1) There is NO copyright in Islam. Every Sunni Muslim is free to reproduce the content from this blog in any way, shape or form, PROVIDED they reference back to this blog and link to the concerned post or page on this blog where they quoted from, AND PROVIDED that they do not alter the content in any way, even simple things like correcting my typos. This is a part of an ongoing academic project and the loose ends in regards to proofreading, editing and formatting shall be tied in due time, if Allah permits, along with acknowledging the great scholars from whose works the translations are presented. Please leave my spelling and grammatical errors intact, or if you wish for them to be corrected, please first contact the blog owner at:

2) Every Sunni Muslim is free to translate the content of this blog in another language, for the purpose of electronic publishing on websites, blogs, etc. – PROVIDED they do not change the meaning and context of the material presented AND PROVIDED they link back to the original content. If the translated content is meant for publishing or printing on paper or any other non-electronic storage media, for general distribution, be it commercial or non-profit, please see item 3 below.

3) Open permission is granted to ALL Sunni Muslim publishers to print or publish the material on this blog, in English, or its translations in any other language, on paper or any other non-electronic storage media, for both commercial or non-profit distribution, ONLY IF the following declaration, EXACTLY as shown below is added in the beginning:



We the publishers, declare that there is no God except Allah and that Prophet Muhammad is His last and final messenger. We unequivocally declare qadianis and their satanic leader mirza ghulam ahmed, to be kafirs who have nothing to do with Islam. We unequivocally declare the ismaili shias who follow the agha khan, to be kafirs who have nothing to do with Islam, along with declaring their leaders to be kafirs. We unequivocally declare that ISLAM ALONE is the truth and THE ONLY religion acceptable to Allah, ALL other religions like buddhism, judaism, ismailiism, qadianiism, etc. and belief systems like atheism or agnosticism, being falsehood leading to everlasting hellfire. We unequivocally declare anyone who is not a Muslim, to be kafir, whether he is a person of the book like jews and christians, or not, like buddhist or hindu or atheist or agnostic or anything else. We unequivocally declare that our masters Abu Bakr and ‘Umar are the greatest of men after the prophets of Allah, and we unequivocally declare our love for ALL companions and ahl al-bayt of the Prophet, including our masters ‘Ali and Mu’awiya, may Allah grant all the Prophet’s companions and ahl al-bayt His Ridza & Mercy. We unequivocally declare that it is permitted to supplicate to Allah by the tawassul of His Beloved Prophet . We unequivocally declare that homosexuality is forbidden in Islam and denounce the LGBT lobby. We denounce the state of Israel and its atrocities against the Palestinian people.


and as stated, PROVIDED, they mention the link to this blog as the source. If a translation in another language is being published, then the declaration shown above MUST BE printed in BOTH English, AND the language in which the translation has been made.

4) Any electronic distribution of the information taken from this blog may ONLY be done for FREE, without soliciting payment in any way, shape or form pursuant to the condition that the original content must be linked.

5) Anyone who is not Muslim (i.e., kafir, and this includes qadianis and ismailis too), is free to reproduce the content from this blog in ELECTRONIC FORMATS ONLY – PROVIDED the original content is linked to, AND PROVIDED, no change or alterations are made to the content.

6) NO PERMISSION is granted to any nonMuslim (this includes qadianis and ismailis) to translate or transform the content into another language or in any other form.

7) Kafirs (i.e., nonMuslims, and this includes qadianis and ismailis as well) are NOT ALLOWED to print or publish this material on paper or any other non-electronic storage media in any way, shape or form, for any reason, profit or nonprofit.


5 responses to “Copyright

  1. Jalalludin Ahmad Ar-Rowi

    August 4, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    Jazakallahu khairan katsira

  2. 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi

    August 4, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    Please make sure you understand the above properly and also that you link back to the original content on this blog.

  3. Jalalludin Ahmad Ar-Rowi

    August 5, 2012 at 5:52 pm



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