Chapter 1

The 3 NECESSARY attributes of a mumin

Shaykh al-Mashayekh Sayyidi wa Mawlayi ‘Abd al-Qadir Jeylani radi Allahu ‘anhu said:

For every mumin (believer), 3 attributes are compulsory, in any and every state:

1. That he fulfill the commands from his Lord.

2. That he abstain from the prohibitions placed on him by his Lord.

3. That he stays pleased with the will of his Creator and what ever has been destined in his fate as a slave.

Beware! The minimal state of a mumin is such that at any given time, he shouldn’t be heedless of these 3 attributes, and his heart should make it compulsory on himself to intend and will to adhere to these objectives.

He should always goad his nafs to the fulfillment of these [3 objectives] and in all states should command the parts of his body to be responsible for upholding these [3 objectives].

– Translation of meaning of the First Saying of the noble Shaykh al-Mashayekh as stated in his Futuh al-Ghayb, which is a collection of his various sayings on the topic of tasawwuf.

Nothing further needs to be said after the words of the great Shaykh. This is the bare minimum that is required of a seeker on the path. We all need to leave all extras at once and get to work on the bare essentials.


One response to “Chapter 1

  1. najumuddeen

    December 23, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    Assalamu A^laikum
    I dont know how to start. but I will say I have met some one like me , specialy the thing that u say of kafir and the siyyah and the Wahabis.
    May Allah make it easy for u brother. Hoping to hear from u soon


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