On las vegas and the category 3 storm that afflicted it!

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

It’s something like a natural calamity like hurricanes Harvey or Irma!

To any kafir readers who lurk here, that ain’t my judgment, that’s the extract of the judgment of YOUR expert politicians and your media! They refuse to call it an act of terror!

Muslims have been trained and conditioned by the rest of their fellow dwellers of this planet – especially those in politics and the media – to only condemn acts of terror and offer sympathies to victims of terror!

The great bbc has said –

Investigators have found no link to international terrorism, despite a claim from so-called Islamic State.

Since this wasn’t ‘an act of terror’ with links to international terrorism’ – based on the expert judgments of the western politicians and media – there’s nothing for us to see here! Move right along, Muslim brothers and sisters!

If the ‘gunman’ or ‘lone wolf’ or ‘suspect with a history of psychological problems’ or ‘psychopath’

NOT ‘terrorist’, NOT ‘white terrorist’, NOT ‘christian terrorist’, NOT ‘atheist terrorist’, NOT ‘American terrorist’ or something of that sort –

was a Muslim, real or perceived –

it would have been forbidden for the shameless and hypocritical media and politicians and a sizable chunk of the general citizenry to call the ‘gunman’ as ‘a lone wolf with a psychological problems’ or the act as ‘tragedy’ or ‘act of pure evil’ (nothing has as much buzz around it as, well, buzzwords – like ‘terrorism’ or ‘terrorist’ or ‘Islamism’ or ‘Islamist’ or ‘jihadist’).

The great cnn has the following to report:

 The gunman’s brother, Eric Paddock, said he was stunned to learn Stephen was believed responsible.

“We’re still just completely befuddled. Dumbstruck,” Eric Paddock said outside his home in Orlando, Florida.

If he was a Muslim, and consequently a ‘terrorist’ – his family would have been expected to disown him and issue a public statement that they disown the ‘terrorist’ (and they’d still be ostracized after that) and give an explanation as to just when, how, where, and why, he became ‘radicalized’.

Since, this guy wasn’t Muslim – his family enjoys the luxury of being “befuddled” and “dumbstruck”.

Don’t forget that if the ‘psychopath’ had a Muslim name, his local imam would ALSO be expected to issue a statement of condemnation and condolences and distance himself from the ‘gunman’ and would be expected to hug the local catholic priests and jewish rabbis in order to prove his and his Muslim community’s desire to uphold civil law and order!

That still wouldn’t be enough, and random mosques across the western world would be vandalized, and random Muslims issued death threats, random Muslim women would have had their scarves pulled off, be spat at, and subjected to physical violence –

and since all these acts would be in ‘retaliation’ to a ‘terror attack’ caused by a real or perceived Muslim unknown to the other Muslims –

such ‘retaliatory’ attacks (or ‘backlashes’ as they are euphemistically called) wouldn’t qualify as ‘terror attacks’ in themselves –

but be downgraded to ‘hate crimes’, MAYBE, depending on the whim of the local investigating law enforcement officer to arrive at the scene.

A ‘hate crime’ still sounds less evil than ‘an act of terror’ or ‘terrorist attack’. We all know the euphemisms.

 From the same cnn link:

Police said they believe Paddock acted alone. “Right now, we believe it’s a sole actor, a lone-wolf-type actor,” the sheriff said.

However, don’t you dare EVER expect a Muslim killer to be a ‘lone-wolf-type actor’ or ‘act alone’ or be a ‘sole actor’.

 Also from the same link:

“I can’t get into the mind of a psychopath,” the sheriff said. Mayor Carolyn Goodman described the gunman as “a crazed lunatic full of hate.”

“Psychopath”  and “crazed lunatic full of hate”

Not much different from the raving Hurricane Harvey – a category 4 hurricane – winds reaching up to 130 mph, roughly 40 inches of rain, peak accumulations of roughly 65 inches – with roughly 75 fatalities.

In fact since Harvey took more lives (75 fatalities) than this event (59 fatalities), let’s call this event a category 3 storm!

Notwithstanding the additional damage caused to property as well by the harsher, category 4 Harvey!

It would have been different had a ‘lone-wolf-type actor’ and a crazed lunatic full of hate’ with a Muslim name stabbed 2 people at a subway station – it would have been called a ‘terror attack with links to international terrorism’  despite the killer ‘acting alone’!

A headline on the bbc’s website says:

Stephen Paddock: Vegas suspect a gambler and ex-accountant

If it was a Muslim or ‘person of Middle Eastern origin’ who perpetrated these crimes, he sure as hell wouldn’t be referred to as an ‘ex-accountant’.

Rather, you’d get to read headlines saying something like –

‘Sultan Shakir: Vegas suspect converted to Islam and got radicalized in a suburban Chicago mosque’ or

‘Ali Abdullah: Vegas suspect prayed at a Detroit mosque for 5 years’

I could go on, as could you brothers and sisters, so no point wasting time pointing out the obvious any more than we have.


As at any time, regardless of cause of death – we always pray to Allah to forgive ALL deceased MUSLIMS EVERYWHERE and to accept them into Al-Firdaws Al-A’ala. Aameen bi-hurmati Nabiyyihil Amiin, ‘alaihi afdzal-us-salawaatu wat-tasleem.

If there were any MUSLIM VICTIMS of the ‘crazed lunatic full of hate’ at the las vegas concert, we pray to Allah to forgive them, and accept them as martyrs.

Scholars have said that a Muslim who faces a death deemed to be martyrdom as stated in the ahadiith* (notwithstanding the actual martyrdom that takes place on the battlefield) – EVEN IF the said Muslims were in a state of sinfulness, like adultery or being drunk (or like being at this concert) – it doesn’t undo the ruling on the death being deemed as a martyrdom.

*Deaths deemed by ahadiith to be deaths of martyrdom include deaths like dying of high fever, dying in a fire, dying of drowning, dying of complications in child-birth, being killed violently, and other causes mentioned in ahadiith. When we say they are deemed to be deaths of martyrdom, it is to distinguish them from the actual and real martyrdom of the battlefield (obviously, also mentioned in ahadiith).


REMEMBER – It is APOSTASY FROM ISLAM to pray for deceased kafirs – regardless of your sympathy at their cause of death – be it by cancer, or by this category 3 storm caused at the hands of this ‘lone-wolf-actor’

Allah has forbidden His Prophet and Muslims to pray for their deceased kafir relatives. Read the rulings derived from verse 9:113.

Safeguard your faiths and don’t fall into the traps that will soon be laid out by the infidel hypocrites pretending to be ‘qualified scholars of the orthodox Islamic tradition’.

As can be expected, the usual suspects, the hypocrites masquerading as ‘scholars of Islam’ are going to crawl out of the woodwork and issue statements that will sound like:

‘Allah knows best the states of their minds when they died.’(To such hypocrites, we Muslims reply – ‘Allah also knows best the state of mind of your parents when they died. They could have become kafir just before witnessing the Angel of Death. So we wish to be safe from praying for deceased kafirs, and will not pray from your dead parents either, just in case they died kafirs.’)

‘If I can’t add a rahmatuLlahi ‘alaih after their names, I’m in the wrong religion. They were innocent victims who were there just to enjoy some country music and liberal arts.’ — (To such hypocrites, we Muslims reply – ‘You ARE in the wrong religion, o hypocrite from california – the religion of abject and terminal hypocrisy! Your religion isn’t Islam by a long shot! Regardless of the cloak you don or the beard you sport or the halal food you consume, you’re nothing but a pig-eating kafir! Isn’t it incredibly funny that you wish to pray for them for a mercy they always denied and never believed in (the mercy of Islam) and you wish for them to make it to the Heaven whose existence they denied! Anyway, your so-called prayers have no effect on the reality of things ordained by Allah or the faiths of Muslims.’)

and other such comments.

Beware and don’t fall into the trap of satan and his minions!

wa bi(A)llah-it-tawfiiq.


Ya Muhammadah! [ﷺ]

Some bite-sized refutations of the hypocrite from california

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

1- The hypocrite from california contends:

‘There is no takfeer of a community in Islam.’

Refutation –

2 words for you, californian: apostasy wars.

Muslims should get acquainted with the wars against apostates during the khilafah (caliphate) of the first Khaliifah of RasulAllah ﷺ, our master Abu Bakr Siddiiq radzi Allahu ‘anhu.

There are inalienable matters of creed in Islam, the denial of which constitutes apostasy. Our master Abu Bakr radzi Allahu ‘anhu fought against the apostates who denied the obligation of zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, as well as other apostates who accepted false claimants to prophethood. Interestingly, the filthy californian was answering a question from a qadiani, a group of apostates who believe in a false claimant to prophethood.

This is not like the nonsensical anathematization of the khawarij who anathematize Muslims for major sins or what THEY THINK in their feeble minds to be inalienable matters of creed [not based on the teachings of RasulAllah ﷺ and his deputies, the sahabah]. See previous post – Nuances – Part 2


2- The hypocrite from california contends:

‘You can cause people to reject Islam by refuting other religions.We have to keep in mind the principle of averting harm (سد الذرائع ).’

This has got to be the most perverted explanation of the principle of sadd adh-dharayi’ or averting harm, notwithstanding unbelievably stupid.

So do we spread Islam and aid people to accept it by praising or appeasing the kufr that they are engrossed in? How exactly do we spread Islam by accepting or appeasing or pacifying the exact opposite of Islam?

It’s like saying we will win the match if we don’t upset the other team by scoring against them!

Has this idiot even read the biographies of our Masters RasulAllah ﷺ and Ibrahiim or any other prophet of Allah, salawatullahi ‘alaihim?

Coming to averting harm – what is a greater harm for a kafir – everlasting suffering in the inferno, or maybe a moment of feeling uneasy when a Muslim refutes his false religion?

One harm is CERTAINLY averted, and another one may be averted if we negate and destroy the evil doctrines of kufr, like the trinity for instance.

a) There is no harm greater than kufr. By negating kufr, we certainly do our part in deterring the advancement of kufr; and we do our part in aiding in the upliftment and advancement of Islam. This is work towards a CERTAIN aversion of harm.

b) Perchance a kafir understands the darkness and gloom of kufr and sees the light of Islam and becomes Muslim, we have averted a great harm from him – the harm of everlasting suffering in the inferno which is sure to befall anyone who dies outside of Islam!

See this older post where some quotes  by Ahlus Sunnah scholars are given, which clearly state that “good speech” in matters of religion is not that which appeals to the fancies of kafirs, but rather that which negates kufr —


3- The californian hypocrite’s 3rd contention takes on from the 2nd one mentioned above:

‘Because the Prophet said that he will be the advocate of a dhimmi who is unjustly wronged.’

Are there any dhimmis in these times?

Is negating kufr unjustly wronging a dhimmi? Would reading the Surah Ikhlas in front of an idolater dhimmi be ‘unjustly wronging’ him?

For what exactly are we commanded to charge the jizyah – the very thing that accords a kafir dhimmi status? The Quran says explicitly that the jizyah is a humiliation and a penalty for them because of their disbelief in Islam.

The Prophet ﷺ said that (the hadith that the shameless californian cites with his usual lies, spins, and doublespeak) in regards to personal rights of the dhimmi, that the dhimmi is protected by the state – Muslims are not permitted to hurt him or cheat him and so on. It doesn’t mean that we appease his kufr! The very imposition of the jizyah is a blow on every religion other than Islam.


4- The idiot munafiq further contends

‘We have our creed. The previous Sharii’ah’s are abrogated and Islam supersedes them. I’m not a perennialist but I believe there is a validity in those previous religions, and that Allah maintains and sustains people through it because He is The Most Merciful. This validity aids those people when they’re sick, when they pray, and so on. Until something better comes along, that is what Allah has given those people.’

Firstly, let us get the latter part of this contention out of the way.

Allah maintains and sustains all people – EVEN SATANISTS. He is The Most Merciful.

In this world, His Mercy extends to all – even those who do not believe in Him. He gives them health, wealth, sustenance, offspring etc. regardless of their acceptance or non-acceptance of Islam.

It is incredibly useless, pathetic, and disingenuous for the perennialism cheerleader to say that all of this is on account of the ‘validity in previous religions’. Did the californian not see atheists and satanists being given children or luxuries or healing from sickness? Or are atheism and satanism too counted as denominations of his perennialist religion?

He mentions the prayers of the kuffar! As if they’re accepted by Allah! The Quran says clearly that the prayers of kafirs are nothing but astray.

Like a true mutazilite (notwithstanding munafiq), the californian says that until something better comes along that is what Allah has given those people, as if Allah has to wait for events to happen (al-‘eyadhu bi(A)llah). Does the californian not know that Allah can MAKE the better thing come along to them?

Does he not know that the truth and falsehood have both been made manifest and people have the opportunity to accept the truth?

Regarding his comment on the “validity” in “previous religions” , see this previous post and clear all your confusion.


5 – The munafiq laments being [supposedly] Muslim and contends

‘Muslims do a lot of weird things. We have people who do honor killings and think it is a part of Islam, and denigrating other religions doesn’t help this.’

Honor killings are NOT a part of Islam.

If fools think that it is, then how exactly does negation of kufr abet this crime?

Does an honor killing automatically happen every time someone says that the trinity is a filthy belief?

What about when we read the Quran? Do honor killings automatically happen when we read the verses negating trinity and idol worship, and the smashing of the idols by our Master Ibrahiim ‘alaihis salam (wal ‘eyadhu bi(A)llah)?

Has YOUR pacifying and appeasing of kufr helped eliminate these crimes? In fact, has it even lowered the crime rate in the san francisco bay area?

Honor killings are a criminal problem in many Asian nations, and take place in Muslim as well as kafir communities (like hindus and sikhs), but don’t let that little fact get in the way of some good old fashioned ummah-bashing that you hypocrites are known for and described by in the Quran!

He talks about ‘Muslims doing weird things’ as if his kafir brothers and sisters are pure of all absurdity and weirdness.


6- The enemy of Islam says

‘When you denigrate other religions, you’re not elevating your own religion but you’re succumbing to spiritual arrogance, which is one of the most dangerous states for a human being to be in.’

So you elevate Islam by simultaneously elevating kufr with it?

The californian is a devil and a dajjal for his disingenuous doublespeak.

Spiritual arrogance at a personal level is indeed a dangerous state where a person thinks he has reached a favorable station in front of Allah COMPARED TO OTHER MUSLIMS.



– IT IS CERTAINLY NOT – spiritual arrogance.

It is nothing other than SOUND FAITH IN ISLAM.

But it is this very sound faith that annoys the filthy hypocrite. He wishes for Muslims to equate Islam with the filthy religions of his infidel brothers and sisters. He is pained by the refutation of falsehood. He is pained at the spread of the truth.

Just as Imam Ghazali says, just as bats are pained at the spreading of light, this filthy kafir from california who pretends to be a Muslim, is pained when a Muslim refutes the filthy, ugly beliefs of kufr like trinity.

We pray to Allah to cleanse the world of the fitnah of this evil hypocrite from california whose life’s aim seems to be just to try and extinguish the light of the religion of Allah. But the filthy kafir doesn’t know that Allah’s religion shall ALWAYS be dominant.

wAllahu waliyy-ut-tawfiiq.


What is Islam? Who were & are the believers? Who were & are the disbelievers? Past nations. Past “religions”. Validity. Abrogation. Perennialism.

Salvation is ONLY dependent on complete, sincere, and unyielding belief in Prophet Muhammad

Head to toe, he’s the Mercy of Allah;

Master of all creation – this Bondservant of Allah!

Says the Quran, that he personifies Belief in Allah;

Says Belief – ‘My lifeblood is RasulAllah ’!

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

It will be beneficial for new Muslims to clear the air in simple, crisp, layman language and undo the confusion caused by the perennialist enemies of Islam. It will also be beneficial for children who may encounter perennialist teachers at “Islamic” schools, as is becoming quite common in the west.

Let us proceed methodically.

What is Islam?

It refers to submitting oneself in complete and utter humility and servitude to Allah, The Creator & Owner of everything.

Islam has been THE ONLY religion acceptable to Allah from the beginning of time.

There are 2 parts to it

1- Beliefs / Creed / Articles of Faith

Islam is the belief in The Tawhiid of Allah, The Creator & Owner of all creation.

Belief in Allah, however, is only an empty claim UNLESS & UNTIL one ALSO accepts & believes in –

ALL the Prophets of Allah.

ALL the Angels of Allah.

ALL the Books sent by Allah.

Life after death & the Day of Judgement.

Good & bad fate being from Allah.

Denial of ANY aspect of faith is denial of belief in Allah, even if one claims to believe in Him.

One has to declare belief in ALL the facets of belief mentioned above, along with their accompanying details – like knowing about the Attributes of Allah correctly in addition to declaring belief in His Tawhiid, believing in the Angels correctly without believing nonsense like they disobey Allah or make mistakes; considering the Prophets as infallible and immune to sinning or withholding from the message and so on.

2- The religious law or canon to live one’s life by (aka Shari’ah). This canon is given by Allah through revelation to His Prophets. This too can be divided into 2 parts:

2a- The unambiguous and unimpeachable aspects of it. Example – The obligation to pray 5 times a day. The denial of such aspects or even expressing doubt about them is DISBELIEF.

2b- The aspects open to interpretation. Example – Where to place the hands in prayer. Denial of such matters is not disbelief.


Denial of any facet of belief mentioned above makes one a disbeliever, and in the case of such people, there is no point talking about the adherence to the canon.


Who were the believers in the past?

They were the people who declared belief in Allah & His Prophets as per the above definitions of belief.

They accepted Allah’s Tawhiid, His Angels, the current book that they had, the current Prophet sent to them, fate, life after death, day of judgment. They also accepted the canon brought by the current Prophet sent to them.

Example – The followers of our Master Muusa ‘alaihis salam in the currency of his prophethood, who accepted the creed of Islam, as well as the Book and the canon that he brought with him. Acceptance of the then current Prophet (Muusa ‘alaihis salam) meant they also acknowledged the past Prophets sent by Allah, like our Masters Ibrahiim & Nuuh, ‘alaihimus salam.


Who were the disbelievers in the past?

Those who rejected the Prophets sent to them. Rejection of ANY Prophet of Allah is declaring disbelief in Him, regardless of any claim of belief in Tawhiid or lack thereof.

Example – Those children of Israel who rejected belief in our Master ‘Eisa ‘alaihis salam when he was sent to them as the current prophet and/or rejection of the Book and the canon he brought with him. Now EVEN IF they claimed to accept Tawhiid or our Master Muusa and the past book or canon, they were DISBELIEVERS – because they were informed of the next Prophet to arrive. Rejection of our Master ‘Eisa (Jesus) ‘alaihis salam at this time would also mean a rejection of our Master Muusa ‘alaihis salam; while acceptance of the current Prophet would also mean acceptance of all of the past ones.

The Quran talks about both groups, believers in our Master ‘Eisa’s prophethood, and disbelievers:

فَآمَنَت طَّائِفَةٌ مِّن بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ وَكَفَرَت طَّائِفَةٌ

Translation of meaning: A group of the children of Israel believed [in ‘Eisa] and a group disbelieved [Holy Quran- part of verse 61:14]

Another example – Those children of Israel who supposedly accepted our Master ‘Eisa but started disbelieving in Allah (and therefore His Prophets) by coming up with the evil belief of trinity.

The Quran refutes this disgusting, filthy, evil belief of the trinity in many places.

Another example – Those infidel children of Israel who murdered prophets.

All the past prophets of Allah informed of the next Prophet to arrive.

The Injiil informed about the arrival of our Master Muhammad ﷺ, the last & final Prophet of Allah, as did the Torah.


Past nations

The people of the past Prophets were their nations, or ummah’s of those Prophets.


Past “religions”

In Islamic discourse, a past “religion” could refer to any of the following:

The TRUTHFUL Creed, Book & canon given to a past Prophet. (this is in reality Islam)

The CORRUPTED creed, book or canon of the people who veered away from the truthful Creed and Book and/or canon of a past prophet.

The CORRUPTED creedal system (no point talking about canon here) that has nothing to do with any Prophet or what ever he brought with him. (example, idolatry)

example of –

TRUTHFUL past “religion” – like the “religion” of the followers of Muusa ‘alaihis salam during the currency of his prophethood, who accepted Tawhiid, the current Prophet, and the Book and canon he brought with him.

TRUTHFUL past “religion” – like the religion of the disciples of our Master ‘Eisa ‘alaihis salam, who believed in Tawhiid and accepted our Master ‘Eisa as Allah’s created slave and prophet, and accepted the Book and the canon he brought with him.

FALSE past “religion” – like the corrupted religion of the infidels who believed in the trinity after our Master ‘Eisa ‘alaihis salam was raised unto the skies.

FALSE past “religion” – like the corrupted religion of the infidels who refused to accept our Master ‘Eisa ‘alaihis salam as Allah’s Prophet when he was sent to them.

FALSE past “religion” – like the religion [i.e., creed; no point talking about canon] of the idol worshipers.



It is Allah’s Sunnah to abrogate certain laws with equivalent laws or by something better for His slaves.

Examples of abrogation – Marriage between brothers and sisters was permitted in the times of our Father & Master Adam ‘alaihis salam. This permission was abrogated after that. In the time of our Master Nuuh ‘alaihis salam, any and every animal was permitted to be eaten. This was abrogated in the laws of all subsequent Prophets. The permission for a man to keep two sisters in marriage simultaneously is abrogated in the current Shari’ah given to our Master RasulAllah ﷺ.

Certain laws are not abrogated. Example – the prohibition of eating swine.

When we say “Islam abrogates” past “religions”, it is ONLY referring to the fact that the CURRENT Book & Canon of ISLAM is abrogating past Books and canons of the past Prophets of ISLAM, for the basic elements of belief itself are not abrogated.

The Book & canon brought by our Master ‘Eisa abrogated the past Book and the canon before it.

The Quran and the Shari’ah, the canon brought by our Master RasulAllah , the last & final prophet of Allah, abrogate all past books and canons.

We acknowledge the past Prophets as truthful Prophets sent by Allah, we acknowledge that the Books and canons that they were given, in their true form were indeed from Allah.

When we say “Islam abrogates christianity” – it only means that the Shari’ah of our Master Rasulullah ﷺ abrogates the Shari’ah of our Master ‘Eisa. In this context, “Christianity” refers to the TRUE religion of the followers of our Master ‘Eisa ‘alaihis salam and it is IN REALITY ISLAM.

Islam has always been the ONLY religion acceptable to Allah.

As far as false religions like hinduism or trinity-based christianity, there is nothing to abrogate since they were not even extant to start with! They were simply man made evil beliefs.


Truth & Validity

Do the past religions have any truth or validity in them?

If by “past religions” we imply the Books and canons of the past Prophets, based on sound Tawhiid, then they WERE IN REALITY ISLAM, based on Tawhiid.

The “Judaism” before the arrival of our Master ‘Eisa that was based on Tawhiid and the TRUE Book & canon given to our Master Moses was IN REALITY ISLAM.

The “Christianity” that was brought by our Master ‘Eisa which was based on sound Tawhiid and had NOTHING to do with the filthy belief of trinity, and based on the TRUE Book & canon given to him, was IN REALITY ISLAM.

Those “religions” are 100% TRUE in their true, un-corrupted form, but of course they are abrogated, even though some aspects of those canons survive into the next canon as well. Example, prohibition of adultery and homosexuality carries on from canon to canon.

Example of an abrogated aspect is that we are not permitted to drink alcohol in our Shari’ah.

What about the current forms of judaism or christianity?

In the current form their books and canons are corrupted, notwithstanding the christian belief of trinity being a pagan belief. As we know through the teachings of OUR MASTER RASULALLAH ﷺ they of course still have remnants of the true canons given to past Prophets. Example, prohibition of adultery.

So can we say that judaism and christianity OF NOW (since the advent of our Master RasulAllah ) are true religions?


FIRSTLY – the judaism since the advent of our Mater ‘Eisa (Jesus Christ) ‘alaihis salam has been a FALSE religion. Our Master ‘Eisa was sent to the children of Israel and they refused to believe in him. They even plotted to try and kill him (many of them in the past too murdered prophets) but Allah protected him.

SECONDLY – the jews and christians have corrupted the creed they got from past prophets.

The christians have invented the disgusting, filthy, polytheistic belief of trinity which has NOTHING to do with what our Master ‘Eisa brought with him.

The jews too have corrupted many beliefs and invented beliefs that suit their fancies. For instance, the belief that they can do whatever they wish and disobey Allah and yet they are accepted by Allah.

Both these groups have also corrupted the Books and the canons they received.

They have taken their priests and rabbis as gods who dictate the permissible and the impermissible to them.

THIRDLY – For argument’s sake, let us hypothetically say that there are people today who [supposedly] believe in Tawhiid just as Muslims do, and they follow the UN-CORRUPTED Books and canons given to their past prophets, and yet do not accept the current Prophet our Master Muhammad ﷺ – they are STILL DISBELIEVERS IN ALLAH (KAFIRS) – for REJECTION OF ANY ONE prophet of Allah is rejection ALL Prophets of Allah and denial of belief in Allah.

The TRUE BOOKS & CANONS given to past Prophets contained prophecies for the last Prophet, our Master RasulAllah ﷺ to arrive and the command to follow him when he does arrive. So if they are TRULY following the laws of Muusa or ‘Eisa ‘alaihimus salam, they would be accepting RasulAllah ﷺ.

The Quran says this in crystal clear language, that they recognize RasulAllah ﷺ like they recognize their sons because of the signs mentioned in the Books and Canons given to the past Prophets.

And the Quran says in crystal clear language that to attain salvation, they have to follow their books 100% WHICH MEANS TO ALSO FOLLOW THE COMMANDS IN THOSE BOOKS TO FOLLOW RASULALLAH ﷺ WHEN HE ARRIVES.


christians and jews of today are KAFIRS and if they want to attain salvation in the hereafter, they HAVE TO declare belief in our Master RasulAllah ﷺ and accept ALL that he ﷺ brought with him.

Don’t all religions (christianity, judaism, buddhism etc.) have some Islamically valid and universal rules like “don’t lie”, “don’t steal” etc.?

Firstly, these basic truths like ‘do not lie’ and ‘do not steal’ pertain to canonical laws on how to live one’s life. Allah’s Tawhiid is the FIRST & MOST ESSENTIAL TRUTH, upon which such matters rest. The religion prescribed for all of creation is Islam, and that has been the case from the beginning of time. Every prophet of Allah from Adam, peace be upon him, until our Master Muhammad ﷺ has taught us to worship Allah Alone and none other than Him. Islam has been the ONLY prescribed and the ONLY acceptable religion. The people of the book who TRULY followed past prophets like Moses or Jesus, peace be upon them, and adhered to the canons they brought, were also in reality MUSLIMS, as the Quran itself testifies; like in the verses that say our master & father Ibrahiim is a Muslim, or the verses that state that the disciples of our master Jesus were Muslims.

Secondly, since we have been shown unimaginable mercy by Allah and His appointed prophets have been sent to us, these universal human truths like ‘do not lie’, ‘do not steal’ have been instilled into the human psyche by none other than Allah’s many many prophets, since the beginning of time, so much that they constitute universal values that almost all of mankind and jinnkind recognize, even those who do not accept Islam. Just because they are universal human values adhered to by all of mankind, it does not undo the fact that they are INDEED the teachings of Allah’s appointed prophets, ALL of whom FIRSTLY & FOREMOSTLY taught about His Tawhiid. They are indeed universal truths and universal values, BUT without subscribing to Allah’s Tawhiid and accepting His Prophets, they will yield no benefit in the hereafter, as is clearly stated in the Quran.

Summarily –

1) These universal truths and values of life like ‘do not lie’ are INDEED based on the teachings of the prophets of Allah, who are before anything else the teachers of Allah’s Tawhiid and the Callers to Tawhiid. They are not based on the teachings of satan, who is the one that strives to teach kufr and shirk and misguide.

2) Despite being based on the canonical laws of all past prophets, these values are completely and utterly useless for salvation if someone doesn’t subscribe to Allah’s Tawhiid and accept & acknowledge ALL His Prophets. Acceptance & acknowledgement of our Master RasulAllah ﷺ is the acceptance of all the past prophets of Allah.

Imam Rabbani has addressed these points in his letters and in-sha-Allah they shall be translated in due time.

So what about the one who says that all religions are true and lead to salvation?

Notwithstanding being kufr, that is just as stupid as saying a homeless bum who owns 25 cents is the same as a guy who owns a mansion and a few hundred million dollars in the bank! After all, both of them “own an amount of money”, right?

Never mind the fact that the homeless bum was thrown the quarter his way by the rich guy. Never mind the fact that the homeless bum eats from the garbage and lives on the street with no protection from heat or cold or any privacy. Never mind the fact that the few rags that the homeless person is wearing are the old clothes the rich guy handed him out of pity. Never mind the fact that the rich guy has a comfortable home and eats good food. Never mind the fact that the rich guy actually works for his money while the bum just sits on the sidewalk doing nothing worthwhile. Never mind the fact that the homeless guy stinks of the garbage he sleeps on, and doesn’t know what showering is. Never mind the fact that the rich millionaire maintains hygiene, has people to wait on him, and wears classy clothes and smells of good perfume.

Just because it was the prophets of Allah who flooded the world with universal truths like “don’t steal” “don’t lie” “respect parents” etc. and infidels like christians, jews, hindus or buddhists, etc. also benefit by them, it in no way, shape, or form means that those religions too are valid and lead to salvation.

There is NOTHING BUT falsehood and filth in EVERY belief and creedal system OTHER THAN Islam.

Go back to the first question and see what is Islam and what is necessary for salvation, and also see the previous question.


Coming back to abrogation, and past Prophets, Books and Canons –

Only that about past prophets, their books, their canons and historical events is confirmed which has been attested to by our Master RasulAllah ﷺ. We neither confirm nor deny any matter on which our Master RasulAllah ﷺ has not spoken.


So what about these verses of the Quran?

2:62 – This verse just says that the true followers of past prophets who adhered to the correct beliefs and accepted their current Prophet and all that that current Prophet brought, they will go to heaven. It has nothing to do with the jews and christians of today. (See this post)

22:17 – This verse is not a tiding of entering heaven. As exegetes state, it says that Allah will judge between such people on the day of judgment. The believers will be sent to heaven and disbelievers to hell. It does not say that those who reject our Master RasulAllah ﷺ will go to heaven. (See this post)

5:69 – Same import as verse 2:62.

5:82 & 83 – These verses don’t praise the corrupted trinitarian christians. They are referring to the TRUE followers of the TRUE TEACHINGS OF OUR MASTER ‘EISA (i.e., Tawhiid, accepting our Master ‘Eisa as Allah’s created slave and Prophet, and abiding by the laws given to our Master ‘Eisa), who were present during the time when our Master RasulAllah ﷺ was busy declaring his message. When they heard the Quran and about RasulAllah ﷺ, they cried and attested to the truthfulness of RasulAllah ﷺ  because they realized that based on the true teachings and the prophecies given to them by our Master ‘Eisa, regarding the next Prophet of Allah and the signs given to them, our Master RasulAllah ﷺ had arrived and that all those prophesied signs indeed eventuated and attested to our Master RasulAllah’s ﷺ truthfulness. They cried in fear and awe of Allah’s Majesty and declared belief in our Master RasulAllah ﷺ just as they were commanded to. (See this post as well)


So, what is the final statement on who are the believers and who are the disbelievers?

Anyone who accepts the current Prophet of Allah, our Master Muhammad , whose currency lasts for ever as he is the last & final Prophet of Allah – and accepts ALL that he ﷺ brought with him – without rejecting any of the obligated-to-accept matters of Islam – he is a believer in Allah and if he dies in that state – he is promised everlasting paradise.

Anyone who rejects (example, christians, jews, atheists, buddhists) the prophethood of the current Prophet of Allah, our Master Muhammad , whose currency lasts for ever as he is the last & final Prophet of Allah – OR who claims to accept him ﷺ but rejects any of the obligated-to-accept matters of Islam (example, those who deny the Quran and say that even those who deny RasulAllah’s ﷺ prophethood can enter heaven, or those who believe there are other prophets after him ﷺ, or those who justify the filthy belief of trinity, or those who speak disparagingly about RasulAllah ﷺ, or those who support or express sympathies for such people, or those who deny clearly unimpeachable and well-known obligations and/or prohibitions from the canon that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ brought) – he is a disbeliever in Allah and if he dies in that state – he is promised unending torture in the inferno.

Salvation is ONLY dependent on complete, sincere, and unyielding belief in Prophet Muhammad

Head to toe, he’s the Mercy of Allah;

Master of all creation – this Bondservant of Allah!

Says the Quran, that he personifies Belief in Allah;

Says Belief – ‘My lifeblood is RasulAllah ’!

wa bi(A)llah-it-tawfiiq.


Debunking a fallacy spread by the hypocrite from california

post edited on 08/28/16. Thanks to Bilal Hanafi from France for pointing out the error.

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

The rotten kafir, the imam of kufr, the hypocrite from california, la’anahullah, who functions as a mouthpiece of the perennialists, keeps repeating a fallacy every now and again. He says that:

‘To be called kafir and be thrown in hellfire forever, a person must be a very bad, arrogant, obnoxious, hard hearted person.’

Some people might be swayed by this californian munafiq’s supposed eloquence, but astute Muslims can easily destroy his fallacies.

These two events are NOT NECESSARILY MUTUALLY INCLUSIVE*. They are both INDEPENDENT of each other. 

  1. Being a kafir
  2. Being a very, very bad person (aside from kufr beliefs) with a hard heart and a very obnoxious disposition
(* Being “necessarily mutually inclusive” would mean the two events can NOT occur independently of each other. This is the californian hypocrite’s position, that being a kafir NECESSITATES being a very, very bad person with a hard heart and a very obnoxious disposition. 
“Mutually exclusive” means that the two events can not occur simultaneously. In other words, if  a person is a kafir, it is impossible that he is also a very, very bad person with a hard heart and a very obnoxious disposition. OR it could also mean that if a person is a very, very bad person with a hard heart and a very obnoxious disposition, it is impossible that he is a kafir. This is also not the case. 
The two events are INDEPENDENT of each other. They are NEITHER “mutually exclusive” NOR “necessarily mutually inclusive”.
Jazak Allahu khayra for ‘Bilal Hanafi from France’ for pointing this out in the comments.)

Yes, indeed, the Quran does say that kufr is indeed the greatest of sins, worse than adultery or disrespecting parents and so on – and indeed it is our belief that the absolute worst of Muslims (in deeds, matters other than faith) is FAR EXALTED than the ‘best’ of kafirs (in worldly deeds, matters other than faith).

There isn’t even a comparison between a ‘bad’ Muslim and a ‘good’ kafir (the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ being in matters of worldly deeds).

But it does not mean that every kafir is the same. And it doesn’t mean that EVERY kafir on earth is a monster in EVERY aspect of life.

There are many kafirs, who aside from their false religions, are ‘nice guys’ in their dealings with people.

However, Allah tells us in the Quran, that He can forgive ANY SIN OTHER THAN KUFR, which is the worst of all crimes and unpardonable in the hereafter. If those ‘nice guys’ (in worldly deeds) want salvation in the hereafter, they MUST accept Islam.

In summary – kufr is the absolute lowest of sins and crimes, and unpardonable by Allah, but it is EXCLUSIVE (i.e., INDEPENDENT) of other crimes or good or bad character traits other than belief. A kafir can be truthful and honest in his financial dealings. Or he may be well mannered. Or he may abstain from adultery or homosexuality. People are people. It is not rocket science.


Both abu jahl and abu talib were uncles of our Master RasulAllah and indeed both were kafirs.

However, abu jahl was indeed an obnoxious, sneaky, petulant arch enemy.

abu talib despite his disbelief, was benign to RasulAllah and Muslims.


The fallacy spread by the hypocrite from california that to be called a kafir, a person must be a hard-hearted serial killer or belong to the russian mafia or a south american drug cartel is laughable.

In case someone still doesn’t get it, let me explain by another example that may be easily understood by the kafir from california or those infatuated by him:

  1. First degree murder is the most serious crime carrying the heaviest of sentences
  2. Theft is a much lighter crime than first degree murder.

A criminal convicted of first degree murder IS WORSE than a criminal convicted of theft, both in the severity of the crime, and the sentence handed out.

BUT, does that mean that EVERY first degree murderer is a thief as well? No it doesn’t.

Only an idiot will suggest that.

It is well possible for a first degree murderer to have committed NO OTHER crime.

All said and done, the two crimes are NOT necessarily mutually inclusive. They could be done together at times, but it still doesn’t mean that being guilty of murder AUTOMATICALLY & NECESSARILY means being guilty of theft too.

kufr is far worse than just being an arrogant, hard-hearted, obnoxious person in worldly matters.

Both are bad things.

However, that doesn’t mean that one necessitates the other. It is well possible for someone to be a kafir, but a ‘nice guy’ in other matters other than faith. In the hereafter, he will be handed the ultimate punishment for the ultimate crime – disbelief in Allah. This is Allah’s Promise stated in crystal clear words in the Quran. 

Alas! If only the hypocrite from california could tell all those ‘nice guy’ kafirs that their false beliefs and religions WILL NOT lead to salvation in the hereafter, and that if they became Muslims, their being ‘nice guys’ would become infinitely more rewardable by virtue of Islam – in the unending life of the hereafter too, as opposed to only the short life of this world.

Instead, he spreads disbelief, and withholds from calling to Islam and helping people become Muslim, by delivering a message that says something like –‘Hey, everlasting hellfire is only for obnoxious, arrogant people with hardened hearts on the inside and ugly tattooes on the outside. You’re cool. No need to become Muslim. You can make it to heaven without becoming Muslim!’

A person who TRULY BELIEVES IN ALLAH OR CARES for all those ‘nice guys’, wishes for them to become Muslim and save their hereafter.

By such ugly demeanor, the californian has proven himself to be not just an enemy of Allah and Islam, but also an enemy of all those ‘nice guy’ disbelievers!

We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of the hypocrite from california.

Wa bi(A)llah-it-tawfiiq.


Hahaha – apostate atabeck’s brain dead follower proves our point

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

It seems my last post on the apostate atabeck shukurov ruffled some feathers with his pea-brained followers. Our elders have taught us that arguing with idiots make our hearts dead. I’m only going to expose the filth of this atabeck cult, and his admirers and how brain dead, stupid, and deceptive they really are, and leave these apostate clowns alone, for our job is to expose their kufr and deception without giving them the attention they crave.

I’ll let the readers see the comment by atabeck’s brain dead apostate follower, and then respond.

atabeck worshiper comment








atabeck’s brain dead follower says:

“LMAO. You literally insult and make takfir (*which for you means to kill) and openly announce that you are not going to giver proof for your statements.”

  • The difference between Muslims and kafirs like these is that they are implicit in their insults while we are bold enough to say things openly. atabeck the filthy kafir insults authentic hadith, and celebrated scholars of Islam like Qadzi ‘Iyadz, but that’s alright for this filthy kafir called “mmmclmru” and his kafir master atabeck, la’anahumullah. It’s only a problem when Muslims apply the same attitude to these krazy kafir klowns.
  • Takfir doesn’t mean to kill in in the sense of spreading civil unrest and anarchy or vigilantism. We Muslims are not cowards like atabeck and his bunch; neither are we terrorists like the khawarij isis (who also are brain dead like these apostates). Indeed, we PROUDLY believe in capital punishment for apostasy, based on the commands of the Quran and Sunnah. We also know that it cannot be implemented by individuals, but rather it is implemented in a Shari’ah administered Muslim state, by the state authorities. atabeck and this guy have to answer to their kafir masters so they will try to negate the obligation on Muslim governments to execute apostates.
  • Dogs with rabies have better sense than this deceptive kafir. When I said, I am not going to bother with the proofs for my statements, it was more than clear I was talking about what I stated at the beginning of my previous post,

“Now I hadn’t heard of this individual much before, but after being informed about him and his antics, and after reading his facebook posts and the blog posts supposedly authored by him, all I can say is the following:”

that I was giving my assessment based on his facebook posts and the blog posts supposedly authored by him. I was merely saying that I don’t have the time to give all the reasons for all the statements I made above

BUT – I will give 2 MEGA-REASONS why this filthy infidel doesn’t deserve any time or attention from Muslims. Right after I said I wouldn’t bother with the proofs for the above statements, I said this:

“Here are some basic reasons why this clown doesn’t deserve even 2 seconds of a Muslim’s time and why a mere SUMMARY DISMISSAL of such a person is enough.”

I went on to explain those basic reasons

a) That this infidel thinks the ummah at large is misguided and misinformed for the last 1436 years and only he knows what Islam, Quran, ‘Aqidah, and Shari’ah are.

b) How he always deliberately avoids mentioning the elephant in the room – PERENNIALISM ITSELF – when he defends the filthy book of the perennialists. How the filthy infidel doesn’t consider it worthy to refute perennialism and talk about the SALVIFIC EXCLUSIVITY OF ISLAM AND ISLAM’S MONOPOLY ON RELIGIOUS & MORAL TRUTH.

But of course the filthy kafir mmmclmru will shoot himself in the foot if he too talks about the elephant in the room.

The kafir then says:

“‘I’m not going to bother with proof for my accusation of adultery. Kill her’

= ISIS.”

  • Here the kafir, just like the perennialists, throws the whole isis blackmail for anyone who stands up to their perverted cult – ‘you don’t agree with what we say, so you’re isis’ – and he gives an idiotic argument thinking he’s drawn a very intelligent analogy when in fact he has exposed himself as a master of deception!


After that, another brain dead infidel who thinks the ummah at large is misguided, and admires atabeck, says this:

random apostate comment








It’s just sad that the kafir uses the handle “lookingfortruth1” when in fact he is as repulsed by the truth as a dung beetle is repulsed by the fragrance of a rose. The fuqahaa have ruled it clearly that a person who thinks that the ummah at large is misguided, is a kafir.

What the apostate infidel says:

“This is the product of stupid shariah academies pumping out brainless freaks who only know how to bash Shias, debunk Christianity” 

What he means – “Muslim scholarship over the centuries has been churning out fools. ONLY people who think like me have a grasp over Islam. It is bad to debunk heretics like shias. It is worse to debunk the filthy doctrine of trinity. Completely ignore the fact that the Quran itself debunks christianity.”

“and tell people that u can never understand the deen like the salaf or the classical scholars did.”

The poor infidel is flustered at the reverence of Muslims for the salaf and the classical scholars.

YES WE SAY VERY PROUDLY – The Sahaba, the Tabi’een, and the classical scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah are the inheritors of our Master RasulAllah and we are VERY PROUD to learn our deen from them. Indeed, they are our yardstick for right or wrong. You ill-fated apostate infidels are very unfortunate that you think you know the deen better than those who brought it to you. May Allah’s la’nah befall your faces. 

I quoted the second part of that sentence to show properly that the filthy apostate is only asserting HIS & HIS MERRY BUNCH’S CLAIM which is trying to give a message of – “ONLY WE understand Islam. Muslim scholars and common-folk alike for the last 1436 years have been fools. We know all the follies of the ummah and are going to point them out and rectify them.” May Allah damn his face, for his aim is to spread his heresies that clash with the ways of the salaf and present them as “Islam”.

The rabid apostate further says:

“This crap has been going on for too many years, it’s about time our way of teaching shariah should be changed. Rather than teaching them memorisation, teach them how to think, ponder and discuss issues.”

So in the words of this filthy lowest of all kafir-forms, the ummah at large has been involved in “this crap” for far too many years.

This deluded kafir thinks he’s the only person who understands deen, and infidels like him and his merry bunch will rectify the follies of the ummah. This filthy kafir needs to step out of his head and see that the barking of rabid dogs like this has no effect of the affairs of Muslims. Let him make these claims in a Muslim city in a Muslim country in a public gathering. It seems dogs like this can only bark in auditoriums owned by the kafirs or on cyberspace.

The deluded infidel thinks only he knows how to think, ponder and discuss issues, and that Muslim scholars over the ages were completely bereft of these qualities. He just misses a LITTLE CLARIFICATION – that he is a filthy coward and can’t dare to upset the sensibilities of his kafir masters. He ‘thinks, ponders, and discusses issues’ of course – BUT ONLY FROM HIS KAFIR MASTERS’ PERSPECTIVES – and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the sensibilities of his kafir masters, is misguided.

The kafir really only wants to propagate his fancies and the mores of his paymasters under the label of Islam. 

The apostate swine says further:

“It’s all complex, our history is so misconstrued, ahadith fabricated like there is no tomorrow and the seerah has so many doubts in it. Our scholars added irrelevance to the religion, complicated things to the extent where Muslims can’t even understand anything about Islam anymore.”

So in other words, only this filthy infidel has the correct understanding of our history. The infidel says our lives are complex and this infidel can simplify them.

The rotten kafir thinks he knows more than the masters of hadith science, for any hadith that doesn’t suit the whims, fancies, and sensibilities of this devil-worshiper, notwithstanding the woefully lacking capabilities of his little brain – will be deemed fabricated (exactly like how atabeck thinks). The infidel is not very different to the apostate cult of of hadith deniers.

The filthy kafir thinks he’s judge and jury over the works of seerah to make such summary statements that it has many doubts in it. But of course, the scholars of seerah forgot to check with this devil-worshiping infidel what is worthy and unworthy to mention in seerah books.

The devil-worshiping monkey says that Muslim scholars over the centuries have added irrelevance to religion and complicated things to the extent where Muslims don’t understand Islam anymore. This infidel thinks he’s the Islamic lone ranger, here to rescue the ummah from the misfortunes unleashed upon it by scholars of Islam. May Allah damn his face.

The kafir says further:

“So u end up with all sort of crazy people running around thinking they’ve got it right.”

His implication – ‘Muslim ummah at large is a bunch of misguided fools’

The infidel ends his comment by:

“I had respect for shaykh atabek previously because I have respect for the author of this site, but my hopes were let down when I saw one of the conversations between him and bassam zawadi on Facebook. I think he still hasn’t got the hang of it yet, although, much better than the rest of the ignorant mullahs out there.”

In other words, the apostate is saying he is judge and jury over which Muslim scholar is and isn’t “ignorant” – as if he knows the length and breadth of Islamic scholarship inside out. Of course, only those who suit the sensibilities of this apostate, will be deemed worthy by him.

For us Muslims – AGAIN – we say VERY PROUDLY –

The Sahaba, the Tabi’een, and the classical scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah are the inheritors of our Master RasulAllah and we are VERY PROUD to learn our deen from them. Indeed, they are our yardstick for right or wrong.


In case anyone thinks we’ve been successfully side-tracked they are wrong. I believe this much is enough for any FAIR Muslim to see the deception and debauchery of this atabeck cult.

We will NEVER STOP talking about – the evils of perennialism and how it negates Islam.

We will ALWAYS ASSERT – the ABSOLUTE MONOPOLY OF ISLAM on religious and moral truth, and salvation in the hereafter. 

Muslims should expend their efforts destroying and annihilating the blasphemy of perennialism and not be distracted by their sidekicks like these whose aim is to make distractions and shift Muslims’ focus away from destroying perennialism.

wa bi(A)llah-it-tawfiiq.


On atabeck shukurov

Soteriological efficacy EXCLUSIVELY belongs to belief in our Master Muhammad ﷺ and everything that he ﷺ brought with him ﷺ

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Someone asked me to comment on the idiotic ramblings of someone called atabeck shukurov and his defense of the perennialist filth otherwise termed as ‘the study quran’.

Now I hadn’t heard of this individual much before, but after being informed about him and his antics, and after reading his facebook posts and the blog posts supposedly authored by him, all I can say is the following:

  1. He thinks he is the only Hanafi & Maturidi alive.
  2. He thinks he is the next best person in magnificence of knowledge right after Abu Hanifa, bypassing even Abu Yusuf and Muhammad Al-Shaybani, when in fact he is a raving jahil.
  3. He thinks he knows better than celebrated imams of the ummah, masters of various Islamic disciplines like hadiith, tafsiir, fiqh, ‘aqiidah etc. – giants like Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Ibn ‘Abidiin Ash-Shaamiy, Ibn Humam, Imam Nawawiy, Ibn Hajar, and so on.
  4. He thinks the scholars of hadiith and classical Islam for the last 1436 years were fools and only he knows hadith or other Islamic sciences (this alone is enough to anathematize him in light of the 4 madhhabs followed by the Ash’aris and Maturidis). He thinks he has the license and liberty to trash Sahiih ahadiith from even Bukhariy and Muslim (only a kafir or a phenomenal jahil will deny rigorously authenticated ahadiith). Take him up on it and he’ll promptly throw the idiotic salafi blackmail your way “you’re a salafi or influenced by them”.
  5. He thinks even people at the levels of An-Nawawiy or ‘Ali Al-Qari and others had salafi-esque leanings.
  6. He thinks anyone who doesn’t kowtow to his idiotic ramblings is salafi or influenced by them, even if they happen to cite celebrated Ash’aris like Al-Bayhaqiy or An-Nawawiy, or celebrated Hanafis like ‘Ali Al-Qari or Ibn ‘Abidiin Ash-Shaamiy.
  7. His english is substandard and they’re two or more individuals posing as one fitnah. Read “his” facebook posts, and read “his” ramblings on his blog and compare the english and see for yourselves.
  8. He drops names of Hanafi scholars only as a fashion statement to win the sympathy of ignorant people, and nothing more than that.
  9. He is a RABID LIAR. When he doesn’t have any evidence to prove his hallucinations, he simply lies against [insert random big name Hanafi scholar] and presents his own filth as the opinion of a Hanafi giant of yore. He has done this on more than one occasion.

I’m not going to bother with the proofs for my above statements. Here are some basic reasons why this clown doesn’t deserve even 2 seconds of a Muslim’s time and why a mere SUMMARY DISMISSAL of such a person is enough.

REASON 1Anyone who thinks or propagates that the ummah at large is misguided or has been misguided / misinformed etc. over the years and he’s here as some sort of a lone ranger to rescue the ummah from its follies, or that he has seen/discovered a religious precept that wasn’t seen by the ummah before (as if he’s just discovered gravity) – is a super-deluded sub-moron – and a kafir according to the rulings of the fuqahaa. PLEASE REMEMBER this as A RULE OF THUMB. 

The perennialists whom he defends are the same. They think that their filthy teachings are a new dimension to Islam that have been missing from the ummah since Islam’s history, and they are here to teach them to Muslims.

atabeck shukurov thinks that Muslims, commoners and scholars alike, for the last 1436 years were ignorant fools and only he can crawl out of the woodwork today and tell us why certain Bukhariy and Muslim ahadiith need to be rubbished, and why we need to reject rulings of celebrated Hanafi or Shafi’iy scholars. This arrogance and hubris towards the ummah at large (scholars and rigorously authenticated ahadiith moreso), is enough by itself for takfir of this individual according to ASH’ARIY & MATURIDI scholars of the 4 madhhabs.

To make his case and appeal to his followers, he keeps throwing in the ‘wahabi blackmail’ namely anyone who doesn’t agree with his idiotic methodology and lies, is a wahabi or is influenced by them. We Muslims SIMPLY WON’T fall for this jahil blackmail.

REASON 2 – In case no one else noticed, for all his song and dance over Hanafi and Maturidi methodology, atabeck shukurov has been functioning as a cheerleader for the perennialists and their filthy work, and DELIBERATELY avoiding THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM – PERENNIALISM ITSELF.

He defends the filthy book of the perennialists bringing up matters of historical or other details

– BUT –

he categorically avoids talking about the central theme of perennialism – their belief that all religions are equally valid and lead to salvation in the hereafter.

If he really is a Hanafi & Maturidi as he claims, let him take up A CHALLENGE from us Muslims –

What do the celebrated Hanafi & Maturidi authorities say about such filthy beliefs as those espoused by the perennialist infidels?

Does the Hanafi & Maturidi methodology espouse a universal validity in all religions, for example in both Islam and trinity? 

Does the Hanafi & Maturidi methodology espouse soteriological exclusivity for Islam (i.e., Islam EXCLUSIVELY will lead to salvation) or not?

What does the Hanafi & Maturidi methodology say about the soteriological efficacy of a belief system that does not accept RasulAllah and everything that he brought (i.e., religious dogma, canon etc., collectively known as ‘the religion of Islam’) with him ?

It is then abundantly clear that atabeck shukurov is in bed with the perennialist enemies of Islam. He is a deliberate and calculating enemy of Islam just like the perennialists themselves, for if he was really an honest (even if uninformed) Hanafi & Maturidi follower, he would have spoken about the FUNDAMENTAL PRECEPT of perennialism itself BEFORE dancing around any other issues.

The Ahlus Sunnah – the Ash’aris and Maturidis and the followers of the Hanafi, Shafi’iy, Hanbali & Maliki madhhabs – ALL UNANIMOUSLY ESPOUSE the belief of the EXCLUSIVE VALIDITY OF ISLAM, ITS MONOPOLY ON RELIGIOUS TRUTH AND SALVATION IN HEREAFTER. 

The perennialist kafirs like to use big words like “soteriological efficacy”. It refers to the capability of a belief system to deliver salvation in the hereafter.

I believe any more than this on this rabid pit bull, otherwise known as atabeck shukurov, is a waste of time for any Muslim.

wAllahu waliyy-ut-tawfiiq.


Ever seen a clown spit the dummy?

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Our Master RasulAllah ﷺ has permitted us to mock the enemies of Islam.

caner dagli, the perennialist kafir, has ranted on facebook against a review written on his team’s evil work. If you read his facebook post, you can almost picture him frothing at the mouth in his rage, which is simply great. 🙂 He has demonstrated amply well that he’s not just an arrogant infidel, but also a pathetic, narcissistic clown.

Thus far, I usually didn’t quote hypocrites directly, so this will be the first exception, just as I have made the exception to mention the perennialist authors of the evil commentary by name.


PLEASE NOTE: This blog or its author are in no way, shape, or form, connected to the person who reviewed dagli and his team’s filthy work. I am PATENTLY NOT speaking or rebutting on behalf of the reviewer. I am sure he can offer his own defenses, offenses, justifications, evidences etc.

Rather, I only wish to address the points of relevance to ALL MUSLIMS, and also show the ugly (and hilarious) face of this perenialist infidel.


Anyways, first things first – if these schmucks are so agitated at negative reviews, they should stay out of the public sphere and not write or say anything at all, and indeed seeing the mischief they have spread, that is the best service they can do to mankind – walk all their lives with their mouths taped.

They are absolute fools for thinking that any and every review about their filthy, blasphemous work, will sing praises and shower them with accolades. The simple law of averages dictates that some people will fall for their shenanigans and sing their praises (and we seek Allah’s refuge from any empathy towards perennialists) and some won’t. You’d expect a supposed college professor to at least be acquainted with the law of averages!

Second and a VERY important thing – dagli, has VERY METICULOUSLY avoided discussing the Sahiih Muslim hadith mentioned by the reviewer – By the One in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad , there is no one among this nation, Jew or Christian, who hears of me and dies without believing in that with which I have been sent, but he will be one of the people of the Fire.” This perennialist’s real frustration is at the Prophetic  hadiith more than the quote of Imam Nawawi, for it clearly says that those who have heard of him and yet die outside of Islam, their only abode is hellfire. 

Coming to his rant on facebook, dagli vents his spleen thusly at the reviewer:

He does so by making his own characterization of our position, and then quotes al-Nawawī in order to declare that each of us is “a kafir”.

Notice the condescending tone at the mention of Imam An-Nawawi’s name. dagli the kafir’s agitation at the reviewer and his incredible hubris becomes only more apparent later on in his rant.

Also note that dagli has completely avoided talking about the Sahiih Muslim hadiith. He only chooses to rant on Nawawi’s COMMENTARY ON the actual hadiith.

He does not anywhere in the review differentiate between the notion of absolute takfīr (where one considers a person to be no longer Muslim) and accusing someone of kufr in the sense of an error or sin which nonetheless does not take them out of Islam.

That’s because nasr & co.’s crime of methodically and systematically trying to prove the trinity as acceptable leaves no room for anything other than absolute takfir. Seriously, dagli, you try to stab the very heart of Islam and Tawhiid and make a case of trinity leading to salvation, and you wish to be accorded a benefit of doubt?

Notwithstanding his spin on the other mentioned matter. Kufr DOES take one outside of Islam. Kufr is disbelief in all cases. A mere error or sin is not termed kufr.

However, there are instances when a saying or action is not as brazen and direct denial of Islam as your filthy book – BUT RATHER the saying or the act requires interpretation and analysis of its IMPLICATIONS – if such implications do indeed amount to being kufr or not – and different jurists can have differences of opinion on it.

The filthy project by the rafidzi shia, nasr, and your team of perennialist clowns is not a matter where you have said something indirect and people need to read between the lines. Your book directly preaches against established Islamic creed.

It comes from a section of his book where is he summarizing some positions from Qāḍī ʿIyāḍ’s al-Shifāʾ.

And Qadzi ‘Iyadz is himself citing THE IJMA’ – THE CONSENSUS – of Muslim scholastics, theologians, jurists, muhadditheen, anyone worth his mettle in Islam – cited by Imam Abu Bakr Al-Baqillani – something dagli the kafir conveniently omits because he wants to make a case against Qadzi ‘Iyad and wants to prove him as untrustworthy, and the ruling as a lone, stray opinion.

In case you have any doubt that Qāḍī ʿIyāḍ is condemning Ghazzālī here, remember this is the same man who gave a fatwa that Ghazzālī’s Iḥyāʾ be burnt.

Notice the hubris and condescension in that sentence. He addresses Qadzi ‘Iyadz, a celebrated giant of Islamic scholarship and love of the Prophet ﷺ as “this man”. Had someone addressed dagli the kafir as “this man” or his boss nasr, all hell would have broken loose on adab-talk.

Those who are committing takfīr against us are basing themselves on a view and a person who did takfīr against Ghazzālī and ordered his books to be burnt.

Hubris and condescension at Qadzi ‘Iyadz again.

The filthy kafir goes further and insinuates that this view is an isolated view held ONLY by Qadzi ‘Iyadz.

Again, what Qadzi ‘Iyadz is citing is the IJMA’ OF THE UMMAH’S SCHOLARS, and no doubt Imam Ghazali himself subscribes to it.

We are talking about the view that anyone who doesn’t consider christians and jews as kafirs is himself a kafir. This view is the ijma’ of the ummah and indeed Imam Ghazali’s own view as well.

His throwing in Qadzi ‘Iyadz’s discontent towards Imam Ghazali is only a red herring. We are not concerned here about what Qadzi ‘Iyadz’s discontent with Imam Ghazali was. More on this below.

Do those who condemn us with takfir agree that the Iḥyāʾ should be burnt?


The first view (he who doesn’t consider christians and jews kafirs is himself a kafir) is about the very foundation of Islam and based on the teachings of Quran, Hadiith, ijma’ of the sahaba and scholars of the ummah.

Qadzi ‘Iyadz’s [alleged] saying that the Ihya be burnt only concerns his own discontent towards Imam Ghazali’s work. There are no explicit verses of the Quran telling us to burn the Ihya. There are no explicit words of the Prophet ﷺ to suggest that.

That is not so for the issue of christians and jews being kafirs and suffering everlastingly in the inferno should they die on their religions, and therefore anyone who denies such – which is you and your team – is denying the Quran and leaving Islam. Period.

Was Ghazzālī guilty of kufr, as Qāḍī ʿIyāḍ said, for believing that God had no proof against the simple-minded amongst the Jews and Christians?

Nice try.

Qadzi ‘Iyadz DID NOT make takfiir of Imam Ghazali. He made takfiir of jahizdh and thumamah.

He (Qadzi ‘Iyadz) said that Imam Ghazali said something that sounds like what they said. See Nasiim Ar-Riyadz of ‘Allamah Khaffaji (the celebrated commentary of Qadzi ‘Iyadz’s Ash-Shifa) where he addresses Imam Ghazali with the choicest of accolades due a giant of Islamic scholarship, and states clearly that Qadzi ‘Iyadz is making takfiir of thumamah and jahizdh.

In reality what Imam Ghazali said, is poles apart from what jahizdh is cited as saying. Imam Ghazali merely said that those christians who have heard of NOTHING OTHER THAN THE OPPOSITE of the noble qualities of the Beloved Prophet ﷺ, they are just like those who have never heard of him ﷺ AT ALL – and hence, at the same level of accountability or lack thereof.

CHALLENGE – bring a quote of Ghazali wherein he says ‘Allah has no proof against the simple-minded amongst the jews and christians’!!!


Since BOTH QADZI ‘IYADZ AND IMAM GHAZALI are GIANTS of the ummah and contemporaries of each other, it can be understood that due to their extreme passion for Islam they can utter words of discontent at each other only for the sake of scrupulousness towards Islam, and for Muslim public benefit. Such discontent has existed between many other scholars too of equal standing. It is like two brothers arguing passionately about what’s best for the family.  They are on equal footing to each other. That in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM gives us sinners from these woeful times, the license to speak about them with hubris, or to use the words of one against the other, moreso to push such a filthy agenda as perennialism.

Qadzi ‘Iyadz is a lighthouse of Islamic knowledge and a celebrated giant in the ummah. So is Imam Ghazali. We revere and honor BOTH EQUALLY – DESPITE one’s discontent with the other due to their extreme passion to uplift the glory and dignity of Islam.

It is pretty rich for a person who follows hosin nasr the filthy shia, for people who consider christians & jews as believers and their brethren, for filthy perennialists who see holiness in the dalai lama and the christian popes – to talk as if they are authorities on Islam and display such hubris towards Imam An-Nawawi and Qadzi ‘Iyadz! Apalling beyond words! May Allah’s la’nah befall dagli and his perennialist cohorts. 

Furthermore, dagli’s mentioning what Qadzi allegedly said about Ihya is only a red herring and a distraction.


Takfir is a dangerous form of incitement in the present political and social situation, and should not be done except with the greatest care and unless one is absolutely forced to and one has no other choice.

Pretty rich coming from someone who even posits that the trinity shall lead to salvation! No point asking dagli for examples of such cases of ‘greatest care takfir’. He won’t have any!

Also notice that he is also pushing the kafir media and politicians’ narrative that it is “dangerous”, trying to paint a picture that those who JUSTLY do takfir of people like him and his christian and jew brothers, they all belong to the ilk of the evil daesh.

when a person bases their view on a ta’wīl of the Quran (as we have done, extensively, comprehensively, and in detail, unlike most of our detractors who barely seem to know most of what the Quran says about other religions) one does not commit takfīr against them.

Tawil of the Quran and deliberately lying against the Quran are two very different things!

Plentiful Muslims have shown on the internet how you people have presented the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Quranic commentaries that you supposedly referenced. Quite audacious of you to say that after deliberate lying and tampering with evidence!

The underlined part is just further more hubris and nonsense. The fool thinks that he can say he knows better than the rest of the ummah and people will actually buy it! They are as stray from tawil of the Quran as satan himself!

He says in a rather amusing update:

the Nawawi quote serves no purpose whatsoever other than to be a mechanism by which Haddad commits takfir without having to do it personally.

And that is what makes Islam so great!

Our elders are always there for us to guide us and protect us.

They make the decision making process so easy for us, no? 🙂 We can just cite our masters and rest easy and let people like you squirm in rage.

(all emphases in dagli quotes are mine)


Since dagli thinks Imam Ghazali is the ONLY Islamic scholar who may be cited (I have absolutely zero problems with this as Imam Ghazali is Hujjat al-Islam) AND he also loves throwing in red herrings, let us see if dagli also unconditionally accepts these rulings of Imam Ghazali:

wAllahu waliyy-ut-tawfiiq.

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