by our Master Ibrahiim ‘alaihis salam (wal ‘eyadhu bi(A)llah)?

Has YOUR pacifying and appeasing of kufr helped eliminate these crimes? In fact, has it even lowered the crime rate in the san francisco bay area?

Honor killings are a criminal problem in many Asian nations, and take place in Muslim as well as kafir communities (like hindus and sikhs), but don’t let that little fact get in the way of some good old fashioned ummah-bashing that you hypocrites are known for and described by in the Quran!

He talks about ‘Muslims doing weird things’ as if his kafir brothers and sisters are pure of all absurdity and weirdness.


6- The enemy of Islam says

‘When you denigrate other religions, you’re not elevating your own religion but you’re succumbing to spiritual arrogance, which is one of the most dangerous states for a human being to be in.’

So you elevate Islam by simultaneously elevating kufr with it?

The californian is a devil and a dajjal for his disingenuous doublespeak.

Spiritual arrogance at a personal level is indeed a dangerous state where a person thinks he has reached a favorable station in front of Allah COMPARED TO OTHER MUSLIMS.



– IT IS CERTAINLY NOT – spiritual arrogance.

It is nothing other than SOUND FAITH IN ISLAM.

But it is this very sound faith that annoys the filthy hypocrite. He wishes for Muslims to equate Islam with the filthy religions of his infidel brothers and sisters. He is pained by the refutation of falsehood. He is pained at the spread of the truth.

Just as Imam Ghazali says, just as bats are pained at the spreading of light, this filthy kafir from california who pretends to be a Muslim, is pained when a Muslim refutes the filthy, ugly beliefs of kufr like trinity.

We pray to Allah to cleanse the world of the fitnah of this evil hypocrite from california whose life’s aim seems to be just to try and extinguish the light of the religion of Allah. But the filthy kafir doesn’t know that Allah’s religion shall ALWAYS be dominant.

wAllahu waliyy-ut-tawfiiq.


4 responses to “Ya Muhammadah! [ﷺ]

  1. Ibn Hawah

    July 10, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Are You A “Salafi” Sir

    • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

      July 11, 2017 at 2:23 am

      Alhamdulillah of course not. I’m Ash’ari. Those who claim to be “Salafi” don’t follow the Salaf at all.

      • xyberkid

        October 27, 2017 at 7:45 pm

        can i have your contact? anything like email or f.b? i’d like to talk about something

      • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

        November 4, 2017 at 12:45 pm

        The email id dedicated to this blog is mentioned on this page.


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